Thursday 5 February 2009

12 secrets & 52 weeks of me




this chapter discusses how our creativity comes in cycles of birth, death and rebirth. by understanding these cycles, we can go with the flow instead of fighting against the current and, in doing so, our creativity will emerge freely when the time is right.

i believe that creative voids come and go but, the big ones, generally come with situations that make a huge impact on our lives, such as an accident, illness, relationship break-up or even a death.

i have had some major upheavals in my life and there have been some dark voids as a result. the last being when a 2½ year relationship had ended and, while i welcomed the break-up because i knew it was turning toxic, i guess i felt like a failure and found myself in a deep dark well of depression. i went through the daily motions of living in a zombie-like state...on auto-pilot. i was unhappy and mortified inside but i managed to put on a brave face for the sake of my kids. i had absolutely no urge to paint and i didn't care. i just wanted to be left alone to wallow in my deep, dark well. this went on for three months and i don't even know what the turning point was but, one day, i suddenly found myself feeling an incredibly strong desire to decorate my home using elements of feng shui. it was like i felt renewed inside as i went about beautifying my home with a fresh, new outlook....i was smiling again and it felt empowering! my home decorating interest also led me back to painting because i wanted to paint canvasses to match my home decor. i was back in the game!

my own daughter found herself in a similar void last year which i've mentioned in a previous post. michelle had always been creative but, on entering the workforce years ago, it was kinda put to the wayside. it took the car accident and being unable to work for michelle's creativity to break free. so it seems that change, even negative, can be a good thing and i have come to learn that these voids are as important as our active creative cycles. we just need to trust, be patient, and go with the flow.

on a smaller scale, if we want to be creative but feel blocked, it can sometimes help to do things differently. take a break from regular routines and rituals, try tea instead of coffee, walk in the rain, dance like nobody is watching, try a new hairstyle, or wear something you wouldn't normally wear for a day, etc. take notes of any thoughts or ideas that may flow forth because of this variance from the norm. you may be surprised.....


  1. Great post...I am in a very creative cycle now...I hope it lasts ;)

    Wonderful picture of you!

  2. Wow! What a gorgeous pic!
    I love this post. I'm also a great believer in the powers of feng shui. Changes in our home environment can open up blocked energies that we didn't even know were there.
    Yes - winter is a great time to try new & different teas. It seems like they're always coming out with a new flavour in herbal teas these days.

  3. What has changed in your life? What major event in your life put you on a new course of action? My big chance in my life was the 'Divorce'!

  4. The heart void is one of the hardest and lsowest to overcome. I will take writer's block any day over that.

    It's horrible, but once the funk is over, it's like a bright new day. :)

    Awesome tips and suggestions! :)

  5. Ah, the cycles of life! Sometimes we just have to ride them out and see where they take us. Drives me crazy when I am in a non-creative mode, just seems to be wasted time, and the older I get the more I realize I don't have time to waste-LOL

  6. good for you Serena... pushing through the rough times. Sometimes it's all we can do .... til we come out the other side and/or find a new route.....

  7. Beautiful photo of you, I like the way it was shot. Thanks for sharing your inner thoughts, it is nice to read and relate to things you say.

  8. Oh that feeling of being back in the game! Isn't it the best, like spring - you know it's gotta come but you can't imagine just how good it's really gonna feel once it arrives.

    Glad the seasons turned for you :)

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  10. Serena, that picture of you is my most favorite of all so far. You are beautiful!!!

    I have read the 4th chapter and still need to do the questions....I may double up tomorrow for chapters 4 and 5.

    Oh, you know what? I have been *so inspired* by that card you did on Monday I can't get it out of my head. Seriously. I went and bought what I *think* is the same paper you got...Canson Acrylic right? Black cover? And I want to try a card or 2.

  11. I like the shot of the photo too, very nice!! Loved reading your post too and I hate those uncreative modes that happen every once in while.

  12. Great post! It contains exactly what I needed right now. I've been on auto-pilot and wondering if I'll ever snap out of it, and what it'll take. So reading this reminded me that I have been here before, and I have snapped out of it, and I will again. You're so right, everything is cyclical, like Thanks for the reminder. Wishing you a good steady harmonious flows of creative energy!

    P.S. Beautiful picture, beautiful you.

  13. Thank you, everyone, for the taking the time to comment.

    Raymonty - I've been twice-divorced so know exactly where you're coming from.

    Jessica - WHOO HOO! That's great though I think you should aim for a deck of cards too. Re. paper - I think you may have the right one. Mine says - CANSON Acrylic, Mixed media paper for acrylic and gouache, 300 GSM, A3 (297 x 420 mm). Mine is a white cover with a sample sketch of a still life painting. Don't go by the colour of the cover though because it could vary between countries and possibly the pad sizes if you bought smaller than A3. I can't wait to see your cards and I'm thrilled to have inspired you!!!

  14. a gorgeous photo of you - such a wise woman, fully in touch with her inner wild gal!!

    change is always good, it is like a breath of fresh air wafting through the soul

    hope it is not too hot up there.. we are having dreadful heat here at the moment.

  15. This may seem strange but your post reminded me of football & the game of life. ( Maybe because I'm big on analogies & surrounded by too much testosterone:) Our contract's up-we're a free agent. Yet even though we know it's the right thing to do, we don't where we're going. We put on our "game face" for every one else, but we are scared of moving on, & mourning our old team. But in time a new season will start & we shall be picked up. Spring training will begin. We will find techniques that make us better players to get back in the game!

    I identified with your post in so many ways. Thanks for sharing.


    There will always be an offensive lineman standing in front of you, trying to block you, yet there is also a way around him:)

  16. I can look back and see the cycles easier the older I get. And when you've been thru a few big events or crises and survived you begin to expect survival--hehe! And, therefore, the faster you can get thru a low cycle--at least it is that way for me, anyways. I think the pauses in life are just as important. :):)

    I love these pictures of you and the area you live. I hope you are nowhere near the fires I just heard about?!!

  17. I enjoyed reaing your post, thank you.

    Have a great hair day no matter what creative cycle you're in! :-) Becci

  18. This post rings true to my heart. Life has been so "full" lately that I cannot even find the time to just be alone and create something. It makes me feel quite exhausted and dry. Last night at work, I doodled something really fast. Cut it out, and tape it to my computer monitor. It's interesting how little acts of creativity can help alleviate this feeling of heaviness. It makes the soul feel less suffocated. Thank you, Serena :)