Monday 4 January 2016

Day 4 of 366 Daily Sketch challenge

Today was hair wash day.
Another self-portrait loosely interpreted.

4/366 daily sketch
Hahnemuhle D & S sketch journal - A5 size, 140gsm, landscape format 
Lamy Safari fountain pen with Lamy Blue water-soluble ink, 
I also used a Derwent watercolour pencil in Ultramarine blue.
© Serena Lewis 

Stay tuned for another sketch tomorrow....


  1. you're so creative. i would never have thought to do a selfie with a towel on my head - it looks great! i started just doing one digitally but maybe will take it more serious and try either colored pencils or watercolors on mine. you inspire me.

    1. Thanks, Sandy. I'm trying to make the daily self portraits more interesting. :)

  2. nice sketch :D reminds me, I need to practice drawing fabric lol:)

    you did a god job with the towel :)

  3. I am loving these, Serena! :)