Friday 5 June 2015

Some sketches...

I have been crocheting like mad on the ripple blanket 
for Granddaughter number 3 
but I have also managed a few sketches here and there.

I've not long completed the Sketchbook Skool course called 'Stretching'. 
One of the teachers, Lapin, enjoys sketching in old ledgers. 
Vehicles and people with big heads and small bodies 
are his speciality and our homework 
naturally involved these things.

I was happy with the way it turned out 
considering I used only pen and sketched 
super-fast while looking at my image in the mirror.
It has a quirkiness that I like.
It was loads of fun to do and no, 
it does not reflect a personality trait.

Another sketchbook spread from May 

Another Sketchbook Skool teacher was Jason Das 
who is big into Urban Sketching. 
I found his klass to be very informative.
I sketched him while watching his klass video.

He was part of a bigger spread

And a couple more from May

Brad and I visit the Mater Hospital each week to practise for choir. 
I did a couple of sketches whilst waiting in the hospital grounds. 
Many years ago, I used to do nursing at Aubigny Place which, 
in those days, was the Mater Private Hospital.
A new Mater Private Hospital was opened in 1993
and Aubigny Place is now a Heritage Centre for the Mater Hospital.

An old tree in the Mater Hospital grounds.

Cody signed up for a campaign! 
We are hoping to help bring an end to Puppy Factories/farms.
It is an incredibly cruel and callous industry. 
Visit Know Your Best Friend to add your fur-kid's voice
to this worthy campaign.
That's Cody in the photo below.


  1. It's always lovely to see your sketches. And way to go Cody. We have such a problem here with breeding and bringing in exotic animals when so many pets are thrown into the street each and every day. Just really makes me sick. Have a great weekend. Tammy

    1. That would really upset me too, Tammy. I hate how a lot of people view animals only as disposable property. :(

  2. Things just don't seem to slow down your way. Getting your Mom's house ready to sell is another huge project. I'm glad you have choir and sketching for some fun time! Nice! Love your funny big-head sketch. And I loved seeing all your new fountain pens, lady!! Awesome!!
    Love and hugs!!

    1. Yes, I am loving my fountain pens, Rita! Got myself a new Preppy to add to the collection. YAY!

  3. wow, you do portraits so well serena. Hopefully some day I'll get even half as good. It would probably help if I practiced more but I seem to always pick inanimate objects instead of faces. Hope you're having a lovely day.

    1. Awwww, thanks, Jen! Faces/people are definitely not my forte but I do love playing. :)

  4. Serena, I've been away from blogging for quite some time. It was good to check in and find you sketching and crocheting. Another grand daughter on the way!! Congratulations!

    1. I struggle to keep my blog active during this very busy period in my life, Janet. I miss it terribly and, one day, I will get back to regular posting. Yes, I'm very excited about Granddaughter/child no. 3!!! :)

  5. Firstly congratulations for the new grand baby. This sketch looks like so much fun and it must feel so freeing from the usual methods. Look forward to your watercolour version. You are so good with these sketches

    1. Thanks so much, Shashi, and thank you for being such a loyal follower of my blog. xx I am very much enjoying a more relaxed sketching style. :)

  6. As always your sketches are fabulous! And you have such lovely writing... Mine always spoils my book, lol!
    What pen do you use to write?

    1. Thanks, Sandra! I like to play around with different writing styles...always have since my early teens. The pen I use varies but the one I chose for these sketches was the LAMY Safari (1.1 italic nib) fountain pen. It writes beautifully. :)

    2. Clarification - The LAMY 1.1 nib fountain pen mentioned in my comment was used for the writing. These days, I use mostly a Platinum Carbon (EF nib) pen and a LAMY Joy (EF nib) fountain pen for the actual sketches. :)

  7. Looks like you've been enjoying yourself in the sketching class and I'm loving what you're doing. :) Hope you're doing well!

  8. Serena, you are so good at sketching. You make it look so easy! I'd like to hear more about sketching skool, too. Any advice or suggestions?

    1. Thanks, Eden! Sketchbook Skool is so much fun! I have done the Beginning, Seeing, Storytelling, and Stretching courses. IF you do the first three, the Bootcamp course is thrown in for free after they have been completed...that's how it worked when I did them anyways. I particularly enjoyed the Beginning and Seeing courses. The klasses are all available for life which is fantastic. Here is the link to all the courses - This link is a FREE sample course - I'd suggest to watch the videos for each Course introductory as it all depends on what you are wanting out of it. Have fun!

    2. You'll have to copy and paste the links. :)