Wednesday 18 June 2008

Back to the easel and sewing machine

It's been a busy week but, today, I managed to make a start on my next painting. Can you guess what it is? And, no Maria, you are not allowed to guess because you already know the answer. lol
I also did some sewing today. My son, Beau, is going to a Costume party on Saturday so needs a cape to go with his outfit. The chequered fabric is the lining for the black cape which I finished this afternoon. I will take a picture of Beau in his devil costume on Saturday to show you all because I know you are all just dying to see it......well, maybe not but I'm going to show you anyways. ;)


  1. Looking forward to seeing this one progress, Serena. I won't spoil it for anyone :-)

    What a great little sewing table. I have my Mum's machine on top of Nick's study desk, now he's down in Brissie. That just reminded me, I have to tidy his room & change it back from my 'sewing room' to his bedroom since he'll be home for the break! Looking forward to seeing your picture of Beau in his costume.

    Have a good week, Serena!

  2. What cool material to line the cape with! My guess on the painting is a metal chicken flying into different metal parts (at least that is what it looks like now)!!! LOL. Will be watching to see what it turns out to be!!!

  3. Thanks, Maria ~ :)

    Thanks, Julie....Beau was happy with his cape and the chequered lining looks great. LOVED your idea for the painting! LOL

  4. I can't tell Serena but I love the blues you chose.

    Nice sewing machine my mother loves to create dresses with her machine.

  5. Serena, I should have cheated and looked at this post before commenting on the previous one.:)

    Incredible blanket painting. I'm glad you didn't choose not to paint it as it is phenomenal and a creative stretcher for you. You have amazing talent and such paintings are great for you.

    Well done. Exceptionally done!!!