Wednesday, 13 April 2016

A family day at Currumbin

Hi everyone,

Last Thursday, we decided to take advantage of the great weather 
and headed off to Currumbin for a family day out. 

I thought you might like to see a few pics from the day 
and even an unexpected sighting.

Alex, my son-in-law is down at the water's edge with 
Mikayla and her boogie-board.

Our little spot on the beach.
Michelle in the beach tent feeding Kenzie, now six months old, 
Aaron on his mobile phone, as teens do, 
and Bradley in the green T-shirt. 

The views were amazing! 

Some time after we ate lunch, 
I went for a walk with Michelle (my daughter) and baby Kenzie 
to check out the rocky areas of the beach. 

Amazing rock formations weathered away by the sea

The tide was out so the water level is quite low in these pics.

 Thousands of limpets (shellfish) attached to the rocks 

Now to the unexpected sighting.... 

As we were leaving to go home, 
we spotted Pablo, a blue and gold macaw, 
also leaving the beach with his human companion. 

Pablo's caretaker left him on the fence for us to admire
while she took things to her car 
so we were able to get close enough to pat him.
He is a year old so only a baby
as they can live into their 80's.
Apparently, they can be quite a handful to care for
and can throw tantrums like a child too.
Pablo loves cuddles and lots of attention.

He was stunning and quite tame. 

Blue and gold macaws are not native to Australia and
while I admit it was amazing to see one up close and personal,
a part of me still feels very sad that we have turned these
beautiful, exotic birds into a commodity.

Will we ever learn?

I ended up with a terrible migraine from my heavy backpack
pulling down on my neck.
Bradley and Aaron both ended up being badly sunburned
and yes, they did use sunscreen but obviously not enough.

I'll post pics of our family day at Wellington Point in my next post.
Another lovely day.

Stay tuned...


  1. Looks like an absolutely gorgeous day and a beautiful beach. Sadly, our beaches here are trashed with litter. So little respect for the environment. Makes me angry and sad. I do think it is awful that we feel the need to cage wild creatures for own pleasure.

    1. The weather couldn't have been any better for us, Tammy. :) Such a shame that the beaches there are trashed with litter. It would make me upset and angry too. :(

  2. gorgeous spot to spend the day :D and Pablo is very pretty, people get them and don't realize how long they can live

    1. It was, Jen. Yes, people see macaws as a super cool pet to own but they don't realise how much time, cost and upkeep it takes to rear one of these beauties. They don't consider their life span either. I'd much prefer for them to be left in the wild where they belong.

  3. A day at the beach with family pretty much a perfect time.

  4. Oh, this was such fun to see all the pics and feel like I got to go along--LOL!
    How can you step on the rocks with all the shellfish attached to them?

    1. I'm glad you enjoyed the pics, Rita. We placed our feet carefully in the shallow gully beside the shellfish-laden rocks or stayed above them. However, the rocks themselves were quite sharp and rough in areas...weathered and ridged by the sea water...we had to step very carefully. Ouch!

  5. What beautiful photographs, I hope your head feels better! I love the photograph of the limpets and what a sweet looking bird.