Saturday 14 August 2010

more journal pages

it's been another busy week here
and quite cold too with the westerly winds making their usual appearance for this time of year.

for some reason the images appear blurry in smaller format

last sunday, aaron and i sat outside under the pergola and sketched some potted plants in our new moleskine journals.  this sketch is of my aeonium saucer plant.  i didn't think this plant was ever going to progress as it stayed small for so long until, one day, aaron re-potted it into a larger pot and within a few weeks it trebled in size. now i know why they call it a saucer's HUGE!

during the week, i did the following sketch to commemorate reece bringing home another trophy in a Fight World Cup 6 bout!
the ref called it in just 46 seconds into the first round

and, as yesterday was friday 13th, i decided to play with a 'dark' theme in my journal.
 the day was quite uneventful however we did watch 'What Lies Beneath' on DVD last night (13th) to mark the occasion.


michelle went for her 20 weeks scan and, according to the scan, she is having a baby click this link to find out!


brad's symptoms persist and we recently found out that his aunt was admitted to hospital this past week with upper body neurological symptoms.......her eyelids refuse to open, she is suffering extreme head pain intermittently and she is having difficulty swallowing on an intermittent basis because messages from the brain don't seem to be getting through.....scary stuff, huh?  the common factor that we have noted is that brad and his aunt both started having neurological symptoms about a week to two weeks after having the flu shot (which includes the H1N1 swine flu). from what i have since found out, some neurological disorders have been linked to the swine flu vaccine.  the scary part is that brad's aunt had her flu shot back in april and her mild symptoms gradually worsened over the past four months. we're hoping that nothing further develops with brad being that he only had the flu shot a month ago.

the MADDENING part is that specialists are trying to insinuate that brad's aunt is suffering depression, hence all these symptoms she is having.  this is ridiculous!  naturally, brad's aunt is frightened and upset at what is happening to her but, normally, she would be no more depressed than me.  she has an MRI scheduled for monday so, hopefully, it will uncover the real cause behind the symptoms.

will keep you posted

~ love, light and peace ~


  1. Those sketches are gorgeous!! Can I pick one that is my's hard but it has to be the plant, so beautifully done and vibrant. But I like all of them.

    Sorry to hear about Brad's aunt and Brad hopefully will have no more symptoms than what he had and for both of them...all the best. I would hate to think it is the H1n1 flu shot. My granddaughter had it and had no problem but I personally won't go hear it. in the states, it never developed into a horrible flu season that I know of...

  2. and congrats to did a great job on that trophy.

  3. Crazy, I just realized I never "followed" your blog. I just assumed I had.

  4. Hi Serena. Great sketches and congrats to Reece. You know I thought about getting the flu shot and then decided against it, the
    h1n1 that is. I hope it's not from the flu shot because that would really scare people from getting it. I'm sorry to hear about Brad and his symptons. I hope it all just goes away and he is better very soon. I will send good thoughts to him and you and also say a prayer for his full recovery. Take care Serena.

  5. The saucer plant is absolutely magnificent! WHat a beautiful rendition!!!
    Now, having worked with an MD and dealt with drug reps, of course they will say it is depression because no one wants toadmit that many of these vaccines are not the miracles they seem to be. Bad batches, allergic reactions----I battle it out with the bugs; I feel safer. My prayers that they improve or that SOMEONE will listen and investigate....


  6. Hi Mum,

    I really enjoyed your post! I love the sketch of the saucer plant and also the one of Reece's trophy! The trophy in the pic looks so real! I also love the Friday the 13th sketch! Unfortunately, watching "What Lies Beneath" again scared me to the point of never watching another scary movie again.

    Love Brad!

  7. Wow!! Serena, you've done some wonderful drawings!! I adore the beautiful and detailed!! Congratulations on the baby girl on her way! Hope your Brad starts feeling better soon, that is scarry stuff! Depression...Hmmmpf!!! I certainly wouldn't be happy with that diagnossis either! Hopefully the MRI will help. Sending some blessings your way :D

  8. Those journal pages are truly amazing!

  9. Hope they can get to the bottom of the symptoms soon.
    I was told on my second child they were 99% sure it was a girl. He is definitely 100% boy, lol.

  10. A girl...such wonderful news! As I said on Michelle's blog, you two will have lots of fun shopping for girlie, girl things.

    I'm so sorry to hear that Brad is still not feeling well and his aunt's situation sounds very distressing. I hope they're able to get to the bottom of it soon.

  11. that is great about reece winning and michelle being healthy and having a girl. lots of things to get now :)

    very scary about brad and his aunt :( After I had that shot i got really ill but that was about all. A lot of their symptoms sound like what happens to me when I have a relapse. I can't believe that the specialist thinks that his aunt is suffering depression, she might be depressed but its probably caused by the symptoms, not causing the symptoms. Really hope that its is figured out for both of them

  12. Serena, you are a very talented artist--these pages are wonderful.

    And I hope that things will turn around for Brad and his aunt--thank you for sharing and caring!

  13. You are such a truly amazing artist!

    Scary stuff those odd symptoms. The medical field isn't very quick to accept that they might be caused by the shots. My doctor keeps trying to scare me into having them by asking me if I'd mind dying when I get whatever flu is going around the time she's pushing the shot. I tell her sure, no worries;-)

  14. Oh my goodness...gorgeous drawings! I know I say this every time...but WOW!!!

    I am so sorry to hear the Brad is still suffering symptoms...I will send prayers!

    Oh in regards to taking photos in bright sunny conditions. I set my aperture to about 9 or 11. Put my iso setting at 100 or 200. Shutter speed depends...maybe anywhere between 200-400. The aperture setting really helps to control the light coming in...the higher the number the less light that comes in.

    Hope that helps :)

  15. Beautiful aeonium!!!

    How interesting re: the neuro symptoms of both Brad and his Aunt. When will Brad be seen by the MD???

  16. Oh I love the sketch of the saucer plant. It looks amazing. I hope Brad feels better soon.

  17. That plant sketch is gorgeous, Serena! Congratulations on your news from Michelle (won't spill the beans here in the comments). :)

    How frustrating about the neurological symptoms! My mother had an illness 20 years ago which was very serious, and she kept having very specific symptoms like fainting spells, pain in her low back, blurred vision, her face turning red, hands getting hot, etc., and the docs couldn't figure it out, so they sent her to six months of therapy first. It was humiliating for her, and she would cry about how it was not all "in her head" surely. Well, shortly after the psychiatrists said she was fine, we were all woken at 4:00 a.m. by her screaming and she had to be rushed to the hospital for emergency surgery and almost died. I've had limited expectations of doctors ever since.

    Hope your aunt gets a second, or third, or fourth opinion, and hope Brad does better soon.

  18. I hope Brad is feeling better soon, scary stuff! I alway admire your artwork and these sketches are just beautifully done!

  19. Hope Brad and his aunt get better soon.
    Good idea, repotting the plants and giving them space to expand. :)

    Thanks for the birthday wishes but Mati has still another 6 months to wait till his own 15th anniversary. :) It´s only the girls that have big parties for their 15th birthday and he was going to the first of such parties.

  20. Beautiful work...Thinking positive thoughts for you all!

  21. Isn't is maddening when doctors are so arrogant that just because they don't know what's wrong, of course it's "all in the head". Makes me crazy. I will certainly be praying for your family!
    I love your sketchbook Serena... what a marvelous creation. I can't help but smile at the Friday 13th work. Fun!

  22. Hi Serena,

    Wow so many things have happened since I last checked your blog. Congrats to Reece for winning the fight and getting the throphy! Well done. Your sketches are lovely as always. That saucer plant is gorgeous. After I wrote that I thought your daughter was having a Boy....I got word that my niece is having a boy. So my vibes were crossed on that one. :)Happy that Michelle and baby are doing well.

  23. Hi Serena,
    So sorry to hear Brad is still unwell and now his Aunty as well.
    I hope the Dr's get to the bottom of it!

    Great drawing of the Aeonium Saucer plant, amazing what a bigger pot can do!

    Well done to Reece, that's fantastic!

    Wow, twenty weeks already. How time fly's, and a baby girl is on its way. That's fabulous~

  24. Thanks for your comments and support, everyone.

    Sandy - Glad to have you 'Follow' along. I had the H1N1 shot as well as the rest of the family and we didn't have any probs either. I guess we wait for the MRI results and hopefully they will shed some light on Brad's and his Aunt's condition.

    Thanks, Gloria. I think if it is linked to the flu/H1N1 shot, the medical profession will be very reluctant to admit it unfortunately which, sadly, will put more people at risk of neurological disorders.

    Thanks, Anne, and I so agree.

    Ah well, maybe we will coax you back into another supernatural movie one day, Brad ~ xo

    Thanks Eden & Cheryl ~ :)

    Jane - I know of at least three people who had the opposite sex to what the scan results showed. Michelle and Alex will be thrilled either way though so that's a good thing.

  25. Thanks, Kate. Yes, we are already having lots of fun looking at baby things every time Michelle and I go out together. :)

    Thanks, Jennifer. It seems that depression is their answer for things they can't diagnose. :(

    Thanks, Diane and Sandi ~ :)

    Thanks so much, Caroline...I've passed the info onto Beau. Much appreciated. :)

    Thanks, Julie. Brad's MRI is booked in for the end of September...of course, if his symptoms were to worsen, they would naturally push him through more quickly. So far, he's doing okay although the symptoms are still there.

    Thanks, Shashi ~ :)

  26. Meredith, it's outrageous that your Mum was put through six months of therapy with the insinuation that it was all in her head. I'm so glad she was okay after surgery. I agree, doctors can't always be trusted.

    Thanks, Kerry ~ :)

    Thanks, Paula, and thanks also for the clarification on Mati's birthday.

    Thanks, Anita....much appreciated. :)

    Thanks, Judi ~ :)

    Thanks, Norma...well there was the boy you dreamed of. How exciting that your niece is having a boy!

    Thanks, Anna...your well wishes are much appreciated ~ :)

  27. a baby girl !! a beautiful little soul coming for your family : xo

  28. So much happening! Congrats to Reece! Love your journal entries--especially the plant. You guys are obviously enjoying your new moleskines!

    Sorry to hear about Brad and his aunt. Seems like an ego thing that when doctors can't figure out what is wrong they just say it is in your head. They don't want to admit they just plain don't know. Same kind of thing happens with fibro and doctors--in your head--you're just depressed. Being in pain 24/7 would make a person depressed. Vicious circle with doctors sometimes. I sure hope that they can determine what is going on with both Brad and his aunt. Even if they have to keep seeing different doctors--they symptoms are very real and need to be addressed. I pray that you'll find compassionate, smart doctors!

    I think I already know from the other comments--a girl! If they haven't missed a little something in the sonogram--hehe! :):)

    Sorry it has taken me so long to catch up. Friday the 13th I was getting a tooth pulled. That was enough scary stuff for me for that day--hehe! ;)

  29. hiya Serena.....I haven't been in the house much the past while.... taking advantage of our last decent days of summer ... becuz all too soon it will be snowing I'm sure. Okay..well, not quite yet...but, you know what I mean.

    I'm sure sorry to hear that you guys are dealing with so much right now.... sending hugs.... hope things get sorted soon and that you and Brad both begin to feel a bit better ...

  30. I love your journal pages and see on your "about you" Eat, Pray Love is one of your fav's.. I'm finishing it up tonight after seeing the movie. Hope you're feeling better.