Friday 20 August 2010

Head Pain SUCKS!!!

if it's not one thing, it's another around here of late.

since tuesday, i have been dealing with extreme head pain (not like migraine or headache) on the back, left side of my head which ended up radiating down through my neck and shoulders. my head felt like a ten ton weight that my neck was struggling to support. i nearly passed out twice and the pain was overwhelming to the point where i couldn't think straight. anti-inflammatory and panadol medication didn't help at all but, since being to a second doctor today, he put me on an asprin/codeine mix that i do believe has helped ease the pain a little. i have a CT scan of the brain scheduled for monday morning.

during the better periods, i've been trying to get a few things done where i can, such as working on a 'wedding tie' box for michelle and alex's wedding.  they will be having a hand-fasting ceremony where several coloured ribbons will be bound around their joined hands and then tied together, removed, and formed into a special knot. the wedding knot will be stored in the box as a keepsake and reminder of their special vows. i am painting the box to match the colours and design of the wedding invitations and, on the top of the lid, i will be painting a celtic knot.

i finished the baby shawl i was crocheting and also made a pair of bootees to match. i can hardly believe it only took me a month to crochet the shawl.  i'm now working on the little matching jacket.   baby is due in the midst of our summer so won't have need for knitted garments until winter so i'm making them to fit the six months age group.  too cute, huh?

the fallen trees are being turned into mulch breaks my heart.
i took the picture below from my ensuite window overlooking the neighbour's back fence

i have seen these two kookaburras, on and off, sitting on the small sapling branch near where the trees once stood behind our back fence. i'm sure they are the same two that made their home in the termite nest on one of the trees that fell.  they are no doubt wondering what the heck happened to their home, poor things.

on this particular occasion, a rainbow lorikeet sat above them probably wondering the same thing.

so that's my news for this week....some good, some bad,
but i guess that's just the way life flows sometimes.

i hope your week has been better than mine

~ love, light and peace ~


  1. Hope you are feeling better soon. The bootees and jacket are gorgeous

  2. really hope that it is nothing serious with your head and that the pain meds keep working!

    poor kookaburras :( it is funny tho that in that pic it looks like the one on the right seems to be talking to the other

    and that tie box is a great idea :D

  3. So sorry to hear about the head pain, hope that clears up real soon for you. That shawl is so cute and I hope we get to see the box when finished. Take good care :D

  4. So sorry about the head pain. Good that you are getting in with the doctor soon on this.

    Your journal page depicting you with the headache is priceless. To think you could make beauty from pain is amazing!

  5. Ooh, ouch! I'm so sorry you're having health problems. I'm glad you're having the scan, it's good to find out what's causing such pain. I hope it isn't serious.
    Meantime, your baby things are just gorgeous, as is the lovely box you're working on. I wish Michelle and Alex much, much happiness.

  6. Hope you feel better soon! The wedding knot box looks gorgeous and I know it will look awesome once finished. Cute baby booties and shawl. Michelle is lucky to have you as her mum.

  7. Sorry to hear about the pain you have been in! A CT scan hopefully will shed some light on things and may it be something minimal. Love catching up and seeing the birds in the trees... Hope you feel better soon...that's gotta suck for sure.

  8. Feel better, dear heart. It is too sad what happened to those trees and that bit of habitat.

    Still, beautiful crochet handiwork. That baby is going to feel warm and loved. :)

  9. Hi Mum,

    Great post! The sketch you did in your journal looks terrific! I also love the box that you're doing for Michelle & Alex's wedding and the baby jacket & booties! Seeing the pic of the work being done with the trees makes me feel sad when I look at it, especially when you see the birds in the picture below it, it must be very sad for the birds.

    Love Brad!

  10. I'm sorry to hear about your head pain, I hope it improves & you manage to get to the bottom of it. I love all the things you've made -you are very talented ! Have a nice (& hopefully pain free) weekend :)

  11. So sorry to hear about you having such bad headaches. I think it is good that you will be having it checked. So sorry Serena.:( I think that old head pain ad is great. Take care and let us know what is going on when you find out.

  12. I hope that they can find out what it is that is causing the head pain--soon! And how you can still draw and write in your journal and paint that beautiful box for the wedding knot and crochet the gorgeous sweater and booties and take pictures...amazing!

    The kookaburras picture is priceless! They really do look like they are conversing over the mystery. It is so sad that their favorite tree is gone. I sure hope they can find another spot for a nest. I wish you could make a painting of these two--for posterity.

    Rainbow lorikeets have such brilliant colors! They're just beautiful. (Used to sell them occasionally in pet shops.)

    Feel better soon, Lady!! You're in my prayers. :):)

  13. Hope the head pain goes soon! Is it possible it's related somehow to whatever is causing your son's neurological issues as well?

  14. The poor kookaburras do indeed look as if they are consulting one another and saying, "what the...?"

  15. My thoughts are with you re the head pain. I hope the scan is able to tell you what's going on.

  16. Dear Serena...I am so sorry that you are in such pain...good thoughts and prayers coming to you...take care..

  17. I hope you are feeling better soon.
    I like your journal pages.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog.

  18. Did they find out what was causing your headache? Hopefully it's nothing serious....usually stress headaches are in the back.
    You do have a lot on your plate right now.
    What lovely things you are working on. Both the box and the baby items will be family heirlooms.
    I send peace.

  19. Hi Serena,

    So sorry to hear of your headaches. Hope the medicine that your Dr. gave you helps. That is very good that you are getting a CT Scan. Please keep me updated. The knitted baby garments turned out really lovely. What a nice idea of making a box for Michelle's wedding to store the Wedding Knot! Maybe they can store a copy of their wedding vows in there too.
    Please take care and I hope the scan comes back normal.

  20. I'm so sorry Serena that you've been in pain! Hopefully they can figure out what's wrong and you can feel better♥

  21. What an adorable set of crocetted babywear!!! You are so good at this...amazing really!!!

    The Kookabura is such a regal looking bird! I feel sorry for the too! Hopefully they have made their new home somewhere nearby so you can still see them from time to time!

  22. the kookaburras do look like they are having a serious chat about something.....poor little guys...