Sunday 30 June 2019

Recovery update after surgery

I know, I know....I did say I'd be back with a post on Wednesday but time clean got away from me and it's now Sunday already...

Since I last posted, Bradley, my eldest son had surgery to remove all his wisdom teeth plus a molar that was damaged by one of the wisdom teeth. He is now on Day 12 of recovery and doing really well. I think he will be glad to get off the soft food diet come Tuesday though. Soups, mashed veg, porridge, vegan yoghurt, vegan ice-creams, apple sauce, mashed banana etc. are all yummy but he will be happy when he can munch down a vegan burger or his regular granola cereal.
I can tell you that he didn't look this happy after the surgery.

About five days prior to Brad's surgery, I made the mistake of doing too much walking at a shopping centre, using only one crutch, and I ended up with strained oblique muscles on the left side of my back. I was laid up in bed for three days and every step was agonising, even with two crutches. Lesson learned not to overdo things. The muscle strain did recover enough where I was able to be at the hospital for Brad's surgery day. Angela, my sister, drove us there and stayed for the duration. She helped Bradley at the hospital where I was unable to. We would have been lost without her over the past couple of months and we are so very grateful for all her help.

I'm now managing to get around at home using a walking stick but I still use one elbow crutch when I go out because it gives me more support and stability.  My surgeon said to keep using the crutch if I felt I needed it. All in all, I'm happy with how I'm progressing with recovery. Still a long way to go with only 2 months done of a 10 month recovery but I'm glad the worst pain is over with.

I can also drive again which feels great! It's a little difficult getting in and out of the car because my operated hip gets crushed and pulled a bit, plus the steering wheel gets in the way, BUT I'm managing okay. I'm loving the freedom of being back behind the wheel again.


The cat, Kya, is still hanging out here. It feels weird having a neighbour's cat practically living here but her not belonging to us. She is a sweetie though and seems to be getting quite attached to me.
She sleeps a lot! 

And likes high places

Eyes OFF, Missie!

Since my previous post about Kya, I had a visit from the owner for a second time —  nearly three weeks back — and the mystery of why Kya started showing up here just over two months ago is solved now. While here the second time, the owner told me that they bought a new kitten which Kya apparently hates and won't accept. Oh, and the owner remembered that Kya is actually 10 years old, not 7 or 8, as she bought Kya when her daughter was born. She also said that she feels we may end up with Kya as she seems to have chosen us anyway. Hmmmmm... I guess we will see what happens...

So, that's it for now....

I hope you have a great weekend! We've had rain on and off this past week but it's a fine day today (Sunday).


  1. yeah getting your wisdom teeth pit is not fun. all mine were impacted and then 3 days after getting them out I got lockjaw lol so that was fun

    good to read you are getting better and i think you might have a cat now ;)

    1. I remember you having some major surgery on your jaw was it? Not fun at all.

      Yes, I think I might have a cat now. lol

    2. she seems to be a nice cat though :)

    3. She is a lovely cat — quite friendly and seems to have become quite attached to me. :)

  2. I'm so glad Brad's surgery is over with and he is on the mend. :)
    Be careful not to overdo. (I should talk--LOL!)
    Kya is such a pretty cat and seems such a sweetheart. Nice addition to the family--as it seems she is. ;)

    1. All going well in this neck of the woods. Unfortunately, it's hard to know what my 'gone too far' point is until I suffer the consequences. You know how it goes. Trying not to overdo it though.

      Kya is a sweetie for sure. Never thought I'd have a cat in the family.

  3. Glad Brad's surgery is over with and seems to have gone smoothly. Hope he'll be able to resume his normal diet very soon.

    Great to hear you're recovering so well so far too. Try not to over-do it again though.

    Sad about their attitude to do with Kya. No wonder she wants to hang out at your place.

    1. Thanks, Tori. Brad is now back to eating a normal diet again. He sees his surgeon tomorrow for post-op.

      I'm trying to be good and not overdo things.

      I agree re. Kya and her family.

  4. I can't imagine being so bed bound that driving was off the list, it really is freedom! I'm so glad you're doing better Serena! I hope your son recovers well...I remember the wisdom teeth surgery and I still get anxious thinking of it lol...and as for Kya...that really is sad. I've heard that story over and over...the kitties, the puppies, the babies chosen over the older ones. It's heart-breaking. We got Jack when he was abandoned at 9 years old and look how sweet he is! Same with our cats and the two huskies...all abandoned when they grew older. I hope Kya finds a good home with you! But yeah, keep her from the birds!!!

  5. wow, first off, i sure hope you heal quicker than 10 months - what a long time to be dealing with this. You look so pretty in that pic and Bradley looks happy to be done with the pain! And the cat - she is one lucky cat to find a loving person like you. I like that pic with the birds and the cat looking at them. We have several ferals that have adopted our deck chairs and love the food we put out for them. But the problem is every wild animal likes the food. the other night i saw a skunk baby eating the cat food. I was very careful not to disturb it and tell it no!! that's not acceptable, lol.

    1. Awww...thanks, Sandy! That pic was actually prior to them wheeling Brad away for surgery...he was not so happy after surgery.

      I never thought I'd have a cat practically living with us. I've always been a dog person. lol So nice that you feed the stray cats in your area and the occasional wild animal. Yes, a wise decision not to disturb the baby skunk. lol