Sunday, 10 January 2016

More daily portraits for the 366 Daily Sketch Challenge

After seven days of sketching my own face, 
I was a little over it so decided to move onto 
sketching other females. 
I'm thinking that I've already done seven days of me, 
I'll now do seven days of female portraits, 
seven days of male portraits, 
and perhaps seven days of children's portraits
in the last week of the month,
or maybe just a mish-mash.

There is a mobile app called Sktchy 
especially for artists who can upload photos 
of themselves to inspire other artists
to sketch or paint them.
It's such a great idea!

The app is only available for Apple products, iOS 8 or later.
I have it on my iPad and I love it! 

So, on Friday I was inspired to sketch Ashley Goeltz, 
a Sktchy artist/member. 

I love her uniqueness! 
I've always admired people who 
march to the beat of their own drum.

8/366 daily sketch
Hahnemuhle D & S sketch journal - A5 size, 140gsm, landscape format 
graphite and watercolours
© Serena Lewis

Yesterday (Saturday), my chosen subject was 
Susana Norzagaray via Sktchy. 
Another unique young lady.

9/366 daily sketch
Hahnemuhle D & S sketch journal - A5 size, 140gsm, landscape format 
graphite, Platinum carbon pen, and watercolours
© Serena Lewis

Today, I didn't have much time available 
so it was just a quick pen sketch of another Sktchy member,
the lovely Valerie Torres.

10/366 daily sketch
Hahnemuhle D & S sketch journal - A5 size, 140gsm, landscape format 
Platinum carbon pen, Faber-Castell PITT pens, and watercolours
© Serena Lewis


I'm back to participating in the Sunday Sketches group.
You can check out this week's participants HERE.


Bradley (son) and I have been watching the Star Wars movies
to get caught up before we see the latest one.
I've never watched Star Wars before,
except for The Phantom Menace around 14 years ago,
but Aaron, my youngest, went to see the latest one
and just had to watch all the rest. hehe
We're enjoying them so far.

I'm managing the daily sketches just fine at the moment
but the daily blogging was making me feel pressured so,
from here on, I will be posting two to three times per week.

Stay tuned....


  1. My word, amazing paintings. I am terrible at faces but you have really captured them so well. I love the idea of the app too - sounds like a cleber idea. Happy SS x

  2. Nice sketches of some pretty ladies. I saw the original Star Wars. And my kids assure me I've seen another one but certainly don't remember it. :/

    1. Thanks, Tammy! We have now watched all six of the Star Wars movies...just need to watch the one showing at the cinemas now. I've enjoyed them all. Funny, that I never found myself interested to watch them, bar The Phantom Menace, despite all the fan-mania surrounding Star Wars. I only watched them recently because of Aaron. Note - I only watched the Phantom Menace at the time because my then-partner was into Star Wars. :)

  3. great job on these girls - i love your talent! I've been busy so have to catch up here.

    1. Thanks, Sandy! I'm surprised I've managed to keep up with this challenge so far. Mind you, it's school holidays so my days aren't as regimented.

  4. those are great :D I wish you could get that app on android, would come in handy when you need to practice drawing people

    0.o how could you have not seen star wars!?!? ;) not the best movies in the world, but enjoyable to watch

    1. I would love it on Android too because then I could use it on my Samsung phone. I love the app and I'm just grateful I have my iPad. Apparently, the creators of Sktchy are working on an Android version...let's hope they don't take too long.

      I know, after all these years, I had only ever watched The Phantom Menace and that was only because my partner at the time was into Star Wars. I agree, not the best movies out but enjoyable nonetheless.

  5. Wow,such a talent for faces ;)
    Donna xx

  6. These are great! Yes, 2-3 times a week is fine. Don't drive yourself bonkers. Just keep sketching. These are awesome. :)

    1. Yep, that's the plan. Daily blogging isn't going to work for me at this stage anyways...but at least I'm managing the daily sketches. YAY!

  7. Wonderful drawings, especially the details in the hair!

  8. They are looking good, one a day that's a lot of work will be very interested in what you come up with.

    1. Thanks, Merle! I have ideas for themes for each of the months this year. Hopefully, I can keep it up. :)

  9. What a great idea to have a site like that! As always your sketches are amazing! How do you find the time?? They look like they take a while to do! :0)

    1. Thanks, Sandra! Yes, Sktchy is such a handy app! Funnily enough, it's finding the spare time to actually sit down and sketch that has been my biggest problem. Once I get a sketch under way, the process is reasonably fast. I sketch directly in pen and splash on watercolours.


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