Sunday 17 April 2011

a throw blanket, book review and another mug shot

YAY! i finished the ripple design blanket throw that i started for mikayla in february.
i think i did well on time considering it's size.
here it is laid out on my queen size bed.

i just need to weave in all the tied off ends now

this is a knitted bedspread my mum finished off in recent months for their spare room. i actually knitted those leaf motifs over 30 years ago when i had planned to knit myself a bedspread. i changed my mind about the colour so passed it onto mum and, over the past year, she took up the challenge to finish it.

 this is my mum's own unique style of bedspread which came about when she started to crochet the light green centre for something else but found that crochet caused her hands to hurt from the rheumatoid arthritis so she decided to use the piece for the bedspread centre.   the rest of the bedspread is knitted apart from the light green border. quite effective, isn't it?

 WEEK 15 in my 52 WEEKS OF ME challenge


i just finished reading 'The Beach House' by Mary Alice Monroe.
i'm not really one for romance novels any more but i did find this one to be an enjoyable and interesting read.  the beach setting was the main reason i bought the book.  i particularly loved reading about the loggerhead turtles which are intricately woven into the plot.

Cara Rutledge, a strong, independent woman receives a letter from her mother beckoning her to come home for the summer so they can spend some quality time together at the family beach house and perhaps rekindle their bond as mother and daughter.  The choice is made easier given that Cara has just lost her job and boyfriend but, in heading home, Cara knows she will have to face the demons of her past.  In reconnecting with her mother, Cara learns that true love involves sacrifice, family is forever and that mistakes of the past can be forgiven.

i haven't been online much at all this past week due to family medical issues and the odd migraine thrown into the mix. i now have a few medical tests lined up myself for different things....hopefully, the news will be all good.

we've had some light drizzle this morning so that puts off my plans to mow the lawn. i might try and get some sketching done instead. 

what are your plans?

~ love, light and peace ~


  1. You certainly did a great job of Mikayla's throw Serena, and the one your Mum finished is amazing and so different and really beautiful.

  2. Great bedspread for Mikayla. Good work. I love your mom's bedspread, especially the forest green color. Not too many plans. Had some folks over for an earlier dinner today, tomorrow its' San Jose to check on mom and come home and tend to our garden. Have a great week Serena, great picture of you and your short hair.:)

  3. Serena, that bed throw is amazing! It's huge...what a lot of work and time must have gone into that. Your mom must be as creative as fact you likely got her creative genes!

    I really hope your health is OK. It would be so great if you didn't have to deal with those migranes.

    (you look great in those specs with your new hair cut!)

  4. The bedspread is amazing, unuaual design and a lovely cheerful throw

  5. I'm sorry to hear you are having to go through medical testing and are not feeling up to par, Serena!!! Sure hope you are back to your old self soon!

    Your blanket you made Mikayla is gorgeous! Such vibrant colors!!!

    The one your Mom finished is so amazing! I've not ever see one like this design! It is a real beauty!!!

    Take care, Serena...a feel better, OK????? :)

  6. The blanket looks perfect for Mikayla--all the colors and it will even fit on her very own bed when she is big enough to have one, too. And how amazing is that bedspread partnership between you and your mom! Never have seen anything like it. Very dramatic and unique!

    You always look nice in any of the pictures you take. Even your shadows look nice. ;)

    I'm not much one for romance novels, either--but this one sounds like it has some mother/daughter/family relationship stuff--and it can't be all bad. ;)

    I sure hope everybody is okay??? I hope all goes well with all your tests, dear lady. Let us know, okay?

    My plans? I think this week I have to start cleaning out my overflowing files and my desk. I have been putting it off for, quite literally, over two years now. And then hopefully do some fun stuff in between--like play with my new kalimba and maybe sketch or practice calligraphy or do something creative. :):)

  7. You are so talented...those blankets are beautiful! Love your self portrait!

  8. Glorious blankets all around!! wow, some talent in your family. Good luck with the tests and I hope all is well. I think playing around in the art realm beats out lawn mowing any day ;-)

  9. Hi Serena, your ripple for Mikayla is lovely (what I can see of it). We are having major internet problems over here. Some of your pictures loaded halfway, some not at all. :/ Very aggravating! I just started another granny stripe for a baby boy this time. The Beach House sounds familiar. I wonder if that is the book I started over the summer but never finished? Sending all good wishes your way for health and happiness. Blessings, Tammy

  10. Thanks for all the great comments, everyone.

    Tammy, if a pic isn't loading, you could try clicking on the half-loaded pic as it should still open in a new page for you....well, hopefully it will.

  11. They both are beautiful.

    My plans were changed today due to the cold winds, so chosen to stay home.

  12. congrats on finishing that blanket :D i love the colours together

    love the light and dark green together. its nice to have a spread like that made by two generations :)

  13. Wow that bedspread looks fantastic Serena. Another family heirloom to treasure. I love that weave pattern and your mums blanket is so effective.
    The book sounds good, I will have a look for it.
    My plans, well yesterday was spent with my art friends at our monthly meeting and workshop, it was a great day to catch up and paint.

  14. Serena, Absolutely beautiful blanket for Mikayka. I love crocheting, sewing, quilting, painting, drawing, grand babies, my mom, same as you. Wish I could do as well as you do at those things. Oh but I don't like to mow the lawn.

  15. Serena sweetie, hope this finds you feeling better. :)
    Love the balnket throw you made for Mikayla. The color combo is lovely. Your mom is amazing! Love the Forest green flowers in the design. Give her a Big Hug for me for taking on the challenge to finish it. :)
    You cut your hair AGAIN! Love how it looks.

  16. I love your mom's bedspread, and the colors of the first picture.
    And I'm sure the news will be good .In Brazil the children says "to cross your fingers" to everythings goes fine.

  17. Serena,

    The bed cover is so colorful and gorgeous!!! I so wish I could crochet. As hard as I try, it never comes to me. Also, I love your hair. I've been really considering cutting mine to a nice shoulder length.


  18. Serena, just passing by to wish you a good day and see how you are doing. I haven't had time to reach all of my favorite blogs lately, but hopefully soon my life will adjust to the new changes, and I will be here more often.
    I loved the blanket you just finished, the colors are so happy!
    Take care my dear, and hope everything will be fine with you and the tests.

  19. Hi Serena,
    Oh wow, both of these blankets are gorgeous! How clever you and your Mum are.

    Hm, I just seem to fall into bed at night and go straight to sleep.
    I've been on the same book for months now. lol
    Glad you enjoyed this one.
    Take care,

  20. Beautiful throw, Serena! For some reason, ripple stitch patterns are my favorite to crochet. Seeing your design has inspired me to maybe try something along those lines for my new niece or nephew, due to arrive in September. It's so pretty and classy.

    Wishing you good health, great test results, and a belated happy Easter and Earth Day!

  21. These blankets are really awesome!!!
    I love that green spread sheet.. light green combination is looking beautiful. I congrats for the great work you've done here. thanks for this good blog.Magento Themes

  22. Beautiful crochet work all! You mum did a great job considering her RA. It's the repetative movements that get me as well.

    Fingers crossed for good test results.

    Happy sketching!



  23. hello,
    your work is precious!!!

  24. Lovely work Serena - you have a telant for so many different things! It's been quiet over here so I hope all is well with you and yours and the tests are proving worthwhile.

  25. Hi Serena, thanks for taking a look at my new website & for your comment :))) I still have your site bookmarked, so even though I won't be on blogger, I'll be able to follow what you are doing my friend :)
    Nice pic of you above & love your bedspreads! cheers, Maria x

  26. hi - Ive seen you post comments on other blogs and thought I'd visit yours being a fellow aussie. and wow really enjoyed reading about all your bits and especially the 52 week challenge - v interesting! cheers and will be back! ( i live in the wild west of Aus)!

  27. Great work Serena!Beautiful blankets. Hope you are doing ok. Take care.