Tuesday 13 September 2011

caring for animals

If you have men who will exclude any of God's creatures from the shelter of compassion and pity, you will have men who will deal likewise with their fellow men.
--Saint Francis of Assisi (mystic and preacher)

in 2008, i sponsored a rescued bear for six months and, recently, i felt the yearning to do it again.  his name is 'BOUNCER' and he is an 'asiatic black bear'.  as a cub, he was found by wildlife rescuers after he'd been caught in a trap.  bouncer's forearm was so badly mutilated that the whole limb had to be amputated.  today, he is fit, happy and healthy as he is now cared for in a beautiful, lush jungle enclosure along with other rescued bears.  this was all made possible by the beautiful people at the FREE THE BEARS FUND INC. who run the sponsorship program and it makes me feel good to know i have helped to make a difference.
i'm using the image above for WEEK 36 of the 52 WEEKS OF ME PROJECT

you too can help make a difference by giving a small donation to any animal cause of your choice...perhaps there is one in your local area?  i have listed links for a few worthy causes in my sidebar if you're interested. the animals will love you for it.

"If a man aspires towards a righteous life, his first act of abstinence is from injury to animals."
--Albert Einstein 

i hope you're having a fabulous week! mine has been a little up and down with fatigue, pain and new medications but i'm hopeful things will get better. life IS good!

~ love, light and peace to you ~


  1. I'm so impressed that you saved this bear! You certainly deserve the award for sure. Very nice picture of you with your much deserved certificate.

  2. This country has a lot to learn about caring for others. They do everything for their own people but don't think about all the expats who are here, or the third country nationals who they are using to do the jobs they don't want to do, and they certainly have no respect for animals. :/

    How sweet that you are sponsoring a bear. Folks don't seem to realize that every creature has a purpose on this earth. And it's not just every man for himself.

    Hope you get the fatigue and pain under control. I thought my left eye was gonna pop out of my head today -- major pain and headache; must have something to do with my contacts and the fact that my eyes seem to be getting worse. Reading glasses are almost becoming a necessity more than I would like.

    Hugs and blessings, Tammy

  3. That is so cool, Serena! That poor bear--now saved and healthy and happy!! Awesome!

    You really look suburb for not feeling well. You must have started the new meds? I hope it gets better for you soon.

    *hugs*hugs*hugs* :):)

  4. Hi Serena,

    What a lovely photo of yourself!
    That is great that you contribute to save the bears.
    Lots of hugs

  5. You have such a kind heart and it shows in your face. Beautiful photo of you for this week. And I like the quotes you included in this post.

    Good for you for helping Bouncer.

  6. that is such a nice thing to do, if we had any extra cash, it would be getting donated to one of the shelters in the area, but no cash for the moment :/

  7. ROFL!!! You look superb, not suburb!! LOLOL!! I can't stop giggling! Sorry about that. ;)

  8. Thanks, everyone! :)

    Rita - I didn't even notice the error until you pointed it out...guess my mind understood what you meant. lol

  9. A noble cause Serena, so generous and kind.
    Lovely photo of you too and I love the quote this week
    Yes, life is good.

  10. What a great thing to do Serena.
    That sounds like a worthy program to be involved with.

  11. What a great thing to do Serena.
    That sounds like a worthy program to be involved with.

  12. I've always known that you are a caring and giving person Serena, there should be more people like you who care about animals AND that is such a lovely photo of you too!

  13. YAY for animal rescuing! :)

    I know someone who sponser's a big cat... I think a Jaguar.

  14. thats so nice. I really like hearing stories like this and seeing that people do want to help and be there to help.

  15. What a beautiful thing you have done for this bear. You have a lovely , caring heart.

  16. I wish everybody would support some small animal cause...especially right now with the world in such economic turmoil. The big organizations still get grants and huge monetary donations...and still pay their ceos big bucks....but, the smaller organizations.... just suffer along still trying to do what they can for their own little causes.
    I see you still have my lovely Canadian Sheila and her rescued donkeys on your sidebar.... she is my animal saviour that I sponsor. A wonderful lady trying to save any and all animals that come her way..not only donkeys...but, first and foremost...abused and neglected donkeys.

    Thanks Serena, for your plea for being kind to animals..... it should never be needed of course, ...but, sadly, it definitely IS in this very strange world of ours.....

  17. Hooray for the Bear Rescue!

    Have you heard of the Aussie author/illustrator Elizabeth Stanley who wrote/illustrated "The Deliverance of the Dancing Bears" She was a huge fighter for this cause.

    She's also highlighted the plight of the tiger in Thailand with "Tyger! Tyger", and I'm lucky enough to own one of the original paintings from the book.

    Here is another woman who is using her Artist's powers for Good!

    Well done!!!!! Should be more of you!

  18. Oh I love your generous spirit! You are gorgeous...this is a terrific photo of you darling!

    I love animals...always have and always will...in fact, I don't eat meat...so that has got to count for a very small and regular contribution! lol

    I admire your heart!

    ciao bella

    and thanks so much for your comments...I am always so happy to read your thoughts.

    Creative Carmelina