Wednesday, 1 November 2017

Scribble Picnic - Toy

Hello friends,

This week, the prompt for Scribble Picnic is TOY.

I had an image in my head which I roughly sketched with pencil in my Moleskine sketchbook. Don't you just love his over-sized socks?

I then refined it with a new sketch...all finished below.

Will was absolutely over the moon with his birthday present...a T-rex Dinosaur! 
T-Rex looks quite happy with his new owner too. hehe

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Re. INKtober - I got as far as Day 27 then came down with a severe migraine which happened to be the side effect from dealing with very bad hip and back pain all week. The medication knocked me out so I had to call it quits on the inking. Last year I got to Day 25 so at least I beat that.

I am now booked in for an Ultrasound-guided cortisone injection directly into my hip joint on Monday. It won't help my back but, hopefully, it will help with the hip pain.

I will post the rest of my INKtober sketches soon so stay tuned...


Mary said...

This is adorable - Will looks happy as can be with his special very green toy - hope those claws aren't too sharp!

Serena - I had a similar injection a couple of years ago instead of back surgery (I was scheduled for the hospital but got a second opinion and was told to leave surgery until absolutely nothing else worked, and had the injection instead). Thankfully it worked wonders for me and I've not required another one. . . . .so far! Fingers crossed all will go well and you too will get relief - surgery is just too scary!

I'll be pulling for you my dear.
Chin up and stay positive.
Mary x

Rain said...

Oh gosh Serena, I hope the cortisone helps you. I remember having to get shots on the bottoms of my feet (eeeeeyah!) for arch troubles...that hurt like heck but it worked. I'm having some kind of weird hip/leg pain lately. If it gets worse, I may go for a shot too. I hope your migraine eases, not fun.

Your drawing is great! I love the dinosaur, he's so happy to have a new owner :)) Reminds me of a joke from Jurassic Park (don't quote me!) "What do you call a dinosaur who looks straight at you?" Do-You-Think-He-Saur-Us. Har har. :)

Latane Barton said...

One happy little boy.

Christine said...

Your toy sketch is adorable Serena! So sorry to hear about your pain, all the best with treatment.

Rita said...

Really sweet!! He looks so delighted!

So sorry to hear about the hip shot, but I sure hope it helps...a lot! You need a break, my friend.

Love and hugs from Fargo!! :) :)

Lorraine said...

He is so cute! What a great sketch. Good luck with your injection. It could be that you've been altering the way you walk favoring your hip and causing the back pain (speaking from experience) - so fixing the hip problem is probably a good way to start. I do wish you success - be gently with yourself!

Andrea @ From The Sol said...

Cute, cute , cute ... you are so talented and the joy on Will and the T-Res's face tell a story all of it's own. Oh my you are having a hard time ... I am so sorry. The Cortisone shot should help and could be the first step to relieving both pains. I feel for you and wish you well ...

Andrea @ From the Sol

Michael said...

All the best to you there, dear Serena, and I'm so sorry you have had to suffer as such. Hope the injection works as well as it did for Mary!

You know, you got a lot further with Inktober than I did . In the end I did 16 posts, taking me to "P" but had some great ideas for some of the other letters too. My marketing summit week kind of knocked me out of the groove.

This piece is so darling. I love his toy and would have loved one myself! And yes, those sock rock! :) Thank you so much for even getting something done here. Am wondering now if you will make it for "cookie" or not!

Jennifer Rose said...

ouch ouch ouch about the injection :/

he looks very happy with his toy :)

joeks said...

Love it and the joy you've captured here!
Praying the injection brings you some relief.