Tuesday 18 May 2010

PHOTO MONDAY - My workspace

The photo theme for this week - MY WORKSPACE

Back in November of last year, I made the decision to move my art studio out of the garage. At that time, the garage was in total chaos anyways because we were being treated for our first termite infestation and, after some discussion with Michelle one day, we decided that we could turn my art workspace into a much needed bedroom for Reece. There is a ten year gap in age between Aaron and Reece and them sharing was no longer a workable option so, with Michelle's help, over the next couple of months I did A LOT of clearing out and freecycling of things I had stored in the garage. It wasn't easy saying goodbye to a lot of art magazines and wood pieces I had collected over the years but it had to be done and Michelle encouraged me to sever the ties.....although I did hang on to some of my favourites.  Surprisingly, I haven't even missed any of the stuff I parted with.

So, my then studio space went from this -

to this - Reece's bedroom

It took a lot of moving and arranging but I finally squeezed the necessities from the art studio pictured above to a space directly beside our lounge-room. I still have some art supplies stored in cupboards in the garage but I only access them when I'm topping up the supplies in my new workspace. The newer workspace is smaller than the one I had set up in the garage but I actually like it much better. It encourages me to be more organised, I no longer feel isolated from the kids when I'm working, and it is a much better spot for natural lighting with the large window right beside my art table.  The kitchen is close at hand too so I have easier access to tea or coffee.....definitely a bonus!

So....here 'tis....my new painting area...
well new to me since December-

The shelves below hold paints, mediums, brushes, art books and sketchbooks.
Despite all the ones I freecycled, I still have more art magazines and books stored in the garage.

The second workspace desk, pictured below, is butted up against the couch and faces into the lounge-room.

I mostly sit at this desk when I'm working in my sketchbooks or journals.
Aaron often sits here and works in his sketchbooks too.

The desks are positioned back to back

I LOVE to spend time in this workspace.

Feel free to post a link to pictures of your own workspace.
I'm looking forward to seeing the workspaces of my fellow photo group members too.

~ Love, light and peace ~


  1. I love your new workspace since you moved indoors. It feels so much lighter and it does look really organized--still--hehe! You're not cut off from the family and it is user friendly for Aaron to work on his journals, too. ;)

    You've seen my craft table in front of my big window on my blog several times. But it's funny--Leah and I were just talking about doing a youtube video of the craft area and all the satchels and boxes. So many people have those online and I'm just fascinated when other people show their spaces and all their stuff, so we might do it, too. Thanks for showing yours! :)

  2. Your workspace looks so bright and organized. It must be a great place to paint and create....and your son has a cool room all to himself.

  3. Hi Mum,

    This is a great post! I enjoyed looking at the photos of the garage being transformed into Reece's room and I love the photos of your workspace! Terrific!

    Love Brad!

  4. I'm jealous of that space, its huge :) and its great that aaron sits there too and works in his sketchbooks :)

  5. Wow, that really took some doing to shift your workspace to make a bedroom for Reece! But you obviously have a talent for organization! Your new space looks very inviting!

  6. Love the new space. All that light and pretty baskets and pictures.
    And the room is definitely a big boy´s room. Lol!

  7. Serena! Thankyou for your comment on my Cholla Blooms sketch! It means so much to get nice comments from real artisits!!! Lordy! I was blown away by all the comments on this one sketch that took 5 minutes sitting here on my couch! WOW!

    I love your art space now! Love how you have two tables and right next to the kitchen and lounge-room is awesome. I have to be out in my back room (we call it a Florida-room here) where my family is also close at hand, as well as the kitchen! My space is not a space at all right now. It is glutted with all my stuff very cluttered and unuseable...sadly. I have to dig out what I need and sit on couch or at table. I am finding that my best (to me, and for me) most fun stuff is in a sketchbook with small pages, and using pens/pencils. Of course, I am not doing anything serious like you...
    Happy Tuesday!
    xoxo- Julie

  8. Wow..... it is SO organized! and looks very well lit.... that is one complaint I have about my space...but, I do have a moveable lamp.... it's on a long cord.... and there are windows... and several pot lights in the ceiling... but, if it is a dull day, sometimes it still seems not bright enough in there. Although...mostly I just love sitting at the kitchen table I think.... sitting in the sunshine streaming in from my south facing windows...

  9. Love your work space! I can see why you enjoy spending time in it, creating and what not. And I love your term 'freecycling.' I've never heard it before. It makes a lot of sense, though. Thanks for sharing the photos!


  10. This looks so organized and do-able. I like that you are right out there with the family. That set up would work better for me and make me more inspired I think... some day that is, when I have the time.

    Very nice Serena.

  11. Hi Serena,
    I'm sure Reece is thrilled with his new bedroom (you're such a cool Mum)

    Love the light, breezy new studio room for you too!
    How nice to be near the kitchen and family, encouraging for the boys to get into art as well!
    Happy Painting,
    PS: Say G'day to Michelle.

  12. Hi Serena. I love your workspace. So very organized. It's a good thing to have your very own workspace when you are creating. Congrats on being so organized. thanks for sharing.

  13. I am in awe of how tidy and organized your beautiful space is. I especially like how everything is in clear view, even though it is put away. I wonder if that would help me... I didn't know I was following in your footsteps, but I have been working hard to get rid of supplies that have become a burden too - it feels so good!

  14. Serena your new creative space looks great. So happy that your son has his own room now. It looks really nice.