Wednesday, 13 September 2017

Scribble Picnic: Black & White

Hello friends,

This week's Scribble Picnic theme is BLACK & WHITE.

Numerous thoughts rushed through my mind — A white sketch on black paper, a Zentangle Wolf, a black ink sketch on white paper, a chess set, a zebra etc.

The Zebra is what stuck in my mind so I did a rough pencil sketch to start with. I wanted to create a cute, baby-like Zebra...a character in my mind, if you will.

The first layer of watercolour

And the end result

I wonder if anyone else thought of a black and white zebra?

Michael hasn't put the page link up for this week yet so I will come back and add it when he does.
Next week's prompt is WATCH OUT! To find out how to join in on the fun each week, click HERE.

Okay, just checked, and our illustrious leader has put up the post for this week so you can click HERE to see the contributions from my fellow Picnickers.

I thought you might like to see a couple of my zebra art pieces from years ago.

This one was done with acrylic paints on an ACEO card made from matte board

And this one was a love job for one of my sons. I called it 'Zebra Sunset' and painted it with acrylics on a 36" x 24" gallery-wrapped canvas.

I'm still dealing with back and hip pain...some days are good, some are quite bad. I feel like I'm developing a permanent limp but I will give the physiotherapy more time to work.

I hope you are all enjoying a beautiful week!


  1. OMG Serena - we must be joined at the hip or sisters in another life - my theme choice this week is the zebra also!!!!!! I do have the post ready but haven't put it up as I don't see Michael's post and linky thingy up yet either - he must be sleeping in late, haha!
    Your zebra art is amazing - your new watercolor is delightful (a children's book subject in the future perhaps?), and the two older paintings are just wonderful, taking me right back to Africa with that brilliant sunset - a great post.

    Glad you are feeling somewhat better and hope it continues as the PT works - that takes time but you should get a good result if you stay with it - I know from personal experience!
    Happy week - Mary

  2. Hi Serena :)) Zebra Sunset is AMAZING. Your zebras are just gorgeous and I love your little fella! :) That's funny because I thought of black and white animals and was considering some kind of Panda bear painting! Well done! :)

  3. These pieces are just masterful. What a talent and gift you have. Your little guy is just adorable. Like a stuffed toy. The others, are literally breathtaking.

  4. PS So caught up with your drawings I forgot to tell you how sorry I am for your hip troubles. Hope they are better soon.

  5. Sorry to hear of your pain. That is no fun at all. I find arnica gel, cream or tablets can help. Especially when used right when it starts.

    Your little zebra is adorable! I love the posture you have it in.
    Your older pieces are striking too.

  6. Very nice zebras. Now, why didn't I think of zebras when thinking of black and white. It's so obvious!!

  7. I love all of your zebras, but the older ones are stunning--both of them--OMG! I haven't seen the mom and baby zebra for so long and I am struck all over again with how beautiful it is.

    I hope your physio helps. We are both having more hip and back pain the past couple months. Sucks! I am praying you will get some relief going to therapy. Love and hugs!

  8. Serena you are beyond talented, such lovely pieces. So sorry about your pain, hope it improves.

  9. awww such a cute zebra :)

    sorry physiotherapy isn't doing much. It can take a bit to work, but if it doesn't start after awhile you might need to go see a specialist to try to get some help :/

  10. Serena,
    This is absolutely delightful. Sellable for sure. And your older paintings are also gorgeous.

  11. a zentangle wolf - wouldn't mind seeing that one but the zebra doll (?) is adorable. I like added bright pink of the ribbon. your other zebra pieces are wonderful as well.

    have a lovely day.

  12. Your little zebra is adorable. I love that big bow. Your other pieces are stunning. I am in awe of your talent.

  13. All your Zebra paintings are incredible, Serena, and I like what youvve done with the more muted palette for this go around, appropriate to the theme. As mentioned on your IG: very darling. Well done! Thank you!

  14. BTW, I had actually finished the post Tuesday night and thought I had scheduled it to go up at 5:00am MST but actually had it set for PM so I didn't even notice until noon today (much to my consternation) that non one could even signup as actually it was not yet published! Grrr...stayed up late doing all that for nothing. Sorry for the delay though.

  15. You are a true artist ... your work is beautiful and your talent would seem to be unlimited. Love the baby zebra. She is the cutest and the others are untouchable. I do hope you get relief from Physical therapy though sometimes their treatments hurt more than the original injury. I have a tight shoulder that I am having worked on and I dread going ... but it is working :) Hope yours does too ...

    Andrea @ From The Sol

  16. Wow! Did I miss the other pieces of artwork on your IG? OMG Your zebras are incredible! I LOVE the one with the sunset/sunrise. These are beautiful and I love seeing your different styles. OF course, the first zebra is still oh so cute!! :)

  17. What a cute little zebra I feel like cuddling him. Beautiful zebra art Serena. The colours are stunning

  18. LOVE your cute little zebra!