Wednesday, 23 June 2021

rose drawing and happenings

Another week has flown by. This winter has not been kind to me as far as my asthma goes. Cold, winter air is a big trigger for my asthma and I had another bout of Asthmatic Bronchitis, though not quite as bad as the previous one. Poor Aaron has been sick with flu and his brother Beau was also sick with flu...negative on the Covid test. Phew! 

I thought I might have been getting their flu too but was spared a severe dose, probably thanks to the annual flu shot and taking cold medication as soon as the first sniffle appeared. 'Nip it in the bud' as my ex used to say.

This is another graphite drawing I did in January, back when I was on a roll. I used charcoal for the background. 
And below was the graphite drawing I did before adding the background and a bit more detailing.  I love how the dark background made the rose pop. 
The reference image credit goes to Karsten Paulick on Pixabay. A direct link to his photograph can be seen HERE. Thank you, Karsten...much appreciated. 
You may remember this Sumi ink painting of daisies I did back in 2017 for INKtober. I think I might try painting the rose above in Sumi ink also.
Over the past few months, I've been hearing a lot of buzzing/whirring from the sky...kinda like a remote controlled car.  Earlier today, I snapped a rather fuzzy pic of the culprit. It was some distance away. A commercial drone!
After further investigation, I discovered that our area now uses commercial drone delivery! Cool! Apparently, commercial drone deliveries are only active in our area (Logan) and Canberra, as far as Australia is concerned. Do you get drone deliveries in your area? The company hopes to expand which could well happen as it seems to be quite popular around here. You can order coffee/tea/hot chocolate drinks, snacks, hardware, hair products, clothing, pet products, and even some grocery items, long as it weighs 1.2kg (2lb 10oz) or less. You can learn more about commercial drone deliveries HERE. I wonder what the delivery costs are?

Another thing I saw in the sky recently was a cloud funnel. I get a kick out of seeing stuff like that so ran for my phone to take a pic.

Apparently, a cloud funnel is made up of condensed water droplets, associated with a rotating column of wind and extending from the base of a cloud but not reaching the ground or a water surface. Interesting!

To end this post, here is a pic of sleepy Kya wondering what that thing is that I'm always pointing at her.

Her look makes me think of the following meme that circulated around social media ages ago. So Kya's case anyway. lol To be fair, she is the perfect cat 99.5% of the time.

Will post again soon, 

Serena x


Victoria Zigler said...

Sorry about your asthma issues, and about the boys having flu. Glad you didn't get the flu on top of the issues you were already having, and that it was nothing worse than the flu they got.

I didn't know drone deliveries were a thing. That's cool.

DVArtist said...

Serena, I am sorry to hear that all of you are sick. Yes, thank the gods it is not covid. I am sending healing energy to you. Your are is just magnificent. You have such a beautiful talent. In my small town we don't have drone delivery but I know in some of the big cities it's available. Nice shot of the funnel cloud. Nice shot of you kitty too. Get some rest.

Christine said...

Enjoyed your art and the meme! Hope you feel better soon.

My name is Erika. said...

Hope you and everyone else is better soon Serena. And how to get drone deliveries. I'm too rural right not for those. And Love your cloud photos. What a fun thing to see (and good thing it didn't touch the ground). I love weather and other things like that. And your rose is beautiful too. Take care! And get better soon. Hugs-Erika

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

So sorry to read about your asthma attacks and your sons having the flu. I read that here in the states, flu incidents were practically gone in 2020 in the states, in most part, due to everyone wearing masks.

Your rose is beautiful. I love it in its initial stage, but after adding the black, it is stunning.

The cloud funnel looks like a tornado. We get lots of tornadoes where I live and they look very similar, but not white like that, mainly because of the dust and debris that accompanies them. Your shots are beautiful.

I live in the largest city in my state, and I don't think we've ever had drone delivery, or even considered it here. Lucky you, or at least your area. Stay safe and get better soon, dear.

craftytrog said...

Great photos Serena, and your sketches are beautiful.
I haven't spotted any commercial drones here, plenty of delivery vans though.
Hope you all feel better soon.
Alison xx

Rita said...

Hope everyone is feeling better soon!
Drone deliveries?! Nope--not here.
Love picture of Kya--LOL!
Got your letter! :) :)

Mary said...

Hope your health improves soon - do take care Serena.
Kya is a lovely girl, my kind of kitty!
Great pix of thee sky occasion - thankfully not a tornado.
Haven't seen drone deliveries here - but all our younger neighbors working from home seem to have just about everything delivered by car/van, even their meals - breakfast, coffee, lunch, dinner - don't young people cook anymore! Must cost them a fortune too.

Serena Lewis said...

Thanks, Tori.

Apparently, commercial drones have been operating in our area for the past year and I only recently found out. lol

Serena Lewis said...

Thanks, Nicole. I'm feeling a lot better now. x

Serena Lewis said...

Thanks, Christine. x

Serena Lewis said...

Thanks, Erika. x

Serena Lewis said...

Thanks, Elizabeth. x

Yes, they are saying the same thing here...annual influenza numbers have dropped dramatically, zero in some areas. Unfortunately, one of my sons works where he deals with a lot of customers so more exposed to the flu. We only wear masks when restrictions are put in place because Covid has never gotten out of control here like it did in other countries. Life has been pretty normal apart from social distancing and sanitising at the entrance to stores. :)

Serena Lewis said...

Thanks, Alison. xx

Serena Lewis said...

Thanks, Rita. x

Serena Lewis said...

Thanks, Mary. xx would make you wonder. My son has ordered meals via Uber but maybe only once a week or fortnight. WE get Dominos pizza delivered on occasion. Yesterday, Aaron ordered something for drone delivery just to see how it went. I will post about that soon.

Rain said...

Hi Serena :) Kya is so cute! :) Drone delivery? Oh my gosh...I don't think we have that here. That's way to futuristic for my taste lol! The cloud funnel is really neat! I love your rose!!! Especially with the charcoal background!!

sandy said...

wow, sounds like a lot of health things going on for you - i sure hope you have many days ahead feeling good. I always love to see your art. As far as I know, no drone deliveries where we are. I do love the videos some of our locals take with their drones above the various lakes and towns up here.

Serena Lewis said...

Thanks, Rain. We had our first drone delivery on Friday...will post on that soon. Glad you like the rose. :)

Serena Lewis said...

Thanks, Sandy. I'm doing much better now apart from this horrible arthritis in my hands. OH yes, I love watching drone footage too.