Monday 16 November 2015

To the Strawberry Farm we go and a sketch

At the end of October, 
Michelle thought it would be nice 
to visit the local strawberry farm 
being that it was a week before 
they would be closing for the summer. 
Strawberries would not like 
our hot, humid summers at all. 

So, off we went....

It was an overcast day 
with possible rain forecast 
however it stayed clear just for us. 

Maddy and Mikayla (on right) love picking strawberries!

Michelle with Mackenzie snuggled nice and cosy

I helped Maddy mostly 
but also collected my own punnet of strawberries

The girls enjoyed some fresh strawberry ice-cream afterwards

I've never been a huge fan of strawberries 
but, I discovered that strawberries 
direct from the farm 
are sweet, juicy, and delicious! 

I just had to do a strawberry sketch to mark our special day out.

Sketched directly with Platinum Carbon and Lamy fountain pens, 
followed by Prismacolour pencils, in my Moleskine A5 sketchbook. 
© Serena Lewis

Our freshly picked strawberries did not last long and, 
as I decided to sketch the subject a month after the fact, 
so a quick trip to Flickr Creative Commons was in order.

Thanks to HJL at Flickr 
for his lovely reference image found HERE.

This was the final sketch in this particular sketchbook.
It only took me FIVE years to complete it. 
I got sidetracked with other sketchbooks. 


Last week, Bradley and I had our first choir practise 
for our upcoming Christmas performance. 
It was so lovely to see everyone again. 
We have some new members too. 

Stay tuned for more sketch updates....


  1. Gosh, it's so hard to believe how big the girls are now. Looks like a fun day! And a lovely drawing.

    1. Thanks, Tammy. Yes, they sure are getting big. Mikayla starts Prep next year which is the level before Grade 1. :)

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks, Shashi. So nice of you to pop over to my blog for a visit. Much appreciated. xx

  3. OMGosh! The girls are getting so big! Leah had a wrap she used similar to that one when Ian was really little. Greatest invention!

    I totally agree about strawberries. I've never been a big fan, but there's something different about fresh picked ones. Love your sketch and congrats on finishing that sketchbook. :)

    1. Yes, those wraps sure are a handy invention. Thanks for the compliment! I hope to be back blogging more regularly. :) xx