Wednesday, 27 September 2017

Scribble Picnic - Radio

Hello friends,

This week's Scribble Picnic prompt is RADIO.

I had a few different ideas running through my head for this one:

Our own digital radio playing music while a goldfish danced in its bowl beside the radio.
Or a mouse dancing on top of a radio to the song, Billie Jean, in Michael Jackson style clothes.
Or perhaps a 70's roller-skater carrying a boom box combo as he skated along the promenade at the beach.

So, what did I end up sketching? 

I started out with a rat on rollerskates carrying a radio/CD player combo — sketched roughly with pencil

Which I changed to this groovy rat rollerblading along as his radio/CD player combo belts out some funky tunes. Is he off to skate along the promenade, I wonder?

The finished illustration - Ink, watercolour, and Prismacolour pencils in Moleskine sketchbook

I have to say how thrilled I am to be able to draw directly from my imagination all thanks to Michael's Scribble Picnic prompts each week. They really get my mind thinking and imagining all sorts of scenarios.

Of course, I do have a studio muse but, as you can see below, he really isn't any help at all

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The prompt for next week is BLANKET.


  1. Serena, your dog is adorable...ours sleep fully spread out like that too lol...I love your scribble this week, that is one funky mouse! :)

  2. Cute drawing. Rollerskating was the weekend thing to do when I was in elementary school. Cody is like Jingles, only changing positions ever so often. :)

  3. Wow, he's great! Probably king of the rat skating rink, and all the girl rats have a crush on him.

  4. Serena this is such a fun piece, it gave me a chuckle! Great how you drew from your imagination, I have yet to try that. And a very cute 'muse'!

  5. You have such fun stuff in your imagination. I love your groovy rat ... I think I can remember seeing those skates and that radio back when my kids were growing up. Now I spend my time with muses similar to yours. Isn't it nice how they always park themselves right where you are ... great fun, Serena ...

    Andrea @ from The Sol

  6. Rats scare the heck out of me Serena - but have to admit your version is very cute! Love the musical notes you added, obviously he's being blasted by some cool music! I loved this week's prompt, it truly brought back so many pleasant memories of the good old days!

    Your doggie is adorable.
    Happy week - hope you are feeling better.
    Mary -

  7. Rats and dogs....Both adorable. I can see the movement and action in the roller blades, and I swear... I hear the music booming out of the box...haha. Just seeing your process.

    Sweet doggie ....We love our Molly girl and she sleeps like that too.

  8. this is great :) the change in body posture really gives him some energetic movement :)

  9. Oh Serena,
    This is wonderful. I love the sketch and the final product. The colours are amazing. And I love your dog. We have a maltipoo and she curls up on my chair or at my feet where she is right now.

  10. Love the funky rat with his boom box!! Your "muse"...awwww! ;)

  11. You crack me up - a roller skating rat! How fun is that! He really looks like he's got his groove on.

  12. Blades, shades, and a blaring boom box–complete transformation of the meek, mousy guy at the beginning!

  13. Haha your studio muse is so adorable....just like ours.

    I would have loved to seen you illustrate the goldfish idea. It sounds SO cute! Your roller skating rat is so fun. I just love seeing what everyone comes up with each week for the current theme.


  14. Awwwww....gosh, I don't know where to start with this one. That "muse" of yours is so utterly adorable! Awwwwwwwww....... Totally!

    Now, to the art! I love hearing about your ideas and think that a la Michael Jackson mouse would have been hilarious but you did a fabulous job on the rat too.

    "I have to say how thrilled I am to be able to draw directly from my imagination all thanks to Michael's Scribble Picnic prompts each week. "
    --I love too how you imagined it and nothing delights me more her on these picnics than to see people engaging their creative imagination and wonderings! I really do see how these art co-op, beng foreced to stick to some kind of theme, get people to think outside their norms or go to themese. Activating one's brain like that can only make us even more creative. I have watcehd each of us grow in expression as such, even you in terms of imagination even though you are already an excellent draftsman, Serena. Thank you sooo much! love it!

    Oh! So THAT's what I saw rushing pass us in a coloured blur the other day at our picnic! :)

  15. What cool idea ! Roller skating rat is brilliant!


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