Thursday 5 November 2015

100 days of 'I Love That' - Part 2

Photography is a great way to express one's creativity. 
When I can't sketch for one reason or another, 
I'm often using my phone camera or iPad to take photos.
I love pottering with digital images 
and the new WordSwag app is so much fun to play with!

Over the past three years, 
I had gained weight much to my disappointment. 
I blamed the fact that I had introduced dairy back into my diet. 
Big mistake!

Not to mention the very real fact that
there is a massive amount of cruelty 
in the dairy and meat industries and, 
after seeing some horrific footage on Facebook, 
I realised that I needed to be vegan again. 
It's always been about the animals for me. 
It's an ethical choice but the added benefit is 
that I have been losing all that excess fat 
so it's a win for the animals and a win for me.

I haven't eaten meat for nine years. 
Occasionally, I would eat a bit of seafood 
but had cut that out too over the past year. 
It was just the dairy that needed to be ditched. 

I now feel fantastic! 

I had tried the vegan lifestyle once before and 
felt healthier than I had ever been, 
however, my family stressed  and complained
about what to feed me when I visited, 
so I eventually caved and allowed
seafood and dairy back into my diet. 
I regretted that move as
I felt guilty any time I consumed it,
on top of my upset at the noticeable weight gain.

I KNOW that we can live happy and healthy lives 
without harming others and I will NEVER go back.

We bought a treadmill a few months ago as Bradley (my son) 
and I wanted to get fit from an aerobics aspect. 
Walking is great for Bradley because his weight just drops off. 
Unfortunately, it's never worked that way for me  
but it has helped my stamina and endurance.

I LOVE the treadmill!
At this point in time, 
I'm lucky if I use the treadmill twice a week
but when I do manage a session
I feel great afterwards.

I love nature! 

I loved that we had a lot of bushland areas very close to where we live 
but recently, a lot of it has been cleared away to make way for housing developments. 
It truly breaks my heart because kangaroos, possums, and other wildlife 
lived in those bushland tracts and I worry over what will eventually become of them. 
We used to have bushland right behind us until that was cleared too. 
We had two majestic trees just behind our back fence and they were cut down. 
I cried the day that happened and I also did a sketchbook entry 
and a blog post expressing my sadness. 
You can read that post HERE.
I think I need to go for some long, country drives
or visit a rainforest. 
I love sketching in nature too,
so relaxing.

You would have seen this image a couple of posts back 
but it was part of the daily challenge so 
here it is again....
Previous post HERE.
I am a very proud Grandma indeed! 
I can't get enough of these little munchkins!

And last but not least...
If you have been following my blog for some time, 
you will know how much I love the colour combo of -

Blues, greens, and purples!

My home is very much a reflection of that. 
Not a great photo but you get the gist....

And that is as far as I got with the challenge, 
 however, I do plan to make another attempt in 2016. 

Love, Light and Peace


  1. I don't have dairy since I am lactose intolerant, but even if I wasn't i wouldn't drink it. cow milk is for cows, not humans and people don't need it or in a lot of cases shouldn't drink it since it can make them sick but they blame it on something else. its a very cruel industry

    1. I agree 100%, Jen! A vast majority of people are lactose intolerant and aren't even aware of it as they tend to blame other things for their discomfort and pain.

  2. Good for you going vegan again. I haven't quite made it there yet. For me it's because of the animals, too, as you know.
    Lovely leaf close up! Those girls are just the cutest!!! This was a great post! :)

    1. Thanks, Rita! Yes, I know we think along the same lines with doing it for the animals. Definitely worthwhile. I can't take credit for the leaf image as it was a part of the WordSwap app...but I agree, it's lovely! Love and hugs xo