Wednesday, 23 December 2015

a day trip to the mountain and a birthday

A few weeks ago, 
Beau, Aaron, and I went on a day trip 
to Mount Tamborine. 
Beau had heard there was a 
Local Artisan Fayre 
and wanted to go along for some inspiration. 
We did connect with one lovely artist,
Sharon McLeod,
a Bohemian faery artist. 
I bought a set of Sharon's Animal Tarot cards

as well as some of her gift cards. 
I liked her style.

Afterwards, we had veggie burgers 
and hot chips at a local eatery. 
SO yummy!

Then we decided to take a walk 
through the rainforest.

Aaron (youngest son) was such a sweetie,
he kept looking back to see if I was okay.

A downed tree still clutching a big boulder in its roots.

This is a male Australian Scrub/Brush Turkey
I was SO close to him but all he was focused on
was building his mound (the slope behind him).
The males build huge mounds of leaf litter and debris
to attract a female scrub turkey.
The female will then dig a hole in her chosen mound,
lay the eggs,
and the male will cover it over
and maintain the mound until the chicks hatch.
The mound also acts as a safe haven for the chicks as they grow.

We walked to Curtis Falls

Aaron and Beau

The rainforest has LOTS of tall trees
which act as a canopy and protection
keeping the temperature within the rainforest
much lower than outside.
Perfect for a hot day!

the tree below made me think of Celtic knots

and this tree had formed a ring with its above ground root system

a perfect place to nestle in for the night

here I am
sitting on the edge


Today, December 23rd, is Aaron's 17th birthday!


You make me very proud to be your Mum.
Love you heaps, my son. xoxo


Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

An amazing hike. Happy birthday to your boy who is the same age as my Zack who turned 17 in October. :)

Jennifer Rose said...

Happy Birthday to Aaron!

and wonderful photos :)

Serena Lewis said...

Thanks! It was a lovely day out, Tammy. It's cool that we both have sons the same age. :)

Serena Lewis said...

Thanks, Jen. I'll pass the birthday wishes on. :)

Rita said...

Happy birthday, Aaron!!
Wow! A jungle adventure! This was so amazing to see.
Your boys are so handsome. I'm glad you sat on the root circle because I would never have guessed it was that huge! How cool is that?! You looked like you were ready for anything with your bag. I hope you had sketching stuff in there and had a little time to draw--or took pictures so you can sketch them later. ;)
What a wonderful day!! Thanks for sharing. Have a cool Christmas. :):)

Serena Lewis said...

Thanks, Rita. Yes, I did have some sketching supplies in my bag. No sketching on the day but I did come away inspired and have a few sketch ideas floating around my head. :)

Merry Christmas to you and Karma. xo

Bradley Eaton said...

Love your post, Mum!

I'm glad you, Beau and Aaron had a wonderful time up Mount Tamborine! It looks like Sharon McLeod does some nice things, I like some of her pictures in your photos. I love the rainforest photos! I love the waterfall and the Australian Brush Turkey. Really nice picture of Beau and Aaron together, and great pic of you on the tree roots! The veggie burgers and chips sound like they were nice! I hope Aaron had a wonderful Birthday!

Love Brad! xoxo

Serena Lewis said...

It was a good day, Brad. You will have to come with us next time.

Love Mum xo