Saturday 14 May 2011

i'm still here in the land of the living

hi everyone!

WOW! i can't believe it's been so long since i last posted!
thank you for the emails and comments of concern.
it's nice to know i was missed.

michelle and alex moved house over the easter weekend so we were all busy helping out.  we then had a lovely barbecue lunch on easter sunday at their new house.   everyone had such a great time and we also painted some ceramic easter eggs that beau brought along.  the paintbrushes supplied with the kit were useless so we used cotton buds to paint the accuracy and perfection was not high on the agenda.

from L to R - Aaron's (youngest son), Mum's, Brad's (oldest son who is legally blind), mine, Beau's (second eldest son), Alex's (son-in-law), Michelle's (daughter) and my Dad's.

amidst the busy schedule, i have been managing to take a weekly self-portrait

WEEK 16 - my shadow self

WEEK 17 - i enjoy relaxing on my bed in my pj's with a good book and a glass of red wine
Btw, a wonderful book which had me in tears more than once.

WEEK 18 - here i am wearing my new flannelette pj's which were a gift from aaron for mother's day.  i hope all you mums out there had a very special mother's day.


as some of you know, i've been undergoing some medical tests lately some of which have revealed a problem or two.  i'm now on the waiting list for some surgery but they tell me it's nothing major to be concerned about so that's a relief.

on top of that, an x-ray revealed some erosion in my right hand which explains the pain i've been coping with for ages now.  i am being tested again for rheumatoid arthritis which may well be the reason for my painful feet too.  i was tested for rheumatoid arthritis over a year ago but it was clear so i guess it's a waiting game to see what the blood results reveal this time around.  for now i'm on daily anti-inflammatory medication which the doctor says will be long term.

still more tests to go but i'm trying to keep a positive frame of mind.


my granddaughter, mikayla, is growing and maturing so fast now.  she's just over 5 months now and so beautiful! a sheer delight to be around.  michelle and i took her for a stroll in the pram the other day and i snapped the following pics.

one minute....awake

the next minute....asleep

i have been sketching a little here and there but will leave that for another post

i hope you are all enjoying a beautiful weekend!

~ love, light and peace ~


  1. It sounds like you've been enjoying the real world, which alot of us should do more often :)
    Your granddaughter is so beautiful--amazing how fast they grow.
    And I hope you can keep a positive outlook on your health, which makes all the difference--glad to hear that you're well though---keep creating!

  2. Hi Serena. Good to see your post. Wow how babies grow fast. She is beautiful. Looks like you've been busy. Blogger was down for a day or so and it actually was missed but yet a lot got done while it was down. Housework, of course. :) Sorry about the swelling, etc, been there done that. It's a lot of pain, never goes away in my case. Hope things get better for you. Take care, nice to see you. Have a great weekend.

  3. Hi Serena, glad to see you posting again. Those Easter eggs are cute and a fun family activity. We didn't do any this year. My kids weren't eating boiled eggs and now all of a sudden they've decided they love them. Go figure!

    I'll have to see if I can find that book here. Of course, a glass of wine would be nice but that's harder to come by since this is a "dry" country.

    Sorry to hear about your medical problems. I'm late for my annual by 3 months. I really need to go as I had cervical surgery several years ago and have breast cysts that are being watched. :/ I had problems with my right heel for months but it's much better now. There always seem to be some pains that come and go as they please.

    Take care and enjoy the weekend. Tammy

  4. So good to see you back here...I've been wondering...and hoping that life was just busy. And it looks like it has been!

    I adore your PJ's...such beautiful colours and Mikayla is such a little doll. She looks like she's at a very fun stage.

    Sending my love and very best healing thoughts for your surgery and the next round of tests. It will be so good for you to know exactly what's wrong and what course of treatment will help you the most. I will be thinking of you Serena.

  5. Great to see you Serena! Thanks for all the updates. {{big friendly hugs}}
    PS: it´s so sweet that Aaron and Michelle eggs look so similar, as siblings do. :)

  6. Oh Lady! I am so glad to hear from you again! :):)

    I hope everything works out with the doctors and diagnoses and all. :( No wonder we haven't heard from you! Dealing with doctors and clinics and testing--arg!

    Do you know if they made that book into a movie? It rings a bell from a preview, I think. Hummm....

    Lovely pajamas from Aaron! You're looking good, anyways. Hope you're feeling pretty good, too.

    And glad to see Miss Mikayla! Getting so big! Glad the move is over with. I hope all settles down here soon. Let us know about the RA testing. Yes, stay positive!! Can hardly wait to see your sketchbook!! :):)
    Blessings! *hugs*

  7. so glad to read you are doing ok..prayers and good wishes coming to you for your surgery...take care now

  8. Hi Serena,

    So nice to see you post again. Happy that Michelle is finally in her new home. Little Mikayla is beautiful! God bless her. Sorry to hear about your health issues and now the possible surgery. Are you having surgery on your hand?
    Please take care of yourself .

  9. Good to know you're doing okay even though you have that surgery ahead of you. I hope it isn't anything too serious.

    You look beautiful as always. Your son picked just the right colors for the pj's.

    And Mikayla just keeps getting cuter each time you show a photo. I bet you just want to cuddle her all the time!

  10. love the pj colours :D very nice gift :)

    ugh :/ any surgery is not fun :/ really hope that it goes well

  11. Thanks, Diane...yes, I must admit the break from the computer has been nice.

    Thanks, Gloria. I thought it funny that Blogger was down the day I came back to do a post...had to wait a day. lol

    Thanks, Tammy. go for your check. We need to look after ourselves for us and for the kids. I have to get a D & C and they will also remove a uterine polyp at the same time. They say that uterine polyps are rarely malignant so i'm trying to stay positive.

    Thanks, Kate, and yes, it will be good to get it all sorted and finally know what I'm dealing with.

    Thanks, Paula. The egg painting was SO much fun and, to think, none of the adults were too keen to do it in beginning.

    Thanks, Rita. I barely did any sketching in my absence with being so busy but I did start sketching again this past week. I just did some research on Google and yes, there was a movie made from the book - The Help. During my research, I discovered this book caused a lot of controversy too. Hmmmmmmm....

    Thank you, Bettyann!

    Thanks, Norma. I still have some ongoing tests on my hand to determine if I also have carpal tunnel syndrome which will require surgery, however, the upcoming surgery is for uterine problems.

    Thanks for the well wishes, Janet. OH yes, I cuddle Mikayla at every opportunity...I love her SO much and she's at that age where she is responds back with a gusto. Love being a grandma!

  12. Glad you put a shout out to us, I hope your health gets better. I've missed your wonderful art. Your granddaughter is just BeAuTiFuL :D

  13. yes isnt ageing fun(not) in the last year I've had so many aches and pains and some come and go and are just annoying others seem to be here to stay and with menapause - thats brought on a whole host of other probs with it too.... and last yr I had surgery too and a D+C. feel better now but prob is not over quite yet!
    Hope all yours get sorted soon too! good luck with it.

  14. Mikayla is such a sugar doll! Her little turned up nose is the cutest thing EVER!!!

  15. I'm glad you're doing okay! I hope the surgery doesn't turn out to be anything to worry about.

    I read the help last month for my book club. We all loved it!

  16. Sorry you are still having health issues but hope they will be sorted out soon. Thanks for sharing those lovely pictures of your grandchild.

  17. Mikayla is a beauty. You must be so very proud. Loved seeing your self portraits too. I do hope all the test results come out on the healthy side. Sending good wishes.

  18. Great to see you here again Serena. I hope that your health concerns keep on improving now that you are getting some answers.
    Love the eggs and the photos of Mikayla are gorgeous.
    I like the sound of curling up in my warm pj's (i got flanette pj's for my mothers day too) with a good book and a wine.

  19. Hi Serena,
    Sorry to hear you have health problems. I hope it's only a minor operation necessary!

    Wow, hasn't time flown...
    Mikayla has grown so much and is absolutely gorgeous.

    Sounds like a fun Easter had by all.
    Take care,

  20. Hope all will well with you soon. Sending happy thoughts and colours East to you.



  21. Good luck with the tests! Painful hands and feet are not a good combination!

    The Easter eggs are cute!

  22. So glad to hear from you Serena!
    Glad you are writing, photographing, sketching and doing many more things.
    Take it easy and enjoy the great family you have. Best wishes for your health and hope to see you soon again.
    Loved the eggs!!!

  23. Great to see you back! Great pictures and the baby is just so gorgeous!! I love, love, love the eggs too :))

  24. What a precious little angel you have....Mmmmm:)