Saturday, 2 January 2016

Day 2 of the 366 Daily Sketch project - another self portrait

Yesterday, I couldn't decide on which sketchbook 
to start off the year with. 
I've stocked up on quite a few over the years.
All varying sizes and papers.

Just a few from my stocks

I hoped it would take watercolour okay
being that it is more designed for pencils/pens. 
The paper is also quite thin at only 140gsm. 
However, the natural white paper appealed to me 
and I wanted to play with a new book.

Another quick self-portrait today.

2/366 daily sketch
D & S sketch journal - A5 size, 140gsm, landscape format 
Drawn directly with Platinum Carbon and LAMY fountain pens 
painted with watercolours. 
© Serena Lewis

As for my opinion on the D & S Sketch journal?

So far, I like it a lot.
I'd prefer the paper to be a tad more thick
because I can slightly see the previous page through it
but not bad enough to be a problem.
The ink doesn't bleed through which is a plus for me
and it takes light layers of watercolour just fine.
Can't complain....

Stay tuned for more daily sketches


  1. Wow, I just love the sketch, especially the hair!!
    My least favourite sketchbook I have tries has to be the Moleskin. I was really disappointed in it considering so many Artists seem to use them! :0)

    1. Thanks, Sandra! I like how the hair turned out too....the slap-dash approach obviously works. :)

      Funnily enough, I quite like the Moleskine sketchbooks. There are a few types of papers with them. I tend to use both their regular sketchbook and their watercolour notebooks. Although the regular sketchbook is meant for dry media, I still use watercolours in mine. It's not a perfect match by any means but I don't mind. I have quite a few different brands of sketchbooks in my stocks and I'm looking forward to trying them all out eventually. Hopefully, I'll find my perfect match. hehe

  2. the way you did the hair is amazing. Great sketches. I am inspired coming here today.

    1. Thanks, Sandy! I wouldn't mind having my hair that colour for real. Glad to hear you're feeling inspired. :)

  3. You're so good at portraits. I have to practice those, it's on my bucket list.

    1. Thanks, Jenn. Funny you say that when I don't think I'm good at doing portraits at all which is why I gave myself permission not to achieve a perfect likeness. That way, I can work fast and just's helping me to loosen up too.

  4. great job with the hair :D i go through sketchbooks so fast due to uni
    don't know if I could use an A5 one tho, so use to A3, going back to a tiny one would prob drive me insane :p

    1. Thanks, Jen! I hope to be going through a lot more sketchbooks this year. My son likes with A2 size. I like working with A6, A5, and A4...any bigger and I'd feel lost in the page. :)

  5. Nice! I haven't progressed beyond blobby backgrounds, but I am at least doing something every day. Love your sketch! :)

    1. Thanks, Rita. Blobby backgrounds is still artistic endeavours....I'll look forward to seeing your next post. I hope you had a lovely New Year's Eve. xo

  6. I almost bought a new journal yesterday but then decided I had better use the ones I've already go laying around. I tried to go to bed early New Years Eve but way too many fireworks blasting so I finally went to ed after midnite. I can't believe you stayed up until 8 am. I can't sleep during the day either. Once I'm awake, I'm up until bedtime. And much prefer early to bed, early to rise. Take care!

    1. I usually prefer early to bed, early to rise also, excepting New Year's Eve. I sure slept well the next night, that's for sure.

      I enjoy seeing your sketches and the quotes and messages you share too. xx

  7. These are wonderful Serena! You inspire me ��


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