Tuesday 24 May 2011

Sir Elton John's the man!....and another self-portrait

the exciting news i mentioned in my previous post was more to do with, bradley, my eldest son.  last week, he won (via a radio competition) front row tickets to see SIR ELTON JOHN in concert when he tours australia in november!!!  FRONT ROW TICKETS!!!!  needless to say, brad is super excited!!!

i acknowledged brad's big win with another pen sketch in my journal
pencil free sketch using pigma micron pens in large moleskine sketchbook

i was extremely nervous touching only my pigma micron pens to the page being that it was a person i was drawing but i was determined not to use a pencil or eraser.  brad said i got a good likeness so that did wonders for my confidence in using only pens to sketch.
pencil free sketch using pigma micron pens in large moleskine sketchbook

week 20 in the 52 weeks of me 'self-portrait' challenge found me in the studio placing a canvas on the easel.  the finished painting will be for my bedroom but i've been wasting a lot of time umm-ing and ahhh-ing deciding what to paint on it. 

i haven't been feeling the best since the weekend and, as i type, a migraine is looming but i've taken some pills to keep it at bay....i hope.  i'm going to rest as soon as i've published this post.

i hope you're all having a great day or evening whichever the case may be.

~ love, light and peace ~


  1. That's an amazing pen/ink sketch and no pencil and erasor...I'm very impressed! (Can't wait to see what ends up on the canvas).

    Congratulations to Brad on the big win. That really is exciting, especially front row seats. They'll have such a blast.

    I really hope your migraine didn't develop into anything Serena. I just can't imagine what you go through and you have my sympathy.

  2. Your drawings and paintings are amazing! Why do you always question that??! Your drawing of Elton looks just like Elton! I don't think anyone could mistake that. Hope your headache goes away. Best wishes, Tammy

  3. Lady--your are Good!! And with just a pen--awesome!!
    I hope you're feeling better too-it's good that you listen to your body and take care of it.

  4. Thanks, Kate. The pills kicked in and rest did help keep the migraine at bay.

    Thanks, Sue.

    Thanks, Tammy. Unfortunately, I've never been a confident artist and I'm my own worst critic. I'm fairly new to drawing directly with pen so it's even more nerve-wracking for me. As I progress along though, I can feel my confidence growing.

    Thanks, Diane. I'm doing a little better now.

  5. Serena, the portrait is wonderful! I know how you feel about just using a pen. But WOW you did fantastic. Hope you are feeling better by the time you read this.

  6. Wow! What a win! And that's a terrific portrait. I get nervous if I'm trying to draw someone everybody knows, but you've done so well. A natural with the pen, really. And isn't your journal a place to explore and practice and make mistakes anyway? I say, have a wine before you draw your next one and just go for it. You've got the talent, let it flow! (I don't know how this comment turned into a sermon, sorry!)

  7. That is a great likeness!

    Who lives in the cages in your photo?

  8. Congrats to Brad- I am entirely envious- Your picture was great, keep working at it, telling those little gremlins of self doubt you are going to ignore them
    As for the migraines, I can certainly sympathize as I get them, too.
    My neurologist put me on 200mg Co-Q 10 twice a day as a preventative and you can safely go up to 400mg if you need to. I believe this is much better than the strong meds doctors usually prescribe and certainly better than migraines. Works for me.

  9. thats great that bradley won the tickets! :D and i knew who it was right away in your drawing, well done with it :)

  10. Congrats to Brad!! He and Reece will have a great time. I would never have known the answer to that question because I never heard that before. Great job, Brad!

    And that is an awesome likeness, Serena! And without pencil--wow! You do great with pen only. Yes-you should be more confident. :):)

    Love seeing you setting up your easel with the bird cages nearby and the bright room! Glad your migraine was detoured. Sorry you haven't felt well. That is no fun, I know. Do gentle things slowly. ;)

    Glad you were able to post, tho. Some days that is all I manage to do, myself. ;) I hope your week gets better and better.
    *gentle hugs*

  11. I am having the biggest drawing envy over at this side of the pond. Fabulous!!!!

  12. Hi Serena,

    First of all Congratulations to Bradley for winning the tickets to Sir Elton John's concert. Front Row Seats............Fabulous! :)
    Your drawing is amazing! You are so talented my friend!
    Hope the migraine has gone away.
    Sending healing hugs

  13. What a great win for Brad! And also what a great drawing you did to commemorate it. To think that you did that without a pencil sketch is just amazing.

  14. Lucky DUCK!! Elton tickets - gawd I remember when we were teenagers and saving to buy tickets for his concerts (I'm talking 80's here when Elton had waaay less hair!)

    And that is some awesome pen portrait! Excellent deep blacks (not easy with a tiny micron nib!). I've managed to push the nib back up into the barrel of all my .005 pens. You must be so pleased with how it turned out.

    Great Studio capture. Are they green & blue budgies keeping you company?

    Hope the head has cleared and you're fighting fit again,



  15. Hello dear lady....i love it that you sketch in your journal. You are a wonderful artist.



  16. Thanks, Toni. Unfortunately, I'm now battling flu, asthma and another looming migraine so I feel like crap.

    Thanks, Anna. It's definitely more pressure when drawing a celebrity or someone who others are familiar with. Brad is a HUGE Elton fan so I felt very relieved I got a likeness.

    Thanks, Sandi! In one cage is Aaron's green budgie - Bella....and in the other, are Beau's budgies - Malik and Surya. :)

    Thanks, Johnina. I will definitely look out for some Co-Q 10 at the Health Food shop when I'm there next.

    Thanks, Jennifer!

    Thanks, Rita. I had big plans this weekend to do some in depth housework but I'm just not up to it.

    Thanks, Jane.

    Thanks, Norma.

    Thanks, Janet.

    Thanks, Cindy. I LOVE my Microns! I love the .005 for the initial sketching and then I go in with the big guns for detailing and emphasis - .03, .05, .07 and .8. I love the .005 for the finer details too. Yes, we have a green, a blue and a yellow budgie...the blue and yellow ones belong to Beau and the green one belongs to Aaron.

    Thanks, Jo...so nice of you to drop by ~ :)

  17. Beautiful, exquisite pen lines and textures...You are really rockin' it "lead free" Serena...:) Glad your migraine was chased away... I fully empathize with your pain...:) Hugs from the desert to you! ♥

  18. Hello Serena, I have not been too present in the blog world lately but once in a while I come back to life.
    I love to see where other artists work. Hope you will soon find the inspiration to start that canvas! Can't wait! Take care my dear.

  19. Congratulations to your son that should be an excellent concert.You did a fantastic job on Sir Elton John
    I always love your work. You are so talented.

  20. What an amazing likeness, I love how you sketch in black and white, that's a real challenge.

  21. How exciting Serena. Front row seats to see Elton John. He is one of the best of the best! Wonderful sketch. Your work always inspires me. I'm still excited about the front row seats. Hope your Memorial Day was great and hopefully that migraine will go away. Glad you will be painting something on canvas, looking forward to it. Take care amiga.

  22. I admire your artistic skill so much. Hope your flu leaves very soon. Thanks for visiting me at my blog:-)

  23. Hi Serena,
    Wow, this picture of Elton is fabulous.
    Well done Brad on winning tickets~I'm sure he won't be dissapointed especially having front row tickets. I saw him last time he was out but I was about 150 Metres from stage. lol
    Creative hugs,

  24. Hi Serena, I thought i had posted here already. Anyway, what a great competition and lucky Bradley. I'm sure he will have a blast.
    Love your sketch, you are so talented.
    I um'd and ah'd for ages over a set of canvases for my house. Don't know why but I just had to put some paint on the canvas and then I was OK. Can't wait to see what you paint