Wednesday, 9 April 2008

It's a doll's life.....

I won this doll recently in an art group draw. Isn't she spectacular?! Her name is Fancy Nancy and Ro made her as one of the prizes. She actually made two and I was the lucky recipient of the second one.
Ro also sent me this Healing Doll a while ago when I was going through a bit of a rough patch. This doll has truly meant a lot to me because she was sent to me with a purpose. All her little accessories have such wonderful meanings. Her hands are outstretched offering me the stones - Citrine for confidence and attracting abundance while Malachite strengthens the heart and also attracts abundance. Tiger's eye to enhance my connection with my personal power and build confidence. Amethyst for balance of mind, body and soul. The gold leaf symbolises ease from money worries. The charms are leaves, birds and a bunny which represent nature. The Goddess to remind me of the Goddess that I am and the child is a reminder that my inner child will always be with me. The walking stick is to help me make my way in the world even when the road gets bumpy sometimes. The fabrics all blend with nature. Such a special gift ~

Thank you, Ro, for your caring and generosity. I feel very blessed by your friendship.


  1. That's a great gift, Serena! I love all the meanings behind it - very creative.
    Hope you're having a good week,

  2. Hey Serena,
    I'm so glad Fancy Nancy arrived in good shape. I hope she will always bring joy to your home and that the healing doll continues in her role to help you. I thank you to for your friendship. Real friendships today are so fleeting, so I do hold ours close to me...Ro

  3. I'm also a lucky recipient of one of Ro's dolls...a beautiful green goddess with a lovely gold face who watches over me as I sit at the computer. Ro is indeed a generous and kind soul! (Thank you again Ro!)

    Fancy Nancy is quite the lady and makes me want to kick up my heels just looking at her.

  4. Hi Serena:

    What a wonderful gift. It was so nice of your friend to send you something like that. It took a lot of thought and carrying. :)


  5. This dolls is a perfect reflection. BE the Goddess!

  6. Wow, I love the healing doll. What a treasure, and a beautiful gift!!

  7. Thanks, Maria ~ :)

    You're very sweet, Ro ~ :)

    Lucky you, Kate! I agree, Fancy Nancy is definitely a happy and fun natured doll.

    Thanks, Becky ~ :)

    Thanks, Nic ~ :)

    Thanks, Jessica ~ :)

  8. I love these dolls...what a wonderful friend! She is an amazing artist as well. I used to make rag/soft dolls, and bears...but quit a few years ago...maybe I should re-try something new along this's always inspiring to see others creations!

  9. such beautiful dolls.. hard to get a better gift.. have a great time wwith them.. :)