Thursday 28 May 2015

I'm back with some exciting news!

It's been a while 
but I'm hoping to be back on a more regular basis. 
I do miss my blog.

Firstly, I want to say THANKS
 for all the beautiful and supportive comments
on my previous post about my Dad's passing in April.
Your caring words have been a real comfort to me
at a very sad and emotional time.

I miss Dad like crazy but
the reality is that life goes on,
albeit with that missing piece.  
I like to think that I now have a special Angel
watching over me and my family.


I do have some exciting news!

Granddaughter No.3 is on the way!

She due at the end of September 
and I can hardly wait!!
I have started to crochet a blanket throw 
as I did for Mikayla and Madelyn.
These blankets fit a single bed
so time is of the essence with lots to do.

Michelle also wants me to crochet another white jacket for baby
so I'll be a VERY busy bee for the next few months.
 I'll be sure to show some progress pics here.


And even more news....

The Mater 'Sing for Health' Choir 
which Bradley and I belong to
are practising each week for
an upcoming performance in June.

Who knew I would love choir so much?!
It is so much fun
and there is a wonderful sense
of belonging.


I will leave you with a pic
of the adorable Cody
who I swear would be able to sleep
in any position at all.
I love this little guy SO much!

Stay tuned for some sketch posts soon....


  1. Whoohoo!!! So excited for the growing family! Love the colors for this blanket. :)
    Been so sick I haven't started a new letter yet. Soon!! love and hugs!!

    1. Hi Rita,

      Thanks! No probs about the letter...I'm still trying to finish the one I started to you at the beginning of April. lol I hope you feel better soon. Love and hugs to you also. xo

  2. Congrats on new grandbaby to be. An arrival definitely to bring much joy. Glad to hear you are doing well and have much to keep you busy and look forward to. Hugs and blessings, Tammy

  3. Well I think you have very good reason to have been absent for a while. Sometimes we need to step back and recharge, especially when going through something so emotionally devastating. But with your Dad's sad passing comes new life! Can the timing really be a coincidence?? What fantastic and exciting news! I am so pleased for you, especially since at no time could you have needed such good news more than you do now! So, we are up for lots of baby sketches then? Our first Grandson is 13 months old. It doesn't seem that long ago my own children were that small. Time really does fly! :0)

  4. Oh Serena that is Exciting News! Congratulations! Another girl, how sweet. :)
    Does Michelle have ANOTHER "M" name for the little angel that is about to arrive? :)
    Can't wait to see the finished blanket and jacket.
    Cody adorable as always!

    A Big Hug

  5. thats good news :) hope everyone stays happy and healthy! another M name??

  6. Ahhh "old soul leaves" and a "new soul arrives." Thinking of you.


  7. Serena I am so happy that there is some joy coming your way after such a tough time... And I look forward to many many updates of the crocheting project... After my one lesson I am hooked so I am looking at that project with new appreciation... You are awesome... And Cody makes my heart ache just a little bit for Mushu... Love seeing him stretched out and sleeping that way...xx

  8. congratulations ...that is exciting news for you. and beautiful crochet project - I really need to learn to do this!

  9. What great news after such a tragic few months. Your blanket looks fantastic, I do love the zigzag pattern, I should get in and do one myself, usually I'm addicted to granny squares. Also glad to see Cody back to his bouncy self, no more flees! :o)

  10. Congratulations on the pending arrival :) Love the colors of the blanket you are making :)
    Cute Puppy Picture... I have a dog and a cat that sleep like that a lot , makes my neck and back hurt just looking at them :)