Monday 30 August 2010

Another portrait and a walk in the park

yesterday (sunday) afternoon, i decided to do another portrait for the julia kay portrait party
i'm quite pleased with how these have turned out so far considering i don't normally draw people
drawn free-hand using graphite pencils in my moleskine sketchbook
reference image here used with permission

on saturday, beau, aaron, michelle, alex and i went over to the park where they will be getting married so beau could do some test photos.  he is quite nervous about being photographer for michelle's wedding but i'm sure he will do just fine.  we also took the CD player so we could time the wedding song for us getting from the limo to the rotunda where the ceremony will be performed. i will be walking michelle down the aisle....HOW EXCITING!  we had a lot of fun and laughs practising.

we saw this new family swimming in the small lagoon while we were there.
aren't those ducklings too cute?!!  
there were more of them but, they move so fast in the water, they were out of the shot before i realised it.

we walked a little ways down to the wetlands where michelle and alex will be getting more wedding photos taken on the day.  it was beautiful looking out over the water.

it was like 'duck central station' there!
this was only a small portion of them
not a great pic as the glare from the sun completely washed out the details of the white ducks

on leaving the wetlands, we noticed a sign on a tree which had us wondering.....who has a garage sale and gives away Free Bees???
then we realised it was meant to mean 'freebies' or one

i'm still popping pain pills and donning heat-packs continually so the afternoon out at the park was a great distraction.

i hope you all enjoyed a beautiful and relaxing or fun weekend

~ love, light and peace ~


  1. great day for you! love all the little ducks and I think I liked the garage sale better when they were giving away free BEES!!


  2. Oh you need to do more faces Serena! You're a natural!
    How is Michelle? I haven't 'seen' her in so long, does she still blog? If so, I'm not getting updates :(
    How exciting though with an upcoming wedding! I'm sure it will be a beautiful day with a beautiful bride! (and mother of the bride :)

  3. Serena, you are so good at drawing faces!! I think drawing blonde hair is hard, you nailed it :D

  4. Free Bees! I thought maybe in Australia people didn't make mistakes like this? Guess not?

  5. FREE BEES! How sweet is that???

  6. P.S. What a great portrait! Looks just like her...I'm sure she will be pleased.

  7. Nice. I love to do portraits but life is short and I love to do a lot of other things. I used to teach portrait drawing and came up with a whole set of instruction techniques. I will have to digitize them and post them somewhere.

    You are a gifted artist and some of the work you have posted on Flickr is really good stuff.

  8. Yes, you are a natural--these faces are wonderful!! Too bad they weren't giving away bees ;)
    P.S. Glad to hear that your test was clear--hope the acupuncture helps.

  9. Hi Serena, Lovely portraits you are doing at the moment ... so sorry haven't caught up with you lately.... I'm glad that the CT scan shows nothing bad and hope that the new treatment you plan on will ease the pain for you ... please get well my friend :-) hugs, Maria

  10. aww cute little ducklings :D

    that is a really nice drawing, you are doing great with drawing people :)

    darn! everyone wants free bees!

  11. Great work on the portrait, Serena!
    Lovely photos from the park, as well.
    Free Bees....hmmmm......
    Feel better soon, dear heart.

  12. Your portraits are really good. So glad you are able to create even though in pain. I laughed at the "Free Bees" sign. So cute. Keep up with the distractions I say!

  13. I love this sketch, her eyes are so alive and bright. Sounds like you had a good day too.

  14. I agree with Eden. You nailed it! You are really very good at your work. It's beautiful over there where the little ducklings are having fun. Glad you had a good time and hope you are feeling better. Have a great week.

  15. The portrait is another great piece of art from you. You are so good at this.

    I loved all the photos and had a good laugh over the free bees!

  16. Thanks so much for the positive feedback, everyone ~ :)

  17. Hi Serena, I have been thinking of you lately and wanted to say hi. The portrait and ducks are wonderful. You live in a beautiful place. I feel bad that I haven't been stopping by so many wonderful blogs on my list lately... but I hope you are well.


  18. That's hilarious. I thought for sure someone had gotten tired of their bee hives or were moving and couldn't take the bees with them.

  19. I think you are such a talented lady and your portrait sketches are as lovely as your other sketches.

  20. oh my free Bees buzzzzz

    Great portraits and photos.

    Hope the pain goes soon

  21. SERENA

    I love your freehand pencil sketch...and I don't know why you shy away from portrait are great at it!

    I love doing pencil portraits...even ran a business once doing them....big demand...but right art needs to soar and fly and be free! heheee

    Free Bees...that was funny!

    ciao bella


  22. Hi Serena
    I can't believe how behind I am on my comments, forgive me for being so behind.
    Oh those trees going, that is so sad. I love those trees and I would be crying too if I saw them go but good to see the birds back even if they are confused. Hopefully they can find somewhere else close to you to live.
    I hope you are getting answers about Brad and his Aunt. This is really a worry if it is caused by the flu shot. Just keep asking for answers, I think some of our doctors become a bit complacent sometimes and you have to keep at them.
    How exciting about the baby and the wedding. I love your wedding tie box and can't wait to see the finished piece. I am sure it will be beautiful.
    The baby shawl, booties and jacket are just gorgeous, so cuddly looking. What a lucky baby to have such a thoughtful grandmother.
    Your head pain sounds so awful. I am so glad the CT came back all clear - how frightening for you. Have you been to the physio? I had really bad head pain for a week some time ago that no pills would ease and the physio manipulated and worked on my neck, the nerves just behind my ear to the base of my skull, as well as massaging to release the tension in my neck and shoulder muscles and it did help a lot. Acupuncture sounds good too. I hope you find relief.
    I just love seeing your sketches in your moleskins. I love the daily journalling you are keeping, what a lovely reminder of your precious memories. The recent portrait sketches are fantastic, I would love to be able to draw like that!
    Oh and the ducklings are just too cute for words. What a beautiful setting for the wedding and I love the photo of the wetlands with the lovely reflections on the water. So peaceful.
    How funny about the free bees. someone has a great sense of humor.

  23. The portrait is wonderful. I do hope you feel better very soon too.

  24. You are so talented Serena. Love the portrait,duck central station,and the free-bees. lol
    Excited for you and all of the upcoming plans.