Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Hooking again

I have been busy hooking again....

I crocheted a little white baby jacket for my soon-to-be Granddaughter! 

I made one for Mikayla (now 4) using the same pattern
and Maddy (now 2) also had her time of wearing it.
Michelle asked if I could make a new one 
for baby number three being that the other one 
was so well worn. 

I'm pleased with how it turned out....

This one was bittersweet for me to make.

There was definitely a lot of love crocheted into it 
but I sadly realised it was the last time 
I would be able to crochet with fine 3ply baby wool. 
My arthritic hands and carpal tunnel syndrome
 made it an extremely difficult and painful task 
to the point of tears at times. 

At first I was unsure if I'd be able to do it at all.
I attempted to use telekinesis numerous times 
on my uncooperative fingers...
willing them to move and hold the wool.
It didn't work so I poo-pooed that idea.
I just persevered as best I could 
but it was a very frustrating, slow, and painful process.

I can't tell you enough how relieved I was to finally finish it!

I was feeling quite depressed by my limitations due to arthritis
but I guess I can still knit with the 3 ply baby wool
because the knitting needles hold the work in place,
unlike with crochet.

Sorry, dear readers, for not posting more frequently.

I want to get there!

I WILL get there!

I did manage to finish the painting for Aaron's room this past week.
Stay tuned for a post on that very soon.


  1. sorry to read about your painful hands :( but at least you can still knit
    the jacket is very pretty, really nice delicate looking pattern :)

    1. Thanks, Jen. Luckily, I can also still crochet with the 8 ply wool, just not the baby wool which is very fine. :)

  2. Serena, saddened that arthritis has your fingers in a tangle but this beautiful jacket shows how much love has been stitched into it! Beautiful!

  3. It's beautiful and I can so relate to the painful experience :( It's funny how you can do knitting with ease and for me it's the reverse. Knitting is more painful than the crocheting but all must be done in moderation. No more 100 hats for charity here :(

    1. Thanks, Carol! It's terrible being unable to crochet with the finer baby yarn. At least, I can still manage the thicker yarns okay. Funny, that we are the opposite....sorry to hear the knitting is the worst for you and you also suffer with pain. I guess it must depend on where the arthritis hits us most in the hands? Some of mine is carpal tunnel syndrome too. I will be getting nerve studies done in October.

  4. Grand baby number three!! You're an old pro at this...sorry your hands are not co-operating with your desire to crochet. The jacket is beautiful and I'm sure it will be much appreciated.

    1. Yes...No. 3!!! So exciting! I'm glad you like the jacket. xx

  5. Sorry to read about your arthritis - what a beautiful sweater it is and how wonderful to have a third grandchild on the way.

    1. Thanks, Sandy. I'm very excited to meet Mackenzie. :) xo

  6. That little jacket is the prettiest thing ever. Glad you were able to get it done. I'm not able to work with small hooks or threads. My fingers feel like sausages and if I have to grip too tight, the thumb I injured years ago is very painful. Hope your hands are much better now. Best wishes, Tammy

    1. Thanks! I totally get what you're saying about the pain and fingers, Tammy. Sorry about your thumb. When I fell a month or so back, I must have sustained ligament and soft tissue damage to my left hand. The X-ray was clear but my doctor wants me to attend a Hand Injury Clinic. xo