Friday, 26 May 2017

Paint Party Friday - Portraits

WOW! I can't believe it's been over two weeks since my last post. I do love blogging so I will try to do better.

During that time, I have been busy catching up with some online classes. Sketchbook Skool and Craftsy classes to be more precise. While watching some class videos, I sketched two of the teachers. 

Danny Gregory - sketched directly with pen in my Moleskine sketchbook

Nina Johansson - sketched with Derwent Inktense pencils in Moleskine sketchbook. Unfortunately, the Moleskine sketchbook isn't very compatible with water on the wanted to grab rather than blend the colour. Moleskine sketchbooks are definitely better with dry media but I admit to often using watercolours in them as I really don't mind the different effect they give.  That said, I do prefer their watercolour notebooks which are designed for water media.

It's been a while since I've done Paint Party Friday so I will be linking up today. To see the work of other participants this week, click HERE.

We had a couple of foggy mornings earlier in the week.  To me, fog always has an air of mystery about it. I've never experienced a pea soup fog though...have you?

My studio work-space has moved....yet again. It is now situated beside our lounge room where it has been once before. It was in a dedicated studio room but my son has taken up an interest in vlogging on YouTube so needed an area to set up all his filming equipment. We both share that room now so I can still have all my art supplies housed in the wardrobes.  If you are interested in checking out Aaron's blog, click HERE...especially if you love birds.

Note Cody wearing the dreaded cone?  A few years ago, the poor thing developed a wart right between his eyes and it grew quite large to the point of irritating him. He would scratch at it or rub it about on the carpet causing it to bleed so out came the cone. He was not amused. I have been treating the wart daily with castor oil, applied topically after a hot water compress, and the wart has decreased in size dramatically so, hopefully, he won't have to put up with the cone for too much longer. Truth be told, I have attempted this method twice before over the past couple of years but, each time, I had to put the treatment on hold due to my carpal tunnel surgeries. This time, I am determined to see it through.

The animal cards on the wire rack are courtesy of my long-time art friend, Judith Edwards-White. Judy does the most amazing scratchboard art....SO talented!  You can check out her website HERE....well worth a look-see.

That winds up my post for today. 

It's Friday here so I will wish you all a lovely weekend.


  1. Lovely portraits, really fantastic, well done. Poor Cody, my doggy always hated such indignities! I grew up in London and experienced a lot of pea-soupers, really so bad that you could see nothing, it was scary and dangerous. Here at the Rhine where I live now, we have lots of morning mist, but I like it. Happy PPF, hugs, Valerie

  2. Beautiful portraits, amazing how you can go straight from ink to portrait. I have been in thick fog at least once, scary. I love your wire clipboard.

  3. super portraits! And wow- your art space is so very clean-so unlike my mess:) Happy PPF!

  4. Great sketches. We do sometimes get some crazy fog. Of course, most recently, we dealt with a dust storm that caused reduced visibility. Wish I had even one space that was as tidy as your workspace ... I really need to clean up around here. Hope your natural remedy works on Cody. Bless him. :)

  5. Your portraits are lovely. We get fog like that in FL but the temp is 85-90 degrees out. That is an awfully tidy looking studio. I bet you can even find things when you look for them..Happy PPF

  6. Serena, your portraits are great! I love both of them. The color added a special bit of excitement to the second one.

  7. Really wonderful portraits. I have fog like this most mornings here in Florence, OR. Your work space is awesome.

  8. I love your work. Thanks for the tip. . .I've tried water on other than watercolor paper and it doesn't work on much of anything else. Yes, when walking through thick fog (it is a cloud after all even if on the ground) I come home dripping wet, just add shampoo. Ugh. Blessings, Janet

  9. very nice spce :) how are your hands doing now?

    1. oh and because we are pretty high where we are when we get fog you cant see anything and it can creep up out of nowhere

  10. These portraits are really nice

    Happy PPF

    much love...

  11. I'm pretty sure I remember the experience of a pea soup fog one time when I was passing through London. London knows how to do fog right.

    Poor Cody! I hope you can get it to heal up quickly so he can be cone free soon.

  12. The pes soup fog up here tends to be out in the country. You can get it settling in over town, but all the lights and such help you to be able to see a bit farther. The pea soup can hardly see but several feet in front of you is very dangerous to drive in. Scary! Only had to experience that a couple times.

    Poor Cody! I hope the wart clears up soon and he will be free!

    I like the new set up. Even though you have to haul supplies back and forth you really do have a lot of light there! Have a great weekend. Got your letter!! You should have one from me soon, too, if you haven't received it already. :)

  13. OH, and I LOVE your portraits!! :)

  14. Fabulous the variation too!! You are so talented!! Your art/vlogging room is wonderful and so tidy!! Poor Cody hope that wart get resolved!! Awful when pets are uncomfortable!! Thanks for sharing...will check out your friends link too!!

    Hugs Giggles

  15. Hi Serena, you have a real talent for portraits too. They're wonderfully drawn. Did you share them with the subjects? I'm sure they would have been impressed.
    I love the feeling that fog and mist evoke also. Make for great photos too. Cheers now and have a great week :D)


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