Tuesday 2 October 2018

Tuesday Reviews Day - Books

Hello fellow bookworms,

I was up to 54 out of 55 books for my Goodreads 2018 Reading challenge. I had already extended it quite a few times and decided to extend it yet again — this time to 60 books!  Normally, I'd be lucky if I managed 20 books a year. I am loving my Kindle SO much!

On to some of my recent Kindle reads.

First upEleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine by Gail Honeyman.

Thirty year old Eleanor leads a very simple, regimented life. She does things a specific way — wears the same clothes to work every day, eats the same food every day, speaks with her mother at the same time every week, buys and drinks two bottles of vodka every weekend, and so it goes. Eleanor is efficient at work and she is content with her simple life at home.  However Eleanor has repressed memories from a major incident that occurred when she was 10 years old. She built walls around herself but those walls are about to start crumbling when Eleanor suddenly finds herself assisting in a life-threatening emergency. Strangers are now coming into her life and Eleanor, lacking in social skills and having a different perspective to most, doesn't always react in a manner that would be deemed 'the norm'. Will she be able to handle the changes that are coming?

I loved this book! Eleanor is complicated and I couldn't help but feel for her. I could even identify with her in some areas. I like books that run a gamut of emotions — I smiled, I laughed out loud, I cried, I felt mortified in areas and I also felt concern and anger. It's probably a book I would read again at a later date just to take in even more the second time around.  I gave it 5 stars.


Next upSay Goodbye for Now by Catherine Ryan Hyde.

This story begins back in 1959 on an isolated ranch in Texas where Dr Lucy cares for abandoned animals. She sticks to herself and wants to be left alone.

On his way to go fishing one day, twelve year old Pete Soloman comes across a wounded wolf-dog hybrid. Pete has a huge heart and naturally reaches out to help the injured animal. He ends up heading towards Dr Lucy's ranch and on the way meets Justin Bell. Sadly in those times racism was rife and Pete is not allowed to have a black friend. Their forbidden friendship leads to violence. Due to a violent incident, Justin's Dad, Calvin, finds himself at Dr Lucy's ranch where friendships and bonds between the four of them become stronger. However the township has other ideas....

As you might imagine, this book was hard to read in areas due to racism, segregation, abuse, and hatred but it was also filled with love, strength and endurance. I gave this one 5 stars.

As a side-note — You may already be familiar with Catherine Ryan Hyde's work from one of her other books — Pay It Forward — which was made into a movie. Loved the movie, never read the book.


And lastlyStand by Me by S. D. Robertson.

Lisa and Elliot first meet after a bullying incident near her home. She is new to the neighbourhood and actually moved into the house where Elliot's best friend previously lived but had since moved away.  She and Elliot quickly become best friends.  Lisa is a confident young girl and she is not afraid to stand up to the bullies who enjoy making Elliot's life a misery. She is Elliot's biggest supporter.

Elliot ends up moving away to Australia but, twenty years later, he suddenly shows up at Lisa's door. She is now married with two troubled teenagers and life has been very stressful for her of late, both emotionally and financially. However, Lisa is over the moon to see her best friend again. Oddly enough, since Elliot's arrival, things in Lisa's life start to take a turn for the better although there are a few concerning incidents involving teenagers. Is there more to Elliot than meets the eye?

A lovely, uplifting story of true friendship. I liked this one a lot and enjoyed the sense of mystery around Elliot — good things happen when he is around and there's a reason for it.  I gave it 4 stars.


Stay tuned for more reviews next Tuesday...


  1. Thanks for sharing these fantastic reviews!

  2. I've had Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine for months because I had heard good things about it, just cant find the time to read it now lol

    1. It's a little slow to start but it picks up as it goes along. I hope you enjoy it when you do get time to read it. :)

  3. Oh gosh! These all sound really good. Thanks, Serena. :)