Thursday, 20 April 2017

Scribble Picnic - LADDER

This week's Scribble Picnic theme is LADDER hosted by Michael Macvean on his blog.

This week, I have another work-in-progress sketch for you. I figure that I will, at some point, add colour to all my unfinished Scribble Picnic sketches and post them at a later date.

I honestly didn't give the theme much thought until a couple of days ago because life has been pretty busy of late. When I had time to sit and ponder the LADDER theme, right off the bat, I pictured a tree-house with a rope ladder in my mind. I grabbed my Moleskine journal and did a very fast, scribble in pen so I wouldn't forget.

I always loved the idea of having a tree-house as a child but it never happened. One of the homes we lived in had a wooden cubby house in the back yard and, as kids, we spent many hours playing in it. We named it 'Rose Cottage' and I have fond memories of the time spent there. However, for my ladder theme, I was thinking more along the lines of boys and their club-houses. I drew another rough pen sketch, a little more refined but still quite rough.

I looked for inspiration online and I refined my take on the theme even more.  This is as far as I have come with it. I will definitely colour it and add more detail but I kinda like how the initial ground work developed into this. The darker areas are done with black fountain pen while the lighter lines are ballpoint pen.

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Next week's theme is 'TREE'.  Come along and join in on the fun! To find out how, click HERE.

Thanks so much for the continuing well wishes for my Mum. She has her good and bad days. Mum manages to cope but is very limited now to what she can do...something she gets quite down about. She loves her independence but we do keep a regular check on her and visit frequently.


  1. a tree house needs a ladder so this is perfect for the theme, I like idea of house sin trees, like some secret magical place to rest or to just enjoy nature. the third sketch looks quite good.

    have a lovely day.

  2. Serena,
    These are all wonderful. I like the second last one - the way you did the perspective of the ladder is fantastic. And the detail of the rope. I must try pen some day.

  3. Love your treehouse sketch and ladder Serena! Thanks for describing your journey on this theme!

  4. great sketches :) good idea for the ladder theme
    I always wanted a tree house, but never lived anywhere with a big enough tree, just tiny baby trees

    that is good you visit your mom often, having family visit could be a good mood booster :)

  5. Yes, glad to hear about your mother and she has the support around her too. That is a journey unto itself. Thank you for the update there and do please keep us in touch and we really do care!

    Speaking of journeys, this is a wonderful artistic one you;ve taken us on. I love where you;ve gone with it. Must admit, did have to laugh somewhat to see how you describe it a "rough" when that rope looks so polished and defined to me. I guess I am pretty rough myself (Well, not so much this time around with the piece just posted!).

    It's a fantastic sketch, Serena. And you know what? Why don't you just show us the coloured in version for the TREE theme. It would work great for that too! Knock yourself out! :)

    As for me, that is no boys lodge I would ever go up. Hahah, was always afraid of heights and still am rather. In fact, when my kids were small, I was the one who would tell them to not climb any higher and "do be careful1" etc! :)

    Thank you for finding the time to do these. Really enjoyed by all, I'm quite sure.

  6. Fun to hear and see how your ideas evolved. I like them all. I like the idea of a rope ladder too.

    Rose Cottage, a wonderful name for your little shack as a child. I love the adventures we can create as children.

    Your mum is lucky to have you all as she adjusts to change.

  7. It was fun seeing your in-progress thoughts about this week's theme. Your tree house is wonderful and I can picture myself climbing up the ladder and playing inside with the woodland creatures I create. LOL :) Hope you have a great day and a good weekend! :)

  8. I think one has to be lucky to have just the right kind of tree to be able to build a tree house and it seems you've found that perfect tree. I love the rope ladder. It seems to make it all the more adventurous. So nice to see how your thoughts evolved.

  9. . . . . . . I just wish I could 'scribble' as well as you do Serena. These are awesome and you are half-way perhaps to your entry for next week's tree theme! Fabulous rope ladders, they are enticing me to climb, but of course at my advanced age that would be silly perhaps!!!!

    Thoughts and prayers that your dear Mum will be OK.
    Hugs - Mary

  10. I always thought a tree house would have been great fun! This is a wonderful one you ended up sketching--wow! The ladder would have had to be against the tree trunk for me to have made it up even as a kid. Have always had a thing about heights and swinging in the air wouldn't have worked for me at all--LOL!

    Hope your mom will adjust. It is so difficult to lose independence. Working on a letter that will be done soon. Love and hugs! :)

  11. Thought I replied earlier... anyway, I really love the rope on the second sketch! Takes me back to much time spent up a tree in my childhood, though we didn't have a rope ladder to get to the platform Dad secured up there.


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