Thursday, 11 May 2017

Scribble Picnic - Potted Plant

This week's theme for Scribble Picnic is POTTED PLANT.

My biggest dilemma was deciding which of my potted plants to sketch. I do love potted plants!

I went with one of my fake potted plants...I know what you're thinking...why not the real thing, right? I do have quite a few real ones in pots but this one was calling my name. I bought it on a special at a time when I was redecorating my bedroom so I snapped it up.

I started with a quick pen sketch in my Moleskine watercolour journal.

Added a splash of watercolour

Finished up with more detailing and definition

I'm not sure but I don't think we will be doing Scribble Picnic for a couple of weeks as our Picnic host, Michael Macvean, lost his dear Mum just over a week ago. Naturally, he will have a lot on his plate so we may not resume again until May 31st. Hopefully, you can join us then. To find out how, click HERE.  To see the work of other Scribble Picnickers for this week, click HERE.

I hope you all enjoy the rest of your week. I hope to post again soon so....stay tuned.


  1. This is really nice Serena!

  2. Serena, hang in there...people will see your post tomorrow being that most will ahve gone to sleep by the time you get to post yours. :)

    This is a wonderful piece with a great write up too. Yes, it is quite amusing how you went with the fake one, after all that, but, hey, it looks great! i love the leaves. In fact, funnily enough, I think I like the simplicity of the flatter middle one actually even while the last one is great too. Thank you so much for doing that and for your lovely support. I truly cherish that.

    BTW, I have left comments on my blog for the replies, should you care to see those and follow up with what I decide to do for Scribble Picnic for those two weeks.

  3. Doesn't matter if it's a fake plant or a real one, you're still gonna sketch it into awesomeness. HA! I'm just playing around when I doodle. Definitely think Michael should delay for a couple of weeks. Family matters are definitely more important. Hope your Thursday has been a good one.

  4. Love your sketch! I've been making myself sketch for 1 hour a day, everyday for 3 weeks now. It's something I have been neglecting. I'd forgotten how much fun it is to just sit and draw! I'm going to keep it up indefinitely :0)

  5. We always called that plant 'mother-in-law's tongue'. Don't ask me why. but, I used to have them when I was younger. You did a beautiful sketch of it.

  6. I enjoyed seeing the stages of your art. It really turned out nice. I like the details in the final piece.

  7. real or fake, doesn't matter when it becomes an art piece, this looks good and I like the plant's rising up like it's alive.

    have a lovely day.

  8. great sketch of the fake plant :) I would have assumed it was a real one

  9. Boy, the addition of the color really brought that plant to life. It's so vibrant. Thought it was real for sure.

  10. Great sketch. Yes, the color brought it to life, that's for sure.
    Too bad about his mom. He'll need a little time.
    Have a really nice weekend, my friend. :)

  11. Your pen and watercolors brought that plant to life!
    I've had numerous potted plants over the years, including some that have actually survived for many, many years. Counted, and currently have at least ten different kinds, plus several duplicates.

  12. Sorry to hear about Michael's Mother.

  13. Never mind if your reference is fake, your painting is great. I also know exactly which plant this is, though I don't know its name, I am bad with those.
    Sad and tough times for Michael, but I am sure he will be resuming Scribble Picnic, which is such fun. I just wished I could participate more often.

  14. Hello Serena, I do love your potted plant - the vivid greens are so beautifully drawn. All the best and cheerio for now :D)


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