Tuesday 11 May 2010

PHOTO MONDAY - Something Mum/Mother

Firstly, I would like to thank all my wonderful readers for the support they have given me over all the dramas we've been having with this rental property.  Negotiations are still continuing.......it's truly like trying to get blood out of stone.


As Mother's Day was on Sunday, I chose - Something Mum/Mother - for this week's photo theme.

First thing Sunday morning, I was treated to some hand-made gifties from Aaron.
Purples and turquoise was the colour scheme he went with - he knows me so well.

Bradley bought me Season 7 - Parts 1 & 2 of the Little House on the Prairie series. YAY!
(I forgot to take a pic, sorry Brad)

Beau, Reece and Sarina, Michelle and Alex chipped in to buy me a foot spa AND a hand-held massager. I've been dealing with painful feet over the past couple of months so the kids thought this would help. I've already tried out the foot spa and it was so nice and relaxing....just what my feet need, I'm sure.

Mum and Dad came for lunch on Sunday too so I snapped a pic of my Mum.

I had a wonderful Mother's Day and it was great to have my kids and parents here to celebrate with.
How was your Mother's Day?

~ Love, light and peace ~


  1. Your Mom is so beautiful, Serena!!! I'm so happy your day was wonderful! Nice gifts, I must say!!! You have the sweetest kids!!!

  2. Look like you had a very wonderful Mother's day.

    We celebrated our Mother's day on Saturday at the Zoo, had a great time, then on the offical Mother's Day Sunday I was too sore to move an inch...too much walking with a backpack. Ugh.

  3. looks like you had a great mothers day! you deserve it xxx

  4. Your kids really put some thought into their gifts. The foot spa looks great!

    Your mom is just adorable!! She has such a beautiful smile.

  5. What a fantastic mothers day review! Your mom is so pretty. I love her smile! I am glad you had a special day. I am visiting via Jason's blog today : )

  6. ooh a foot spa :D you got lovely gifts from everyone :)

  7. What a lovely day you had! And how nice you had your lovely mother there to celebrate with.

  8. How very thoughtful of your kids. The goodies are lovely and colourful.

  9. What yummy treats for you on Mother's Day. Enjoy. Your Mother looks as lovely as you....Shelly

  10. Awww... hand-made gifts are my favorites, and a family that pays attention when it comes to gift time is priceless. Thanks for sharing your blessings.

  11. Sounds like it was a great day.... and those kids do indeed know you so well.... all prefect gifties!

    hope your feet feel better soon..... darn it... so many times I am just toooo far away from anybody to help. I could massage them for you if I were closer....

  12. Hi Serena,

    So happy to read that you had a wonderful Mother's Day. The gifts your children gave to you are great. Handmade gifts are the best, right?
    So happy that soon you will have Happy feet using that Foot Spa and hope the pains goes away.
    What a lovely photo of your Mom. She is still very pretty. :)

  13. Glad you had a great day. Your kids are good to you as they should be. Your Mom has a happy look and I bet you enjoy her company. I had a good day as well.My kids are good too....but I miss my Mom.

  14. What wonderful, thoughtful gifts! Your mom just looks like a great lady. Sounds like the best Mother's Day. :):)

  15. What a lovely post. Your foot spa looks divine.