Thursday, 3 August 2017

Scribble Picnic - Curtain

Hello dear readers and fellow Scribble Picnickers.

I've had a miserable week, four days of which I was laid up with a horrible tummy bug.  Not to mention Doctor's appointments, X-rays, and an Ultrasound on my right hip and knee which have been giving me a lot of pain for months now. Needless to say I ended up with a migraine twice this past week, one being yesterday, hence me posting my Scribble Picnic piece a day late.

Now, I'm rushing to get this post done in time before I have to rush off to yet another appointment...this one is for my son, Bradley, to see his Audiologist.

SO, today's theme for Scribble Picnic was CURTAIN.

I came up with a couple of ideas.

First one is just a quick sketch. WHO is hiding behind the curtain?! I did plan on doing a follow-up scene to show their identity...maybe in a later post.

Next one was a little doggy looking between the curtains and wondering, "Are they home yet?" 
This sketch was modelled after my own little fur-kid who does the same thing. Cody suffers severe separation anxiety when I go out and sits by the window looking out for my safe return. When he sees me, he starts barking with excitement and gives me lots of doggy cuddles and kisses....makes me feel like a celebrity. hehe He carries on this same way whether I have been away for the whole day or just five minutes. Crazy fur-kid...I love him so much!

And the coloured version using Prismacolor colouring pencils and a touch of watercolour

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And now, I must dash off to get ready for the appointment.

I hope you all have a lovely day!


  1. Both lovely pieces Serena! Cute Cody! Sorry to hear you've not been well.

  2. I hope you have a better August. It's so rough and frustrating to have so many days with pain.
    I love the pieces you did on the curtain theme. The doggy one is so dear! joining from scribble picnic.

  3. Both ideas are so cute, but I must admit I loved Cody looking out the window. Our Molly does that with us.

    Sorry you had that terrible tummy bug and then a migraine. Hope you are feeling better, and thanks for being a trooper and doing the art when not feeling well.

  4. I was sick, too, for a week. Just getting better now. I hope you and Brad are both doing well and will be done with appointments for a while. Much love!!!! :)

  5. I like the one with the dog, so adorable. I like that you didn't use a lot of colors. great take on the theme.

    have a lovely day.

  6. Sorry you've been unwell. I hope you're feeling better now? I also hope there's something they can do to help with the joint pain, and that the other appointments - including Bradley's - went well.

    Kero used to suffer serious seporation anxiety. I could never leave him alone. If he was left with anyone but me he'd howl for the first five or ten minutes after I left, then sit where he could watch for me, and start barking while trying to get to me the moment he spotted me returning, practically throwing himself in to my arms when I walked through the door. Even going to the bathroom without him would have him crying at the door. If I left him completely alone, he got so upset he'd stop breathing for a few moments. When I realized this, I stopped leaving him alone, and always made sure to arrange for someone to stay with him if he couldn't come where I was going. I think our new puppy, Lilie might have some issues with seporation anxiety too, though it's connected to my hubby rather than me, and isn't nearly as bad. She just sits and watches the door until he comes back, and then greets him as though he's been away for a year even if it's only been about thirty seconds.

  7. I sure hope you're feeling better. Your cute little doggy reminds me of our neighbor's dogs. They park themselves in the window just like that. Except they have blinds! I do like your curtain more.

  8. Good for you for getting these done and posted even though not feeling so great. Hopefully you're already feeling better.
    That chair you've drawn looks SO comfortable! I mentioned some shoes peeking out from under curtains on my post too. I look forward to seeing who is behind yours!

  9. Your little fur baby is adorable and yes, there is nothing more endearing than the welcome home we receive from our pets. My cats even run to the door to greet me ... might have something to do with my coming home around dinner time :) I do love your sketch and am curious about the shoes behind the curtain. Do you already know who is there, or are you going to have to create the solution to that mystery? Either way, I look forward to seeing what you come up with. Love this post, Serena and sorry about your aches and pains. Hope you find some relief ...

    Andrea @ From The Sol

  10. First off, so very sorry to hear how ill you've been. Ugh. I hope you're on the road to recovery. As you know, it's not fun being ill. Big hugs.

    I like how you share your various sketch ideas of the current theme each week and then reveal the one you chose. Fun! I love your little doggy and what a perfect choice. Sometimes, I'd love to "see" through the eyes of our own pet and know what he's looking at or waiting for. :)

  11. Nice purple curtains, cut puppy waiting for you!

  12. Serena,
    Hope and pray all goes well with your health. Sorry you were under the weather.
    I love the second one as that is what our little dog would do if she had a chair and curtains near the window. But she acts just like that - crazy!! So happy one of us is home again (my hubby says "the pack is back".

  13. you have had a pretty bad week :( hope things improve and you don't have any more doctors appointments to go to

    you've managed to create a lovely piece of work tho :) We generally take Sky everywhere because she is so attached to hubby and might freak out. when we do leave her at hubbies parent's she is so excited to see us, even tho she does like his parents a lot

  14. First off, so sorry to read of all your travails as of late, dear Serena. Sorry too that I only got to this due to a week of late nights with work projects! Hope all smooths out soon enough.

    Your pieces above are both so full of promise and I love that one coloured in of Kero. Looks fabulous. indeed, he makes you feel fabulous which is even better...esp right now! Awwww...

    Thank you so much for the fortitude to see this through and post! Wow.