Thursday 6 May 2010

the saga continues.......

I'm about at my wit's end here!

You all know the drama we've had to deal with during this tenancy since september last year, right?

Not one but two termite infestations, one of which we are still being treated for
and will then have to endure major internal repair work when the treatment is finished.
The garage was turned upside-down for six weeks with the first termite drama and repair job.
We also had to live with the horrible swamp-like conditions in our backyard 
which became a mass of stinky slime and sludge for two months, 
not to mention the large population of cane-toad tadpoles that thrived in those conditions.

Okay, to the owner's credit,
the drainage installation for the backyard finally went ahead
and was installed and completed last Tuesday.

what our yard looked like for a whole day

  BELOW is what our backyard, and part of the front yard, looks like now.
Bear in mind that the pictures below ARE the completed job.

part of front yard from a roadside perspective

part of front yard from top level perspective

our side backyard

the area of backyard behind the house

Cody can't be given free reign of the backyard now and must be leashed to keep him on the grassy area otherwise he'd get filthy.  The plumber stated that top soil and turf was the owner's responsibility so, i forwarded these photos to the Property Manager asking what the next step would be because, as it stands, only one quarter of our backyard is accessible.  The rest is this mix of shale, clay and a little bit of dirt. The response from the property manager - "I don't understand what you want me to do just because you can't access some of your yard.  The owner did the drainage installation at your request."

   I replied and quite bluntly told her that top soil and turf in areas as needed would be the next obvious step!

We are still waiting to hear if they are going to approve our request for compensation in the form of rent reduction being for ALL the major problems we have dealt with since September last year. It  has not been pleasant living with termites or swamp-like conditions.

We have been advised by several sources that we have every right to ask for compensation. The ridiculous part to all of this is that the compensation we are asking for only amounts to a $10 difference in our rent each week which is only $520 over the span of twelve months.  It's not even two weeks rent!

I sent off another email to the Property Manager this morning outlining all our grievances yet again and she did reply and apologise for not getting back to me. Hopefully, we will hear some positive news soon but, in light of all this, we are seriously considering moving when the current lease runs out in July.  The irony is that, if they were offering this place to new tenants, they would have to offer it at a reduced rent because of all its issues anyway, plus the owner would be charged a new 'to let' fee from the real estate agent on top of advertising costs.  He would LOSE even more money going that way. 


I'm sorry this post was on such a sour note but I feel like I'm beating my head against a brick wall over this situation.   

Yesterday, I mailed off one of the Pay It Forward gifts I've been working on.
  It's making its way to merry England.....minus the note card.

I made a very quick note about it in my journal.

On that note, I wish you all a pleasant day!

~ Love, light and peace ~


  1. I don't know how you do it.... staying so calm in the light of all the crap you have had to deal with.....I know would literally be wringing some necks.! I'm just no good with stuff like that...I get even and I get revenge.....
    they've got a lot of nerve treating people like that in this economy ... how do they stay in business?

  2. Sorry to hear that your renting drama is still continuing..too bad you can't get out of your lease earlier that July...take care..

  3. Good luck with all of your rental issues! What an ordeal that just never ends, eh??? Good grief! Hey, you should just do as Mesyfish and move! Take the family and at least have some good looks around at different might love a new locale!!!

  4. I think you've been more than patient though all this turmoil! I can't imagine it would cost the owner all that much to put some top soil and grass on the yard. They couldn't possibly rent it to anyone else in that condition!

    As for forgetting to add the card, that's one of the things I'm always doing! I get in such a hurry to get something mailed out that I forget to put everything inside the package. I'm sure the recipient will love the gift no matter there's no card.

  5. OMG!!! That is terrible! You need some compensation for this... I would consider moving. I'm so sorry...that is maddening! Deep breaths and a big hug from me. xoxo

  6. Hardly surprising it was forgotten with everything else you've had to contend with. Hope you can get something sorted soon

  7. def. time to move if you do not get compensation! great that the drainage system was put in, but they can't leave the lawn like that, looks horrible and is just going to get all muddy if it rains

  8. Oh Serena, I really feel for you. Maybe you should move and let the rent people suffer their loss. It may even happen that they may not be able to rent it for awhile until they do all the work so they will be loosing a lot. Hope they realise that.

  9. Serena, What terrible ongoing messes to cope with. I hope you get everything worked out with the property owner...everyone deserves a useable yard...when there could be such a beautiful one...good luck. I've been working on my pay it forward packages also...have a marvelous day...Shelly

  10. I'm so sorry this has happened to you, Serena. If it doesn't come to a perfectly satisfactory conclusion soon, I would definitely move. Life is too short to be stuck dealing with these unreasonable people for another year's worth of lease. We have a couple of minor issues with our landlord, but nothing of this magnitude.

    You deserve better. Sending you a big hug!

  11. I was wondering about the rent situation but didn't want to sound nosey. Sorry to hear it wasn't yet resolved. Maybe soon!

  12. So sorry about all your rent trouble Serena! How frustrating that must be! Glad you are fighting back, so to speak, and not just letting things go as they are.
    Keep after them, it will be worth it!
    Sending you positive vibes for a great outcome!!

  13. Oh Serena,
    I can't believe you're still have sooo many problems with that landlord! Pooey!
    A couple of things have happened in our household recently and I really believe in Karma now-Just hold tight and good will come your way.
    Happy Mother's Day for sunday.
    Wishing you the very best of days!
    Big hugs,

  14. Wow I can only imagin at how much you all put up with there and yes you do have that right to collect.

    Have you try stating in a letter that you will just simply automactally reduced your rent as a form of reimbursment on your next payment?

    The law here in Califorina allows us to do the such for renters if the landlord refuses to remburse a renter for the work that he never did in the first place and the tenate ended up having it done instead.

  15. Oh Serena...what a mess the yard is! :eek: My heart goes out to you girl, that's awful. You'd think they would automatically topsoil and turf the land because that ties right into the property value!

    I am so sorry you have had to put up with this hassle. perhaps moving is a good idea, even if you do have to lug the potted trees around. Get your bodybuilder offspring to do it! :D

  16. Do they have some sort of tenants union or organization that you can talk to? If I were you--honestly--I would be snooping around looking at places to see if moving feels right or not. You might run across something that feels really wonderful and perfect for you--and BETTER than what you are in now--never know? But I'd start looking and then trust how I was feeling--gut feelings will let you know. If you ask, you will get guidance. :):)

  17. oh my! have you got turf yet? geeze I hate landlords at the moment!!