Wednesday 7 October 2009

the artist's way - week seven & check-in


this week was all about recovering a sense of connection

julia talks of having the right attitude for creativity and how our receptive skills are just as important as our active skills.


the universe is helping us but we need to be receptive. a lot of accomplished artists will comment about how a successful idea just came to them in a dream or a thought on the wind. intuitive art is a great example of listening to the voice within and going with the flow.
i'm learning to listen to the voice within.


perfectionism can be a huge block because, quite often, a perfectionist is so focused on 'getting it right' that they lose the spontenaity and passion required to truly give life to a piece. i really need to sit up and take notice of this one because one of my biggest faults is being a perfectionist. i think this is part of the reason i have found myself drawn to mixed media, free-style, and abstract type art's an inner attempt to release the ball and chain of perfectionism that has been holding me back. last week, i went through a period of frustration relating to my creativity until i stopped trying to force the painting to happen. i took a step back and got a totally different image in my mind and i went for it....funnily enough, the painting is now flowing much better and i'm enjoying the process.


the unlived life is not worth living

our fears often hold us back from living more adventurous and joyful lives but, by taking the small steps of living joyfully in each moment, we open ourselves up to creative energy. instead of judging and comparing our creative attempts, we would delight in the process of doing. i am learning to go with the flow and enjoy each moment.


jealousy can also be another drawback as it takes us away from our own path of creativity. i don't see myself as a jealous person, however, i do wish i could be as good as some of the artists i admire. i definitely don't begrudge them their talents and i am genuinely happy for them and supportive of their success.

all in all, this week was a great reminder that i need to just let things flow and the connection to my creativity will happen more freely. i'm still not 100% health-wise so i didn't get too many of the tasks done but i will definitely re-visit them later.


did i do my morning pages each day? yes and they did reveal some important insights that i had been struggling with creatively.

did i go on an artist date? no but i am definitely going to try and make more of an effort. i think it's a matter of making time.

any synchronicity? not this week.

any other issues significant to my recovery? the realisation that i need to just relax and not force outcomes when it comes to my creative endeavours.

last but not least, i would like to say a huge thank you to the artist way member who sent me a postcard for week six. you didn't sign the card so i don't know who to thank by name but it was a lovely surprise!

love, light and peace


  1. Oh, I could have written most of this post! :D

    I´m struggling with the same things that you do. I think that since we are aware of them, then we are on our way to work them out. :)

  2. I really liked all your comments to Julia's words especially the one on perfectionism. Just noticed all your lovely art. You do beautiful work.

  3. I certainly need to work on a couple of those! Thanks for posting them. They are good reminders!

  4. Enjoyed reading your post today.

  5. Hi Serena,
    Lovely post.
    So nice to read other artists thoughts.
    Have a great weekend.

  6. I am really struggling with the AW right now.. so I am just sitting with you all as you travel along. Hopefully I will be in a better headspace come week 9... you are going along at great guns! fantastic :)

  7. Great check-in.

    I especially appreciated the way you wrote the little headers in regular type and then your personal responses were color-coded. It helped me a lot to follow along because I was so crazy busy I basically skipped week seven (argh!), so I think that must be a real help to those blog readers who aren't doing TAW with you.

    And I always enjoy how relaxed and gentle and calm you are about reviewing your process.

  8. Now I understand better how the collage paintings are affecting you. I have been dabbling with watercolors for a few years, but am too much of a perfectionist and want too much control. The thing that has helped me to loosen up is the Chinese brush painting. There's no going back--just stroke and stroke and no repair. Forces me to loosen up in ways I don't think I would have otherwise. I haven't been painting at all for months. Might not have time till after the holidays, but your post made me think about getting the brushes out and trying the CBP again. :):)