Thursday 31 December 2015

Goodbye 2015

What a year it has been 
with probably more downs than ups. 
I won't list them all here 
but two big ones do stand out to me. 

Of course, my father's passing in April 
was a HUGE down for me and
still feels so surreal.
I still miss him everyday. 

A huge UP for me was the September birth 
of my third grandchild/granddaughter. 
.....Mackenzie Eve Hallmond.....
Oh, SO precious!

Here is my own precious baby - Cody.
He brings so much love and light to my life.


Another 2015 downer was that I barely managed 
any time to work on my sketchbooks. 
Life really did get that crazy!

I find myself eager for 2016 to begin
as I have so many ideas and plans 
floating around in my head. 

I will make another attempt at the 
365 daily challenge.


I will try to post my daily sketch here
but I am mostly aiming for 2 to 3 posts a week
 to show my sketches and keep myself motivated.
Some days will be fast, crappy sketches,
some may be a bit better than that.
My main purpose is to develop
a lifelong habit of daily sketching.
I've tried and failed before but
I am feeling very optimistic for 2016.

At this stage, I'm thinking 
a monthly sketch theme might be a good idea 
but I don't want to limit myself too much. 
I'll play it by ear.

I plan to get back into my art in a bigger way.
More on that in the new year...

SO, I hope you will follow along 
with me in 2016 
for some sketching and artistic adventures, 
plus some snippets of my life in general.

Wishing all my readers a very HAPPY NEW YEAR
and all the best for 2016!



  1. I found a generic theme helped me with sketching everyday :) so something as simple as what is in one specific room, or everything in the house of one certain colour :)

    1. Thanks for the ideas, Jen!

      Happy New Year to you! xx

  2. I will definitely follow along and once more i'm going to commit to at least if not a sketch a day - making sure i do at least three or four for the week. I like what Jennifer said and I haven't done many interior sketches which is something along with city scapes i want to sketch more. Cody is adorable and i'm sure your three grandkids give you much pleasure. Have a great 2016 Serena.

    1. Great to hear you will be sketching more too, Sandy. :)

  3. Was quite an up and down year here, too. I'm doing a page-a-day of something or other creative--LOL! Whether t's doodling or painting or collage or just a background--something every day is what I am trying for in 2016, too. Feels like a wonderful year ahead of us! :)

    1. I'll look forward to following along on your page-a-day project, Rita. I am definitely hopeful that 2016 will be so much better than the previous couple of years. :) xx

  4. I'm following along in 2016, and you are right.....2015 did have its UPS and DOWNS!! But life must go on as they say.



    1. Too true, must go on! Glad to hear you will be following along. :)