Monday, 7 June 2021

handicraft and sketches

Thank you all so much for the caring comments you left on my last post. I am so grateful to you all. Thanks for bearing with me. 

During my blogging break, I did manage to do some sketching and even some crochet. With the colder weather approaching, my son wanted me to crochet some doggy coats for Scarlett and Violet. We officially started our Winter on June 1st. 

Not an easy feat considering I have advanced Osteoarthritis in my hands causing chronic hand pain. I was just getting over a nasty arthritic flare but I do think working my hands helped a little.

Anyway, Violet is a tiny Chihuahua size and even the Extra Small winter coats in the shops were way too big for her.  So I made the girls 2 coats each, Scarlett has 2 different shades of pink coats, while Violet has 2 different shades of purple coats. I looked for a pattern online and had to make my own adjustments but you can check out the original pattern I used HERE. I mostly used the pattern for the neck, the rest I just winged it as I went, fitting them against the girls at different stages.

 Violet below

Scarlett below

Out for a morning walk. I even made hole area for the harness to fit through, something the shop-bought coats don't allow for. 

Of course, I would be remiss if I didn't include a pic of precious Miss Kya doing what she does best...sleeping.

As for sketching —

I've had a pocket (14.5cm x10.5cm) sketchbook waiting to be finished so I did some daily Sketchnote-style entries of daily happenings. Just a few more pages left to finish it. I started this sketchbook in 2017. That's my problem — I always have more than one sketchbook on the go and, sometimes, one may be put on the back burner for longer than I'd like. Different sizes and paper. Some of the most recent pages, shown below..sorry if they're a bit blurry, must have moved when I snapped the pic. They may be rough, free-hand ink sketches but they capture the memories for me. I love looking back over my sketchbooks at a later date.

I've not long got over a pretty bad bout of Asthmatic Bronchitis. Cold, wintry air is one of my main triggers. Sometimes, a severe bout of asthma can turn into bronchitis....not fun at all....but I did get to rest and watch some series and movies on Prime/Netflix.

On that note, I will finish this post here. 

Wishing you all a beautiful, happy week! 

Serena x


  1. I learned to crochet earlier this year. I've not done much with it yet (partially because I shut my hand in a car door twice in as many months, the first time breaking my middle finger) but I now know how to do it. I've been able to knit since I was a child, but only learned to crochet after someone commented that my Nan's crochet stuff (which I inherited, along with all her other craft stuff, since she died last August) would be no good to me since I can't crochet, so I should give it to the person who made the comment. So I told them it would be useful to me, because I was going to learn how to crochet, and promptly did. Took me a whole weekend to figure it out, and all I've made is a scarf (well, most of one... I've not quite finished it). But it's a start.

    I got lucky with our dogs coats: I actually managed to find them matching ones (a purple-ish sort of colour for Lilie, and a blue one for Logan) which are lined inside to keep them warm, have a waterproof layer to keep them dry (useful in the rain we get here so frequently) and even have a little bit on the back that can either be zipped up or left open for their harness. As you observed, most dog coats don't have that hole, which makes things difficult, so I was really pleased to find some that did have it for both dogs.

    Oh, by the way, in case you didn't see my reply in the comments on my own blog: Artemis is a tortoise, and Mollie is a chinchilla.

  2. Great little jackets. Your pups are so cute. As is the kitty. And the sketching is amazing. I love graph style paper, it helps me orient myself. Happy new week, although your week is ahead of mine time zone. Hugs-Erika

  3. Beautiful outfits and lovely sketches!

  4. Warm and cozy. The jackets are just too cute. Nice sketches too. Have a great day.

  5. Oh the puppy coats are great! And it is dumb that the store bought coats don't allow for harness hook up--duh!

    Love your art journal pages. NOt sure I can take any emotional movies right now. I might keep spilling over. ;) I have been sticking to murder mysteries a lot. :)

    Stay warm and safe! love and hugs :)

  6. Your little doggie coats are amazing. I like the added attention you paid to them, too. You are so clever and have created some incredible coats for these pups.

    Your journal pages are great, too. Sorry your days are messed up due to your asthma. It is really a very difficult thing to have. I have a friend who had it as a child, but outgrew it. Seriously LOVE your sketches, though.

    I asked my friend about MailChimp. Here's what she said:
    You don't need to put your legit address in there or you can put in a PO Box. And it can be fake. If I was in your position and you decide to go that way, I'd put in a fake P.O. Box and make it really fake -- like, PO Box 193, Oakland, California and zip.

    Thanks for cluing me into this Serena.

  7. the tiny coats look great, and clever idea putting the hole for the leash 😀 I have so many sketchbooks started, I find ones started years ago and never finished, def dont need any more of them lol

  8. Those little coats are so cute! Nice handiwork . When I come here I'm reminded that are seasons are reversed - of course we are heading into summer or rather I guess we are here already although today it's cool and in the 60's. I have always enjoyed your sketches. Glad you are getting over your bronchitis and hopefully cozy days are ahead. Not sure what winter looks like in your part of the world. In So Cal at least not in the mountains winter pretty much feels like every other season except the heat of summer.

  9. Oh my goodness. The pups are so precious and the coats you crocheted for them are perfect. Love seeing your sketchbooks. I have many journals on the go and have a hard time keeping up with any one of them consistently. I keep trying though. Thanks for stopping by my blog recently. Finding it hard to post there with any regularity. It's not that I don't have things to share. Just going through a lot of change, transitioning, rethinking, questioning everything. Take care.

  10. I love those doggy coats Serena! Lovely photos of all the pets.
    Great journal pages too.
    Hope you're having a good weekend,
    Alison xx

  11. Hi Serena! :) You did such a great job with the dog coats! They both look fabulous and so cute!!! And I loved seeing your journal. You were always such an inspiration to me when it came to art, back when the Scribble Picnic was still around! xx :) I'm sorry to hear that you've been ill, be well friend! xx