Monday, 21 April 2008

Zentangle and Pay It Forward gift

The weekend just flew by with class on Saturday, then shopping Saturday afternoon. Michelle and Alex visited on Sunday. I made curry and rice for lunch and managed to steam-burn the fingers on my left hand when I had a altercation with a pot lid. It hurt for hours afterwards and my poor fingers are still a nice shade of red and blue. Despite that, we did have a nice time.

Today, it was off to see Brad's Ophthalmologist and I managed to do another Zentangle in the hospital waiting room.

Here is the Pay It Forward gift I painted for Anita recently. She has received it so it's safe for me to post the pic now.

Click on images to enlarge

It is supposed to be a pencil case but I guess you could use it for other things too. The pouch is filled with well meaning sentiments for the recipient.

I really want to get out to the studio and rearrange it over the coming weeks. I'd like it to feel a little more homely. I don't seem to have found much time over the past few weeks to get much painting done with one distraction or another but, hopefully, that will change soon.


  1. Oh I love this zentangle! Beautiful job. Lucky Anita.

  2. The gift looks lovely Serena. How specail!

  3. I love your latest zentangle, Serena. Reminds me of a kite :-) Your gift is lovely also!

  4. Serena, that pencil case is beautiful. And,the pink pouch is charming. You are a so special ... incredibly talented and lovely inside & outside.

  5. Thanks, Maria, when I'd finished it, I also thought it resembled a kite.

    Thanks, Luci. That's very sweet of you ~ :)

  6. The box for Anita was gorgeous...and I know she was thrilled...I love your zentangle-wonderful lines and movement! :)


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