Wednesday 5 July 2017

Scribble Picnic - Watermelon

Hi everyone,

It's Scribble Picnic time again and, this week, Michael chose WATERMELON for the theme. Who doesn't love watermelon?

The following image popped into my mind and wouldn't leave until I put pen to paper.

Uh oh!  This mouse took on more than he bargained for when the watermelon he was pushing home picked up speed going down the hill. He hopped aboard to try and slow the melon down but it turned into a very scary ride instead. YIKES!

It's not finished yet but I'm pleased I was able to get some colour on it using Prismacolour colouring pencils.

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Last week, the theme was fox and this was as far as I'd managed....

As promised, here is the final result for those of you who don't follow me on Instagram 

To find out how to join in on the fun each week, click HERE.
I'm looking forward to seeing what everyone has done for this week's theme.


  1. Love your take on the watermelon theme Serena - the expression on the mouse's face is fantastic! Hope to see you finish this later. . . . . . .

    Your splendid rendering of the fox I thought couldn't be any better than it was last week. . . . . .but now you share the finished piece and I'm blown away - it's absolutely amazing! The gleam in the eyes is exactly like the photos I took of the mama fox in our garden. You are such a wonderful artist my dear and your love of animals definitely shine through your pencils, pens and brushes.

    Hope your week is going well - Mary

  2. Oh Serena~ Your take on the theme is hilarious!!!! I still laughing out loud! You have such a darling story here, that reminds me of that character in Ice Age who could never get the acorn.

    Your fox is worthy of matting framing and hanging in a gallery.

    Beautiful to see the work of a truly great artist.

  3. Serena,
    That is amazing. Just love the action in your watermelon piece. I can feel him tearing down that hill. And your final fox is gorgeous.

  4. Great job with your watermelon piece, it's so realistic and you've made the art fun! The fox turned out so beautifully.

  5. Yes, that fox is gorgeous and with that, I'm so impressed with your colored pencil work on the watermelon too! You and Joni with pop art minis certainly know what you're doing. Funny interpretation. I love it. Thank you so much.

  6. The mouse's face is great and lovely shine on the watermelon :)

  7. what a fabulous idea. hasn't even occurred to me to make something fun. so will there be a cat chasing him?

    the fox looks great. I like how you draw/color the eyes.

    have a lovely day.

  8. Great fox, has the mouse bitten off more than he can chew.

  9. I love that comical mouse scene. Your watermelon is so shiny, just like a real one. Superb! And wow! Did you finished fox take my breath away. So glad you are sharing your talents with us.

  10. Adding the dark contrast to the fox was marvelous. Love the mouse on the watermelon!
    Started a letter. :) :)

  11. Wow Serena! The fox illustration REALLY came to life! And I thought it was quite splendid before!! :)

    I ADORE the mouse riding the watermelon. I'd say he's going about it the right way though, especially if a nice sized rock awaits at the bottom of that hill. . . it might help get to the tasty insides quicker!

    Beautiful work as always!

  12. Oh love your beautiful Fox he is amazing. What a delightful sketch of watermelon and the mouse. It brought a smile to my lips

  13. Gorgeous pages Serena! That fox is amazing... but that little mouse on the Marrow really made me chuckle!

  14. How fun! And the shine on the melon is great!
    Who'd have thought, but your fox is even more handsome than last week!