Thursday 29 October 2009

The Artist's Way - Week 10 & check in


This week was all about recognising the toxic patterns we hang on to as a way to avoid moving forward and taking risks with our creativity.

Some of these toxins may present themselves in various ways such as eating habits, alcohol, emotional pain, sex, and work. Sometimes, people hold on to these to the point of abuse and it becomes a toxic situation causing creative blocks.

As with most of the chapters in The Artist's Way, I feel it's all to do with our fear of taking risks so we hang onto the familiar in what we perceive as safe and supposedly secure territory. As we move forward through the healing process, we are able to recognise the toxins/blocks for what they are and we realise that we can put our creative energies to better use.

In one of the tasks this week, Julia asked us to make a list of things we love - Happiness Touchstones. We then post the list somewhere to remind us that these are our own personal touchstones. A reminder that we can take time out to love and nurture ourselves. We ARE deserving creative beings.

My Happiness Touchstones -
(though I know there will be more that come to mind later)

My kids
My parents
My dog, Cody
My friends


Reading books
Just kicking back and relaxing
Scented candles

Small, smooth river stones
Smell of rain
Bottle trees

Animals, in general

Hippy/Bohemian style
Gypsy style skirts
Wrap-around Skirts
Flannelette PJs
Long, dangling earrings
Large hoop earrings
Beaded jewellery
Silver jewellery

Thongs (footwear)

My tattoo

My Canon IXUS 80 camera
My computer

Long country drives
Walking in nature
Walks on the beach
Collecting shells
Eating fish and chips by the sea
Browsing markets for handmade wares
Browsing book shops
Browsing art supply shops

Frangipanis (Plumeria)

Blues, greens, and purple colour combos
I also like orange, pink and red colour combos

Watching DVDs/movies
Listening to music
Blogging and reading other blogs

Green tea
Curry and rice (Indian or Thai)
Fried rice
Mashed potatoes
Fried Mushrooms in garlic cream sauce
Roast vegetables
Salad wraps
Fresh fruit
Fresh baked bread
Home-made apple pie
Devonshire Tea (scones with jam and whipped cream)
Bartlett's sherbet fountains
Peanut brittle
Dark Chocolate
Home-made marshmallow squares coated with toasted coconut
Red Rock Deli sea salt potato chips
Samboy Barbecue potato chips

Miniature boxes
Tiny notebooks
Sun catchers


Did I do my morning pages? I missed a couple of days...was still battling sickness.

Did I go on my artist date? See above.

Did I experience any synchronicity? None.

Any issues significant to my creative recovery? I really need to create a better time management plan. I spend too much time at the computer and also watching DVDs.


WOW! Just two more weeks until the end of The Artist's Way course! I'm proud of myself for hanging in there despite battling sickness for the past four weeks. The good news is that I'm feeling much better as far as my chest infection goes.....the antibiotics finally kicked in. YAY! The bad news is that I've had migraines for the past two days. I just can't seem to win a trick lately. I'm staying positive though and I actually took some steps towards getting back to the studio. I made up fresh stay-wet palettes and refreshed the water jars a couple of days ago....and today, I cut up some blank mantra/affirmation cards as I plan on finishing the deck I started painting earlier this year. I've had an idea for another painting floating around in my head for a few weeks now so I hope to get some rough sketches drawn up for that soon too. Baby steps.........

Love, light and peace


  1. I'm proud of you too Serena! Reading about your process really makes me want to do this the next time it comes up!

  2. Ah yes, I had forgotten you had a tatoo until you mentioned it again.

  3. Serena -- Your Happiness Touchstones read like a poem. I loved the way you gathered them into groups.

    You should be very proud of yourself for staying with The Artist's Way. I can see over time, how your writing seems to have become freer and even more creative.

    By the way, your list reminded me of Kristin's love list from Halfway to Normal. Check it out and think about sharing some of your touchstones at her site on Fridays. It's at

  4. Serena, you've written such a lovely list! And you've really done a great job on keeping up with the Artist's Way in spite of illness. Bravo -- and I send you more healing energy and sympathy, to use as needed. (Migraines are the worst.)

    Now, what are these mantra cards? Those sound interesting. Are you going to post a pic?

  5. Sometimes baby steps are all we can manage, but when you add them all up, it is significant progress after all! Hope your headaches cease soon. I think sometimes when we are engaged in releasing old patterns and such, we tend to get sick. It's a good thing to be getting ALL the poison and negative thinking/habits out!

    It's hard to believe you have only 2 weeks more. Time certainly does fly! Congratulations on hanging in even when you felt like not!


  6. maybe you are still trying to do too much when you should just be sleeping, dozing and resting... I know it's tough when you are used to doing so much...but, perhaps..just sayin' ... you should be letting your body and mind have a really good spot of downtime.... seems to me you are in overdrive....but, what do I know? I'm pretty much a slug....

    fear of taking risks...yep.... most of figure "it's better the devil we know than the devil we don't know"....

  7. Hi Serena,
    Hm, I think you need a holiday!
    You just seem to pick up from one illness then something else happens.
    Your "Artists Way" post is very interesting. You give soo much!
    Lovely to read.

  8. Wow your list is so extensive and I relate to many of the same things. Great post. I hope you are really feeling better soon. Sending some good energy your way.

  9. great list serena! what do your mantra cards look like? they sound intriguing...

    i hope you are back to feeling like yourself soon!

  10. I can relate to many of them too. Hope you are feeling better now.

  11. You did good, Girl! Sticking to the AW despite being sick--congrats! Loved the Touchstones.

    I think telling ourselves negatives can be counted as a toxin, too.

    I can totally relate to the migraine--right this very minute. Thank goodness they always finally go away, right? hehe! I'm glad you are finally beating the lung infection. Don't do too much too soon. Even if I can hardly wait to see what painting you have been milling on for the last couple of weeks and I'd love to see more of your mantra cards....I am very, very patient. :):)

  12. That is an amazing comprehensive list! You actually get out there with all of your loves...I need to practice getting out there more! Thanks for inspiring me!

  13. I am so happy you are feeling better. :)
    I have enjoyed all your posting about your Artist's Way Course. If they offer it later on, I might take it. Now just wasn't my time to do it. Too many things going on.
    I am still away but have posted some things I have worked on lately. Go have a look. :)

  14. I'm working my way through all the posts I missed. I love all those things you mentioned, ....sounds like me in a way.