Monday 9 February 2009

rainbows and lollipops


we had a very hot, humid day here. it's now 9 PM and it still hasn't cooled any, however, in light of the ongoing bushfire tragedy in victoria, i'm certainly not complaining about it. last i heard, the death toll reached 108 and was still expected to climb....the stories have been heart-wrenching and it's so upsetting to hear that they are suspecting arson for the area that was worst hit. unbelievable to think that somebody deliberately started the fire for their own warped gratification.

in an attempt to lighten my sad mood, i painted today's card in cheerful colours and a positive affirmation that i seek joy, love and peace in each moment.

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acrylics on 5"x3½" CANSON ACRYLIC - mixed media paper


sometimes, life just sucks!

cody would not take his eyes of that

my chillies are turning red! YAY!

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love, light and peace ~


  1. my chillis are going red too! so exciting! (but not too good for breastfeeding unfortunately)

  2. I love peppers when they get that purple sheen to them. It is a fantastic color.
    Your mantra cards are so gorgeous and I love the size. Perfect for setting out and reminding you of it throughout the week.
    Did Cody ever get a lick, just one maybe?

  3. Hugs!

    My heart and soul go out to all those affected by this disaster. The murderer who started this has much to account for.

    I love your mantra card, so full of hope and love.

    I am joining Cody in lollipop envy. :)

    The chilies looks fantastic!

  4. Hot & humid? What's that?

    Seriously, that is upsetting about the bush fires.

    Girl, I LOVE your painting. It's the coolest! And leaning up against the Buddha like that!! Even better!

    Your doggie is the CUTEST!!

    Come to my blog - I've awarded you with something!

    hugs ~ and thanks for starting me off in a happy peaceful Monday mood.

  5. I have no words for how I feel about your fires. I'm so sorry. I hope it is all over soon. The card is very pretty. The poor puppy. LOL

  6. I absolutely love your mantra cards!! You will treasure them! Do they come in a blank pack?

    Funny--the life sucks picture--hehe!!

    I hope they don't find any more dead and the fire dies down. Rain--been praying for rain!

  7. I'm just happy that the fire is not near you - from what I read this is a devastating fire.

  8. Cody is showing admirable restraint!
    Are those edible peppers? I have some ornamental ones that have turned red pretty! I love to look at peppers but can't eat the hot ones!

  9. last night I saw reports on our tv about the fires (but not the foods). We have fires like this in California regularly (unhappily)..but not that much loss of life. Good for you for your affirmation card!

  10. I've been following the news today covering the wildfires..I, too, was so sad to hear the arson suspicion. It's mass murder for sure.

    Poor Cody!!!!!! And such a perfect caption for that pic! LOL

    I love your cards so much and looking at them makes me want to do another...but that size is so tiny LOL!!!!

    I don't think Canson markets that mixed media paper here...I've looked and looked. The closest I could find is the 400gsm gelatine-treated acrylic paper.

  11. a friend of ours grew one last year and gave me a handful. I left them in a bowl... they dried out so perfectly. I love using them in any dish where I want to add a little "heat". this week....I'm thinkng spicy cabbage and sausage soup.....

  12. I wouldn't take my eyes off of that lollipop either lol its huge!

  13. Love your mantra card, the lollipop looks yummy, and yippee your peppers are turning red, just lovely splash of color!
    I hope those fires die down soon.

  14. I've been following the fire story on our news -- words cannot express my horror.

    Did he actually eat that whole lollipop!

    I *knew* those chilis would be gorgeous when they turned.

  15. Feel so sorry and bad about the fires and devastation it is bringing, hope it will be over soon

    Very nice card.

    As for the lolipop...I would not be able to take my eyes off neither :)

  16. Great photos, love the mantra card, Cody is so cute your blog is really sorry about your fires!

  17. Love your mantra card- beautiful!
    Awww... poor Cody. Did he get just a little bit of the sucker or a lick at least?

    Look at the gorgeous red pepper!

  18. My seeds came end of January and majority of seeds we don't plant to mid-may here.
    Something we start the seeds indoors and plant later.

    Coffee is on.

  19. beautiful affirmation and card serena!!! you create such magical works!!! i love love love how you mention that creating this mantra card was an attempt to change your mood... no matter what's going on in life, i find focusing on a chosen mantra to really uplift my mood and outlook. it's all about the intentions we carry with us day to day!!!

    fabulous for you to join me again this week for mantra monday!!! thank YOU!!!

    peace and love

  20. Love that mantra card!!! I love the way it is layered.

  21. I live in an area that gets lots of fires...and sadly a majority of them are arson! I don't get it! Why? I am sorry to hear of all the tragedy.

    Glad you are making uplifting art...the card is just wonderful. You are so talented! Yay for the pepper too!

  22. I really enjoy seeing your mantra cards. I'm going to check that out! This one is beautiful.

    News out here about Australia continues on and it's just so mind boggling that so many were caught in those fires.

  23. I la la love your affirmation card. It immediately washed away all the negativity clouding up my might. Thank you for this shiny reminder.

    Wishing you red hott chilis and lots of rain...

  24. (((hugs)))
    I just gave you a 5 star rating on the "BlogTopList" because you ROCK!!!

  25. I am so touched by all your well wishes and caring thoughts regarding the Victorian bushfire tragedy. It means so much and I thank you.

    messyfish - yes, those hot chillies would not go down too well at all with breastfeeding.

    dawn and linda - as far as i know, cody never got a lick, poor thing.

    rita - no, the mantra cards don't come in a blank pack. i buy the CANSON ACRYLIC 300 gsm paper and cut them out myself. it works very well. i plan on painting the same backing for them all too and them gluing them together.

    mary - yes, the chillies are edible and of the very hot variety....just how i love them. :)

    jessica - i'm sure the 400 gsm Canson Acrylic paper would be just as good if not better.

    vee - i don't eat meat but spicy cabbage and veggie sausage soup sounds good to me too ~

    judi - no, he didn't eat the lollipop in one go....he stored it away for multiple visits...hehehe

    boho - you are so sweet! Thank you!

  26. Have been remembering all in Australia in the disaster zone. Sending white lights and prayers.
    That card is lovely and oh I think Cody is a wise doggie. He likes to savour the good things in life and not rush through it lol!

  27. As always your work is a winner Serena. That is one BIG You'll need to find Cody a big dog cookie like that.... ;o))) Ro....oh and enjoy those peppers, assuming they are the edible type???

  28. Yes, I read the news about the situation in Australia. I am so sorry, Serena. News like that can get me down too. How wise of you to turn to your art.

    That is a very funny picture of Cody and lolly. His look contains such deep longing! Hehehe.

    Chilli? Do you like hot stuff??? I cannot eat anything without splattering them with chilli sauce, well, except my desserts ;)