Thursday 6 June 2019

It's been a while

...but I'm still standing.  Well, on crutches, that is.

I had LARS gluteal medius tendon surgery on May 2nd and after four weeks being on two crutches — partial weight-bearing —I've now progressed to using one crutch — partial weight-bearing. Then I may need a walking stick for a while as there is still a long recovery ahead. My surgeon said my medius and minimus tendons were pretty beat up and the medius tendon had torn all the way through. He said to allow ten months for full recovery which takes me through to March 2020.

The first couple of weeks were real tough as it involved fairly intense pain whenever I moved.  I needed a lot of assistance, even with lifting my operated leg into bed. I'm told the first three months cover the most difficult part of recovery. I can drive again at 6 to 8 weeks pending the surgeon's approval...still in the non-driving stage. I will require physiotherapy at some point too. If you aren't squeamish and interested in seeing the type of surgery I actually had done, click LARS gluteal tendon repair surgery. I now have permanent internal stitches, a synthetic ligament, and a titanium screw in my hip. Suffice to say, my hip feels kinda weird but, I'm looking forward to a future of no pain or limping.

Bradley, my eldest son, has been a huge help during my recovery. Carrying my paraphernalia from room to room as well as carrying meals to the lounge-room TV tables. Basically being an extra pair of hands when I'm unable to do something. Hopefully, I will be able to return the favour when he has his wisdom teeth surgery later this month. I've been getting groceries delivered which has been great and I may even keep that going. My sister has been a blessing in so many ways — taking me to and from the hospital and my post-op appointment at two weeks, as well as helping out when needed. 

Over the past week I've had issues with severe back pain., particularly after bending over. I haven't been allowed to lie on my operated side since surgery and lying on my other side causes pulling, discomfort, and pain in my operated hip. So I've had to lie on my back which seems to have flared up my back. As you may remember, I had a back injury back in 2003 from a bad fall but I also have age-related wear and tear going on also — spinal stenosis, protruding L5 disc, and spondylosis. Lots of rest and heat packs required.

OH that reminds meI had my 60th birthday during my blog absence! My sister organised a family get-together in my honour and my nephew even organised a Vegan Key Lime pie for my birthday cake.  Beau, my son, also made a delicious vegan cheesecake especially for me. I got some wonderful gifts too and it was lovely to see everyone. I had a great time and felt totally spoiled! 

I'm still missing my sweet Cody every day, some days are worse than others. Jack has adjusted now although I'm not sure how much longer this sweet boy will be with us. He has health issues of his own too — age-related.

Here Jack is fast asleep in his bed. 

About a week prior to my surgery, this uninvited guest showed up one rainy night seeking shelter under our front entrance. I felt sorry for her and made the 'mistake' of putting out some warm milk and dog biscuits and she has barely left.  We have since bought cat biscuits. We thought she was a stray at first but later discovered that her owners live in the street opposite us. I've met the owners and they don't seem to mind that she is hanging out here.  I'm concerned with local council law stating that cat owners must keep their cats within their own boundary lines during the day and must be kept indoors at night. There has been a problem with roaming cats killing wildlife and messing in people's gardens for years now. You may remember that we had a huge problem with roaming cats in our street going back a few years. Anyway, Kya is 8 years old and so sweet. She visits nearly all the time now. Maybe we've made her too comfortable? I just hope she doesn't end up in a council cat trap and taken to the council pound where a grim fate could await her. It's just really odd to me that her owners have been in the street for nearly a year and she has only just recently showed up. Maybe Cody sent her?

I haven't sketched since January which sounds terrible, doesn't it? I've just not been in the right head space after losing Cody and so much has been going on in my life the past few months.

I have been feeling the pull of my sketchbooks again though so stay tuned...


  1. Welcome back and happy birthday Serena!

  2. Hi dear Serena. Lovely to see you here and very sorry you've been through such a tough surgery. Hoping your rehab goes well and all will be a huge success regarding walking and being pain free as time goes by. The discomfort sleeping must also be annoying, and our sleep is so important, so hope that will also get easier as you heal. Happy to know your sons and others are helping out.

    I miss Scribble Picnic too - Michael seems to be off the radar lately and I haven't heard from him so know he is busy with life.
    Meanwhile, Bob and I have been traveling this spring and are in fact in Galway, Ireland at present. Rain most days here but it is lovely and we are having a fun time.

    Take care dear - and hope you will soon be back sketching and making your always beautiful art.
    Get well soon wishes, hugs, Mary x

    1. Thanks, Mary. So far, so good. I see my surgeon on the 12th.

      I haven't heard or seen much of Michael either apart from occasionally on Instagram. (I haven't been on Social Media much at all since my surgery.) I do miss Scribble Picnic. I hope he and Alexandra are doing well in their new ventures.

      OH wow...Galway! My Dad was from County Cavan, a fair distance I imagine. Glad to hear you are having a nice time.

      I hope to be sketching soon so stay tuned...must check out your blog now that I'm managing a little more time at my computer.

      Serena xo

  3. Happy belated birthday Serena! xx
    Jack looks so cute sleeping...I feel for you about Cody...sending love your way. May I say that I hate irresponsible pet owners? Maybe your neighbours who own Kya are nice, but don't they care about the safety of their pet? Really bothers me. Too bad you can't adopt her!
    Your surgery sounds so painful to me...but a life without that kind of pain is a great reason to go through it. I'm so happy you have people helping you!
    Since the picnic stopped, I started my own "Thursday Art Date"...same idea as the picnic but on Thursdays. If you ever want to join in Serena, feel free and take care! xx

  4. Happy late birthday!! what a nice thing for your sister to organize :)

    neat video, after seeing video of how they do my jaw surgery, nothing fazes me now lol

    the neighbours might have just got sick of her :(

    1. Thanks, Jennifer!

      When I first saw the video prior to my surgery, I was quite nervous but we manage, right? I remember your jaw surgery and that the recovery would have been tough for that too.

      I feel that the cat's owners are torn between wanting to keep her and not wanting her. Guess we shall see what happens.

      Have a lovely weekend! :)

  5. Great to hear from you!

    Sorry you're in so much pain and discomfort right now. Hope the recovery time goes by quickly for you.

    I know how much you must be missing Cody. I'm glad Jack has adjusted now, though I expect he still misses his pal too.

    I hope Kya doesn't get in to trouble. Shame she isn't a stray, or you could have adopted her, and brought her inside to safety full time.

  6. Happy birthday!
    Nope--couldn't watch it. Mainly because I am sick with 101 degree temp and already queasy.
    Does Jack like Kya?

    1. Thanks, Rita, but so sorry to hear you've been sick. I hope you feel better real soon. We've had quite a time of it so far this year, haven't we? Hopefully the latter half of 2019 will be more favourable for us.

      Jack, being around 14 and practically blind, he doesn't notice her or basically ignores her. She on the other hand wants to play with him. She's even nuzzled his face with her face a couple of times...he growls/grunts and pushes past her. Guess we shall see what the future holds. I worry that Jack may not be with us for much longer. :(

  7. Serena! <3 I'm sending you the best healing vibes I have!! And congrats on getting adopted by the cat! <3 xoxo

    1. Thanks, Jess. Hehe...the cat is still here and seems to have no intention of leaving. :)

  8. Good to read you Serena and belated Happy Birthday. That surgery sounds like it involves a lot of healing time - I hope it goes smooth for you and good that you have Brad helping you out so much. That cat probably loves it at your house and you might find him a permanent fixture. We feed a few ferals in our neighborhood here in the mountains. Our other neighbors do also so they are happy here in the wild.
    Looking forward to seeing more of your sketches. You have a gift for sure.

  9. Hi Serena, I'm glad to hear you are on the mend slow but sure. As you know my mom had a partial hip replacement last year and she relayed much of the same as you have here about recovery. She doesn't use a cane when in her apartment, but when she is out, she feels much more secure using a walking stick.

    I know how hard it is to lose a furry friend. My Toni dog, my first long term pet of 15 years (from the time I was 2 until I was 17) has been gone for 36 years and I still think about her and have a photo of her in my bedroom. :) Sending head pats and kisses for sweet Jack.

    That kitty sure knew the right place to come for some TLC. A shame that an 8 year old kitty is allowed to roam. I'd be more concerned about what would happen to her rather than any possible damage she might cause. It can be tough out there for kitties who are used to comfort.

    Belated birthday wishes! Vegan key lime pie, my oh my. That would definitely be my choice. Yum!

    Take care. I hope you get back to sketching very soon. xoxoxo

    1. Thanks, Tammy. I understand your Mum as I use two crutches when I go out. They do give me a sense of security. After using one crutch a week ago, I was in a lot of pain as too much walking with the one crutch strained my oblique muscle. Not quite ready for a lot of walking yet, even with two crutches.

      Yes, we never forget our fur-kids, that's for sure. I still remember my previous pets and I am so grateful they were in my life.

      You know a little more about the story after my email which I will share in my next post but, yes, I feel quite sad and concerned for Kya. She will always be safe around us. Part of me hopes that she stays.

      I'm looking forward to getting back to sketching.

      Thanks for the birthday wishes. xx