Monday, 24 August 2015

Happy 80th, Mum!

My beautiful Mum turned 80 on August 18th!

What she didn't know was 
that a surprise party was planned in her honour
at my brother's place.

The decorating theme was red roses which Mum loves.
The cake/s looked beautiful!

I freehanded the chalk-board myself. 

Photo display showing Mum throughout the years...

The birthday girl herself!

She's still got the moves on the dance floor too!

Brad, Mum, and me

My brother, Billy, photo-bombing us. hehe

Billy and I

It was such a special day
with family and friends.
Mum had a blast! 
She couldn't believe we pulled it off 
without her finding out. hehe
 Believe me, we came close to spilling the beans a few times 
but managed to bite our tongues in time. Phew!

As you know, my Dad passed away in April. 
He and Mum would have been married 60 years on August 20th 
so this August's celebrations were bitter-sweet in parts. 
Tears were shed but we believe Dad was there with us in spirit
so that gives us comfort.
 I still miss him every day.
Mum and I were even crying on the drive 
out to my brother's house 
as memories of Dad flooded our thoughts. 
He and Mum used to live out that way too. 


Dearest Mum,

You and Dad have always been there for me and my kids. 
I have so many wonderful, happy memories 
that I will carry close to my heart forever. 

Thanks for everything!
Love you heaps! xo


  1. Happy birthday to your mom. She looks great. Sounds like it was a fun celebration.

    1. Mum passes on her thanks to you, Tammy. It was a great day/evening! xo

  2. happy birthday to your mom! looks like a great party and everyone had a good time :)

    1. Mums passes on her thanks to you, Jen. We all had a great time and it was a big surprise for Mum. xo

  3. Beautiful Serena
    Love u heaps Lass

  4. Glad it was such a nice birthday party for your mom. Your brother looks like quiet a character! The sign you made was wonderful and the cakes looked delicious. Hard to pull off a surprise party! :)