Sunday, 17 April 2016

Calendar sketches and another family outing...

Another week is over and I'm pleased to say 
that I've been managing the calendar sketches daily. 
I've also discovered that it's not all that easy to sketch 
something tiny and detailed in such a small space.
Each square is 3cm which is just over an inch across.

I'm not using specific prompts 
just whatever I feel like sketching on any given day. 
However, some may have meaning  
for a particular day
....others not so much. 

For example, April 9th was a sketch of the gold and blue macaw 
we met at Currumbin...he is pictured in my previous post in case you missed it. 

April 14th is a white tiger cub because on that day 
my Granddaughter, Mikayla, introduced me 
to her new, white tiger cub plush toy. 
She named her 'Snowflake'.

April 15th, I decided to sketch a favourite animal 
of my other Granddaughter, Madelyn. 
She loves Pandas!

April 4th is an 'L' which represents my son 
getting his Learner Driver's Licence on that day. 
Congratulations, Aaron! 

April 13th, is a pig because I have always had a soft spot for them. 
You may actually guess that I love animals in general 
and I plan to paint and sketch a lot more of them. 

I'm linking up with Sunday Sketches this week. 
You can check out the other participants HERE


Last Sunday, April 10th, was the first anniversary 
of my father's passing. 

We went to Wellington Point for a family outing 
with my brother's family and my Uncle and Aunt
as it holds many great memories 
for us with Mum and Dad. 

The weather was beautiful and we found a nice spot 
fairly close to the water. 

A view of the jetty from a distance

On the jetty

Views from jetty 

Boat ramps 

After lunch and a walk on the jetty, 
we went for a walk out to King Island across the sand-bar 
as the tide had gone out by then. 
Earlier in the day, this was well under water. 

Stopping for selfies along the way. hehe

King Island 

In 1887, King Island was formerly declared a reserve and protected by law
It is home to eight shorebird species and soldier crabs. 
Today, it is classified as a regional park 
and protected by the Nature Conservation Act of 1992.
The mangroves buffer the island against bad weather. 

Walking back to the mainland. 
That is Beau (my son), with Mikayla (my granddaughter). 
Alex (my son-in-law) and my other granddaughter, Maddy 
are following behind. 

The sandbar and a view of Wellington Point

Family selfie on King Island 

Family group 

Me with Mikayla walking across the sandbar. 

It was such a great day 
and I know Dad would have been proud.