Friday 1 January 2016

The 366 daily sketch challenge begins


Bradley and I welcomed the New Year in at midnight
and managed to stay awake ALL night long.
I went off to bed around 8am
but was up again by 9:30am.
I find it hard to sleep if it's morning time.

I hope everyone enjoyed their new year celebrations.


I was invited by a fellow vegan
to participate in a Facebook event
called Vegan Sunrise 2016.
Basically, we were to take a photo
of ourselves at sunrise,
post it on Facebook
and reaffirm our reasons
for becoming vegan.
Sunrise in Brisbane was just before 5 am.

As my T-shirt says, I'm vegan for the love of ALL animals!
The health aspects that come from being vegan are just a bonus.
I am now a committed vegan and will never go back.


As tired as I have been today,
I did manage my first sketch
in the 365, oooops!
Better make that 366 daily sketch project for 2016.

1/366 daily sketch
D & S sketch journal - A5 size, 140gsm, landscape format 
Drawn directly with Platinum Carbon and LAMY fountain pens 
painted with watercolours.

It's supposed to be a self-portrait,
obviously a loose interpretation.
I'm thinking 'self portraits' may be the theme for January.


It's now 8:30pm and I'm fighting to keep my eyes open
so I'm calling it a night.

Stay tuned for more sketches.


  1. Wow! All night??? We were babysitting last night so for the first year in a very long time, we were asleep by 11pm and din't see the New Year in... But I was worried Casey might wake up really early! Actually he stepped until 8am!! So you are starting the 365 sketch challenge again? That's awesome! Good luck with that. It's a fabulous first page! Meanwhile, whilst I'm not a Vegan, I am a Vegetarian, for the love of animals! Happy New Year Serena!! :0)

    1. Yes, all night! I don't manage it every new year but I do try. Bradley, my son, is big on staying awake all night to greet the dawn. New Year's Eve celebrations have always been a big tradition in my family. :)

      My kids used to always be up by 6am so it's just as well I've always been an early bird. hehe How nice that you were babysitting. Kids are so special!

      Yes, I'm attempting the 365 sketch challenge for the second time. Hopefully, this time around I'll make it to the end.

      All the best to you for 2016, Sandra. xx

  2. Beautiful, Serena. You did a great job on your self portrait. They're not easy to do. Love the 365 days of sketching idea. It helps to have the Buddha board. I can try to participate (is there a link?). Have a wonderful 2016 full of much love and creativity! Cheers from Florida!

    1. Thanks, Ileana! It's just a personal challenge to encourage me to sketch every day and develop a lifelong link even though I have tried to find others taking on the same sort of challenge. I've never heard of a Buddha board before so looked it up on Google. Interesting although I do love my sketchbooks to look back on.

      Happy New Year to you! :)

  3. happy new year and really nice sketch :)

  4. How did you stay awake till evening on so little sleep?! Regardless, it sounded like a great start to the new year. And you got in your first sketch, too!! Whoohoo!! :)

    1. I actually surprised myself as how well I managed to stay awake the next night until 8:30pm although I was definitely feeling it by then. I slept like a log and felt very refreshed this morning.

      I'm so pleased I got the first sketch in considering my lack of sleep. xo

  5. wonderful job - I'm going to enjoy seeing your art this year.

  6. Happy New Year, Serena. Hope it will be a peaceful, happy, healthy year for you and your family. I look forward to seeing more posts and sketches from you in 2016.