Sunday 16 September 2018

Sunday musings

Hi everyone,

I know I said I'd be back with a book review post and I will....just not today.

I moved my workspace yet again so I could have more things at my fingertips. On the wall opposite, there is now a big white cupboard housing more of my regular art supplies.

Here is my main workspace...loving it so far!

If I want more light at my desk throughout the day, I can just pull the vertical blinds fully across.

I haven't been doing daily sketching but I did drag out my sketchbook to work on another Sktchy portrait last week.

Still a work in progress....

I seem to have lost the creative urge lately — maybe because I've been feeling down in the dumps with daily pain — either back or hip, or both. Scribble Picnic is starting back up on Wednesday so that might give me a bit of a boost to snap out of the doldrums.

Speaking of creativity...check out this masterpiece! Spider webs amaze me...all that work and effort! This one has a regular type web above and some sort of conical shape of web just below but both appear to be connected...never seen that before. I wonder if both webs were created by the same spider?

I will leave you with another masterpiece — taken just after we had a spot of rain. The rainbow span was huge and the photo just doesn't do it justice.

I will be back soon with those promised book reviews...


  1. looks like a great big light space :D sorry you are still in pain :(

  2. Beautiful portrait and those webs...

  3. Love how bright your space is now! Glad to see you sketching again!!

    The spider webs...make me shudder. I would have to watch them from inside the house, that's for sure. It does look like two different types of webs...and they are amazing.

    Rainbows always bring a smile. Always feels like good luck. :)

    Sorry it's been such a painful year. I hope that will change.

  4. Sorry you're still struggling with pain, but glad you're happy with your new workspace. Hope you'll be creating new art again soon.

    P.S. Thanks for the vegan cream cheese recipe.

  5. Oh that spider web is awesome! I love your artwork Serena, yes, the picnic is back! I must get my 'noggin into the Exploration frame of mind this week :) I LOVE your work space! And I love that the pets are part of it! :)

  6. So sorry to hear that you are in pain. Hope you will feel better soon. Your sketch is beautiful. The shots of the spider webs are beautiful.