Thursday 28 June 2018

Scribble Picnic - Crunchy

A quick post and run this week as I have a busy day ahead....

This week's theme for Scribble Picnic is CRUNCHY

First layer of watercolour with a little INKtense pencil

And the end result.  I could have fiddled about with it some more but time is limited today. 

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To find out how to join us each week at our picnic, click HERE
We are having a break next week for the US Fourth of July celebrations but the prompt for the following week will be STARS. See you there.


  1. This is adorable, cute and crunchy Serena!

  2. This really made me smile. Although, if I were to bite into an apple and find your friend there I don't think I would be smiling.

  3. He really doess make one smile, as I noted in your IG post. I sooo love it. Hee. Thank you, Serena. hope you are feeling better.

  4. very cute work :) many times I have bit into an apple to find half a worm...blagh :p

  5. I agree with everyone--cute!! :) :)
    Hope all is well your way?

  6. I wish could still eat crunchy, freshly picked apples, but have swallowing problems and raw fruit is off my list! I do love cooked apples though, like chunky applesauce. Apples are so good for one's health.

  7. I love how your little worm is chilling out :) Very nice! :)