Tuesday 3 June 2008

Zentangles and....P.S. I Love You!

A couple more Zentangles.....I do enjoy drawing these as, they are quick to do, with no expectations. I just go with the flow....so relaxing.

I finally got around to watching the movie - P.S. I Love You. I was shocked when Reece, my son, told me that Gerard Butler was the same dude who played the role of King Leonidas in '300' as both are such vastly different roles. I didn't even recognise him until Reece pointed it out. Gerard is obviously a great actor! I'm not a huge fan of Hilary Swank but I thought she did a great job in her role. I was happy to see Kathy Bates in the movie too....she has always been one of my favourite actors. I LOVED her in 'Fried Green Tomatoes'. All in all, I thought 'P.S. I Love You' was a lovely movie and well worth watching. Yes, I did have the tissues handy and yes, I did cry. So, if you haven't seen it yet, get those little tootsies on down to the DVD store and hire yourself a copy.


  1. Gerard Butler is my celebrity crush :D :P Love him :) Seen almost everything he has been in. I read the book of P.S. I Love You and enjoyed it, but haven't seen the movie yet, hopefully soon.

  2. Wow, how weird is that! My Mum, daughter & I watched this on Sunday, on my birthday! As hubbie had to work, we had a girls' afternoon.
    I loved it too & used the tissue 4 times! The scenery in Ireland was breathtaking. I want to go there! I haven't seen that actor before, but these Irish fellas have charisma.

    I love your new zentangles, Serena, especially the top one :-)

  3. Love your zentangles! They are fun to do and I find them relaxing, too.

    Haven't seen that movie yet but it's on my list.

  4. Jennifer Rose, the books are always better than the movies so I hope you aren't disappointed when you see the movie. That said, Brad, my oldest son, read the book first and he still enjoyed the movie. My other son, Reece, who loved the movie, 300, told me Gerard Butler was Scottish. He's good with accents.

    Thanks, Maria. Ireland sure has some beautiful scenery and I would love to visit Ireland and Scotland one day being that I'm half-Irish and half-Scottish. The men in the movie certainly did have a charisma about them, that's for sure.

    Thanks, Janet, and I'm sure you will enjoy the movie.

  5. Serena, I love your zentangles. The composistion of the top one is neat. I love to doodle myself often making a lot of scribbles to search for cartoon charecters in which makes for variety.