Thursday 22 September 2011


pencil-free sketch using pigma micron pens and gouache

i recently finished reading the harry potter series of books and enjoyed them thoroughly.  it was only after i watched the last movie - Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part Two - that i had the strongest urge to read the series and i'm so glad i did because you always get so much more detail in books.  i cried buckets in that last eyes were sore from crying.  am i a sap, or what?!

without going into too much detail and spoiling the plot.  severus snape was the man we loved to hate and, in the last book/movie, more was revealed about this man which shed some new light on his character.  i have to say that out of all the harry potter characters, snape was the one who left the biggest imprint on me, hence my choice to sketch him in my journal.  it was a toss up between him and dobby, the house elf.  i am still enjoying the challenge of sketching with only pens, not pencils.  a little risky, yes....but the little mistakes just add more character and, besides, perfection is overrated, don't you think? well, that's my story and i'm sticking to it. lol 
alan rickman played the role of snape perfectly!

are you a harry potter fan?
if so, which character did you feel most affected by?

we woke to a very foggy morning on tuesday and it turned out to be a hot day

i always find fogs kinda eerie and this one was particularly so because i felt like i was alone amidst it.  you see, i drop reece at the bus stop at 4:45am most mornings and there is barely any traffic on the road at that time.


the weekend approaches...

at this stage, i don't have anything in particular planned so it will be
a play by ear but i'm hoping i will find time to do some art.

whatever your plans,
i hope you enjoy a beautiful weekend.

~ love, light and peace ~


  1. Serena, I soooo enjoy your must be such a joy to look back through your sketch books!

    What a great mom you are to get up so early and take your son to the bus, but I also know how good it feels to support your kids as they make their way in life. It's a win/win!

    And the fog is so thick. It seems strange for me to think of fog in warm weather. When we get fog here it's usually quite cool.

    Have a good day my was nice to share a few minutes of your day with you! Kate

  2. Too cold for fog here, I think--LOL! What a quiet morning road. Nice shot.

    I just love Alan Rickman! Looking forward to learning more about the Snape character. I haven't seen the last part and won't till it's out on Netflix. Love your sketch of him. I admire your bravery to sketch with ink. Kudos!

    I'm not sure who my favorite character would be in Harry Potter. I think Hagrid. :)

  3. Lovely sketch! My wife's favorite is definitely Snape as well...I am not really a HP fan, but I do know the characters.
    Thank you so much for your comments, and I am sorry that I made you cry with Gia's post. She's one tiny creature my heart won't let go. I just realized how much I miss talking to her when I am alone in the house, eventhough I am pretty sure she found me rather annoying in many ways.
    I really appreciate your words.

  4. I love the sketches!!! I remember devouring the series years ago. You can't stop at the first book :))

  5. Serena,

    Oh I do love this sketch, I have a real fondness for Snape, Back when The half Blood Prince came out I was certain he was not really evil and felt so vindicated at the end. ALan Rickman played him perfectly.


  6. Wow Serena, you always amaze me with your talent!
    Super Fantastic Sketches!
    Lots of hugs

  7. What an ungodly hour to have to catch a bus!!! Is that for school? Seems does he manage to stay awake? WOW!

    Great sketch of Snape. I have seen the movies, but not the last one. I haven't read the books. I liked Doby too!!! Hermoine is so great.

  8. Hi Serena, long time no see....I don't know how I've missed your blog except to say I'm struggling to keep up with my own let alone visiting all the wonderful artists I love to follow. So I'm sorry it's been so long so glad I saw this update. LOVE this sketch! I think you are so brave sketching in ink but i think you are totally right in that it adds so much character. Beautiful journal entry. I loved it! :0) I know the character you are talking about and I think you've captured him so well. I'm ashamed to say that I've never read Harry Potter, I've seen the first couple of movies but never got into it I do plan on reading them with my boys though as they are getting older now and i think are ready to experience Potter :0) Loved your photos too, 4.45am is sooooo early to catch a bus I don't know how you both do it!!! xoxo

  9. Wow! You did a awsome job with that sketch! It looks just like him. I do enjoy the movies, I am behine and need to catch up. I have never read any of the books, maybe someday.

  10. Beautiful sketches and lovely photographs of foggy weather. Check my website for simple tips regarding enjoyment and relaxations at Home.

  11. The sketch is amazing! I've never been brave enough to sketch with a pen unless I first make a light pencil sketch.

    I've never read any of the books or seen any of the Harry Potter movies. I may be the only person on earth who hasn't!

  12. Beautiful sketch, Serena, and his expression is perfect! I know the scene you are talking about, I had to fight to hold in the tears because I was sitting next to my DH and then having to go out of the cinema! ;) So hard though, such a moving scene - there were two involving Snape that set me off actually, his character is so complex and well thought out.

  13. Children and adults rave about Harry Potter but I've never watched any of the movies, and definitely have not tackled one of the books. My youngest read one of them. Your drawing is fantastic! And that fog is something. Take care when you are out there in it. 4:45 am is way too early for me. Have a fabulous Friday ! Tammy

  14. Your sketches are always a delight to see. I have never been much of a Harry Potter fan.
    Oh you do start early don't you. Here it is almost getting like night even at 5 O'clock in the morning.

  15. I've now read the Harry Potter books at least three times each (more for the earlier ones) and I still enjoy them each time. LOL!

    I compltely agree with your comments about Snape, and - for the record - spent a lot of the last book in tears too (especially after Dobby's main part in the book). I haven't cried that much since near the end of book 5 (Sirius... That's all I'm saying).

    I'm a Luna-Hermione combination (imagine Luna with Hermione's love of books, and you've got me) so immediately think of them when I think of the Harry Potter books, but Snape... Yes, he definately leaves an impression on you!

  16. I don't think anyone can sketch and draw as good as you can Serena. Even though I paint, I am not good at drawing.

    I don't have a favorite in the Harry Potter series-I love all the characters!

  17. Fantastic sketch - you've captured his eyes perfectly!

    I admit to being an Alan Rickman nut. Anything he's in I'll watch - "Love Actually" was a sad good one; "Galaxy Quest" at his deadpan best; "The Song of Lunch" with Emma Thompson (another of my faves) almost was like a "Love Actually" sequel, but in poem form.

    He's the best, and a perfect Severus.

    Fabulous photos - very "Six feet under". And what an early start!!!

  18. Beautiful pictures and beautiful foggy day but I can't imagine been up that early! I hope you go back to bed and rest a little more?

  19. Thanks, everyone.

    I've always been an early bird so I don't normally go back to bed after dropping Reece at the bus stop. I can handle the early mornings but it's the late nights I need to cut back on. lol

    Reece is a Personal Fitness Trainer so travels into the city each day by bus so he can train people prior to their working day. He has never been an early bird so it takes some perseverance on my part to make sure he gets out of bed each morning by 4am.

  20. sketching just in ink seems to give a sketch more life :)

    I've tried many many times to read and watch harry potter stuff, but i just can't seem to find the appeal in them :/

  21. This is fabulous Serena!! I started the series and then a day of movies came on and I cheated. Maybe one day I'll go back and read've got me thinking I should!
    I love Dobby too and hope you do him. I know it will be awesome, you're SO good!

  22. Serena, your sketches never cease to amaze and inspire me. Just fantastic! I haven't read the books or seen the movies so I think it is about time I did.
    Foggy days are always a bit eerie and dreamy, good day to stay inside and draw :)

  23. Amazingly awesome. Your Snape sketch is so cool. I love it!!! Wow! It makes me want to do a pen sketch.