Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Scribble Picnic - Books

YAY! Scribble Picnic is back! This week's theme is BOOKS.

I had an image of a little boy pop into my head and I let my imagination take over from there. Here are some of the rough scribbles I did initially.

Little Tommy is so excited to be going on his first field trip with a local Bird Watcher's group. He has his binoculars, his sketchbook and pencil, plus more supplies in his backpack, including a delicious lunch his Mum has packed for him. He is all set! I wonder if he realises that a little bird is watching him from the fence?

It's only a pen sketch for now but I will definitely be adding colour to this one.

Scribble Picnic is hosted by illustrator extraordinaire, Michael Macvean, and is a weekly event.  We have a lot of fun playing with the themes Michael sets each week.

To see the work of other Picnickers for this week, click HERE.
To find out how to join in on the fun each week, click HERE.

It's been a long day so I'm off to bed now.
Goodnight and sweet dreams.


  1. Adorable Sarena!!I've been sketching for one hour, every week day now since the beginning of April and I am just loving it! It's surprising how just 5 hours a week can make such an improvement so quickly!

  2. Serena, how cute! I love your imagination and how you just let it develop as you went along. Can't wait to see the colored finish.

  3. Great sketch!! I love all the little details you've added!

  4. Serena,
    I love this. The humour, the idea and the character. Well done. I think I want to go with him on his bird hunt.
    and love the picture of your dog Cody on the sidebar. What kind of dog is he?

  5. This is so adorable Serena - and the thoughts of a bird watching field trip is always exciting, I've done many in wild parts of the planet! Of course my own back garden is a wildlife haven for the birdies too - that cute little boy should fly over from Australia and see my feathered friends, much different to your loud kookaburras and brightly painted parrots (love them), and bring mum's lunch so we can really have a picnic!!!

    Have a great week - Mary

  6. This is such a cute interpretation Serena, it will be lovely coloured in!

  7. Such a cute story, and the illustration just is so perfect. He's going to have a fabulous time on his field trip...and all because YOU created him and gave him a story. Love it.

  8. Delightful little boy ready for his adventure. Love his crumpled socks and the picket fence!

  9. so cute & I like the touch of the little bird, it makes better. I see white picket fences and a yellow bus with the boy wearing brown perhaps? good take on the theme.

    have a lovely day.

  10. Yay, you did it! And I love the results. Love how the opposite side of the street is faded out for depth and how you completed this piece. SOOO fun seeing your initial character studies. I think your final version is spot on! Wonderful job, Serena. Maybe you can colour it for one of our future themes? Thank you so much and for your terrific compliment too. You are too kind but hey, I will take it...gladly! Thanks again.

  11. Oh, how cute!! Hope you show us the colored version, too. :)

  12. What a fun outing! Wish I could go. He definitely looks prepared, you've thought of everything!

  13. Looks great :D love the little story that goes with it :)

  14. It was really fun seeing your rough sketches. Is it me or what, but I have "trouble" sketching over and over, feeling like I'm wasting paper to find the idea that I want. hahaha I bought a "cheap" sketchbook the other day to help me break that fear, so to speak. I NEED to be able to drive out ideas more in order to build proper characters. Anyway, I LOVE him and his super fun glasses. I hope you color this in! :)

  15. Lovely sketch Serena and a joy to see how it developed! Like Alexandra, I think I too never sketch as much as I would like because, in my case, my first sketches are never very realized/good enough. I always imagine great illustrators never need redos. So it is inspiring to see that sketch come thru it's stages.

    As we feed a variety of birds (sparrows, finches and starlings) from our window boxes on the second floor, I've come to wonder if the birds have a "Human Watching Club". They do seem to love to crane their necks and peek into our windows while feeding. :)


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