Tuesday, 4 February 2020

Dusting off the Cobwebs

Where to even begin this post? It certainly has been a while with my last post being back in October 2019.

I hope it's not too late to say HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

For Australia, it was a horrific end to 2019 and horrific start to 2020 with apocalyptic fires burning across the nation. Many were out of control forcing people to evacuate. Some people even ended up fleeing for their lives into the ocean to escape the mega fires. The sheer numbers of wildlife lost is staggering — it is well over a a billion which breaks my heart. 2,400 homes were levelled by the fires and that was just in New South Wales...the number will be a lot higher when all the other States are taken into account. This truly was an event like no other in Australia's history. Climate change is definitely having an impact. I do worry how the destroyed ecosystems will recover. So much of our precious and unique wildlife gone. It hurts my heart to even think about it. Tribute video below - For the direct link to YouTube, click HERE.

We were so grateful to all the International help offered, 157 firefighters and personnel were sent from New Zealand. We were also very grateful to the American firefighters who came to help but so deeply saddened that three of those brave souls lost their lives fighting our mega-fires. See their welcome arrival in the video below (after selecting play, click on the symbol in the bottom right corner to view in full screen). For the direct link to YouTube, click HERE. As of January 14th, 34 people have lost their lives to the fires, including Australian firefighters.


I can't stress enough how grateful we are for the selfless work of the firefighters and the emergency service crews who put themselves on the front line. They are true heroes! 

It was bittersweet New Year's celebrations for us with so much devastation happening around the country but we did manage to have a lovely evening at my sister's and brother-in-law's home. We brought in the New Year there, then Brad and I headed home around 2am and stayed up to greet the first dawn of 2020 as is a tradition of ours...a whole, new decade awaits!

The start of the first sunrise of 2020.  It wasn't very spectacular as we did have a smoke haze hanging over us from all the fires...not noticeable in the pic. And yes, the smoke haze did flare up my asthma so I wasn't feeling 100% through November and December.

I lost my mojo in 2019 as losing our two fur-kids really hit hard. When my emotions are hit, it effects my creative output. There were quite a few hardships in 2019 including a major surgery for me and a surgery for Bradley (son). About all I could do well was read my Kindle books and I'm happy to say I did achieve my Goodreads Reading Challenge of just over 80 books for 2019.

I do have creative plans for this year but won't state them here in case they fall to the wayside which seems to happen a lot for varying reasons.

I have been doing a little sketching though. Just some simple pen sketches to help me get back into the creative flow.

We've been having a heatwave which means sauna-like conditions without the luxury of air-con in this household. Thankfully, this week is set to be a little cooler with some rain on the forecast.

I'll leave you with a pic of frangipani flowers which were blooming on the tree in our back garden.

Love, light and peace to all ~


Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

I'm happy to see you post despite all that's been happening in your life. The fires are truly devastating and the loss of land and wildlife truly staggering. Nature is home and habitat for the animals and it is heartbreaking to imagine their suffering because of the poor choices of humans, many of whom still seem unwilling to learn valuable lessons from such destruction. Mother Nature always bounces back and she constantly proves her strength despite the damage caused by fools. It's a subject that really makes me angry. People still arguing about the silliest things and continuing to debate. I really don't know what it is going to take to snap people out of their apathy and denial. I know you miss your furbabies so much. Hopefully your creative mojo will continue. It's always lovely to see your drawings. Take care!

Serena Lewis said...

Thanks, Tammy!

It makes me so angry too, especially when animals suffer due to choices made by humans. We are literally like a virus on this planet. Mother Nature will prevail and I hope the animals can too despite such massive losses to the bushfires.

I hope to get back to blog visiting again too. I have missed that.

Thanks for dropping by. xo

Victoria Zigler said...

I'm glad to see a post from you.

It breaks my heart to hear about what's happening over there. All the people and homes, and the animals... Oh, the poor animals! I hope things can be brought under control soon, and some much needed rain arrives to help with that.

I hope you and Brad are nicely recovered from your surgeries, and the smoke isn't making things too difficult for you with your asthma. Though I also can't help but be glad asthma related issues are the worst you've so far had to deal with personally with the fires.

Good luck with your creative plans for this year. I hope you have better luck with them than you usually do. Oh, and happy new year.

Rita said...

It just makes me cry, Serena, to think of the billion animals lost. So glad some have been rescued, but what a loss!! And the homes, towns, and people lost. I am just so grateful you guys are okay. And thrilled to see you are sketching a little.

One of the girls in our writing group when I was going to college grew up in Australia and left when she was like 10 or 12. She told us about the frangipani flowers and how they had this unique scent. She said if she smelled it that it took her right back to Australia and her grandmother's house. They look beautiful.

Jennifer Rose said...

hopefully your creative plans go to plan *crosses fingers*